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Katy Jane
Katy Jane - 12 dager siden
watching this in nov 2020 and i do miss olivias random vlogs from ni xx
ItsMeShauni - Måned siden
Why am I so obsessed with your videos, watched the new ones so back to the old ones😂
Abbie D'Arcy
Abbie D'Arcy - 2 måneder siden
Does anyone think she looks a bit like Hayley from modern family- with her brown hair
ohhitswhatyoudotome ohh
ohhitswhatyoudotome ohh - 2 måneder siden
i’m still so confused about if susie and elise are the same person
Faith Hunter
Faith Hunter - 2 måneder siden
omg i actually feel privelaged to have walked where olivia has walked tbh
Ailis Daly
Ailis Daly - 3 måneder siden
omg johnnn
Charlie Medhurst
Charlie Medhurst - 3 måneder siden
the vine references make me so happy!
RHSmx - 3 måneder siden
Emma Campion
Emma Campion - 3 måneder siden
Omg John is there😂😂
Emily Michelle
Emily Michelle - 3 måneder siden
omg is it him? I couldn't tell so I checked the recent comments 😂
S Cho
S Cho - 4 måneder siden
am i the only one that thinks olivia looks even prettier with brunette hair?? her eyes look amazing
garrigproductions - 4 måneder siden
Love your videos. I want to offer you some positive vibes by saying,...without any make-up whatsoever you look just delightful and a natural beauty. I don't want to offer negative vibes by commenting on the addition of the make-up, but I do want to offer something to ponder. You can delete two answers only from the following list...
With the addition of make-up you look;
1: A sudden mess.
2: Less that delightful and a natural beauty.
3: A disappointment compared to the Olivia with no make-up.
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega - 4 måneder siden
most of people watching beacause you're cute and beautyful , what they hear blablablablablabla cute blablabla , but please we have such no life we would love to hear what you do during your day, just awsome
Alice Brenham
Alice Brenham - 4 måneder siden
She looks so good with brown hair and no makeup like what
lddjkdnfi lfkfmd
lddjkdnfi lfkfmd - 4 måneder siden
why does she just give me majorrrr Madison Beer X Emma Chamberlain vibeesss 🔥💗
Islarose Hallett
Islarose Hallett - 5 måneder siden
The guy at the end that chugged the bottle looks like hrvy
Miguel Reid Ruiz
Miguel Reid Ruiz - 6 måneder siden
Why can't I understand anything
Miguel Reid Ruiz
Miguel Reid Ruiz - 6 måneder siden
12° going for a swim what the actual fuck I'm from the south of Spain and I can't go in if it's under 25°
Sophie Tipping
Sophie Tipping - 6 måneder siden
okay but where is that red jacket from i need it
Emma Bartrum
Emma Bartrum - 6 måneder siden
I’ve uploaded a ‘trying to be Olivia Neil for a day’ video over on my channel!! Go check it out :) ps. Olivia we love u 🥵
Samsam HARERI - 7 måneder siden
olivia with brown hair is a VIBEE 💕💕💖💖
millie X
millie X - 7 måneder siden
Where are her jeans from at 11:50? 😍
Marty Dalton
Marty Dalton - 7 måneder siden
is that john at the end ?? when worlds collide
Marty Dalton
Marty Dalton - 7 måneder siden
at like 12:56
Jess xo
Jess xo - 7 måneder siden
where are those makeup brushes from?
Tash Ellis
Tash Ellis - 7 måneder siden
Loving rewatching all these videos and finding all the sneaky shots of john😂
Nicol Novak
Nicol Novak - 4 måneder siden
Yeah same😂😂
Tash Ellis
Tash Ellis - 6 måneder siden
Hinna Jabeen 12:56
Hinna Jabeen
Hinna Jabeen - 6 måneder siden
Omg what time
Bjørg - 7 måneder siden
Rewatching because quarantine... but that’s DEFINITELY John right at the end at that party right? Or am I going crazy? :)))
Maria Paula Ayala
Maria Paula Ayala - 7 måneder siden
Bjørg yesss omg I noticed him too
Stella Hill
Stella Hill - 7 måneder siden
Kate Langlands
Kate Langlands - 7 måneder siden
I freaking love the red jacket that you wore!
Claudia Giménez
Claudia Giménez - 8 måneder siden
What’s the song at the end of the video?
Nicole Grech
Nicole Grech - 8 måneder siden
can someone please explain to me who let her friend group have so many fine guys

thanks in advance
Hannah O'Sullivan
Hannah O'Sullivan - 8 måneder siden
I’m rewatching this and damn Olivia you actually look amazing with brown hair
Joy Kendall
Joy Kendall - 9 måneder siden
why are we so alike tho
Zoe DRIGA-FERGUSON - 9 måneder siden
CEO of long intros
Jenni - 9 måneder siden
I’m going to Ireland soon but the republic not Northern Ireland 😢😢
Javiera Chávez Skoknic
Javiera Chávez Skoknic - 9 måneder siden
what does the baby from that vine says?!
Weronika Juszczak
Weronika Juszczak - 7 måneder siden
Javiera Chávez Skoknic i cant swim haha
Sasha xx
Sasha xx - 9 måneder siden
prefer ur hair brunette x
Gassonnn - 9 måneder siden
How do you bang 500k a video
Toraigh Holland
Toraigh Holland - 10 måneder siden
“Did I just call myself a bad bitch for parking in a disabled spot” ABAHAHAAHAHAHAH
scandal - 10 måneder siden
stan belfast for clear skin
Flo Pritchatt-Collins
Flo Pritchatt-Collins - 10 måneder siden
lmaoooooo she kills me, but put subtitles on I'm dead
Ruby Liles
Ruby Liles - 10 måneder siden
this is literally not hate at all i love u im just genuinely wondering are there any black ppl where u live or
Darcy scott
Darcy scott - 10 måneder siden
I literally love u i have been obsessed
Paola Garcia
Paola Garcia - 10 måneder siden
mabsi plays
mabsi plays - 10 måneder siden
What foundation do you use? X
Kelly Sheppard
Kelly Sheppard - 10 måneder siden
she has so many attractive guy friends wtf
coco.so.curly - 11 måneder siden
Bro idk what it is about her voice or her accent but I can literally listen to her ramble about nothing forever
marina flores
marina flores - 11 måneder siden
why do all british boys have the same haircut???
Zoe DRIGA-FERGUSON - 11 måneder siden
12 degrees = . a day for the beach ?????
Abby - 11 måneder siden
Your accent is my favorite 🥺+ your personality
Jacqulyn Brooks
Jacqulyn Brooks - 11 måneder siden
She talks so fast that by the time I process something funny she says, she’s already saying another and I’m like no wait let me let it soak in
Mr Autism
Mr Autism - 11 måneder siden
Someone PLEASE tell me where the red mop jacket is from😭 I need an outfit for new year (tomorrow!!!) and I neeeed this jacket
LizMyster1 - 11 måneder siden
crackin me up she's hilarious even funnier when she said she was burnt - face neck and tummy all different colours hahaha
Helena Roskosz
Helena Roskosz - 11 måneder siden
I love your makeup 😍 but just saying i dont think your foundation is matching because your face is yellow and your body is pink
Maialxn_ Frixnd
Maialxn_ Frixnd - 11 måneder siden
I just don’t understand how u think yr ugly like w brown and blonde hair u still look beautiful
Blk Barbie
Blk Barbie - 11 måneder siden
13:02 u can’t tell me the guy on the left isn’t harvey
Charlotte and Lucia
Charlotte and Lucia - 11 måneder siden
Where is your hair band from? X
lucy c
lucy c - 11 måneder siden
what foundation did she use x
Luís Duarte
Luís Duarte - 11 måneder siden
I was trying to focus on your accent, but your eyes keep distracting me
Seshlehem - 11 måneder siden
Olivia you are honestly so fucking beautiful........
charlotte kendall
charlotte kendall - 11 måneder siden
irish guys are so much better looking than english
ConnieP - År siden
I just feel so ugly when I watch her 😹😹
Richelle - År siden
11:55 where did you get those jeans, I love them
Gracinha Garrett
Gracinha Garrett - År siden
that is not your foudantion tone
D - År siden
Elmo vibes
D C - År siden
You got my nans rug on as a top
D C - År siden
You been tangoed
Jessica Hindle
Jessica Hindle - År siden
Swear to god Olivia is a mooddddd
Maarten Gupffert
Maarten Gupffert - År siden
Im stoned out of my mind and for Some reason her accent is just the trippiest thing
Michelle Madlener
Michelle Madlener - År siden
How are all the boys in this so peng wth
Emiravideos 17
Emiravideos 17 - År siden
Who else can’t understand shit
Yentl de Jong
Yentl de Jong - År siden
which foundation and what shade is this?
Abi Francis
Abi Francis - År siden
why was that transition actually so good ... #shook
Ciara Eaglestone
Ciara Eaglestone - År siden
libby hughes
libby hughes - År siden
don’t get sun beds please, get spray tans
lauryn troy
lauryn troy - År siden
you're literally so funny i wish i knew u personally also ur so beautiful
Name Surname
Name Surname - År siden
Neill is an Irish surname ?
Maddie Morris
Maddie Morris - År siden
7:43 i peed
Bella Taranto
Bella Taranto - År siden
The brown hair is SO good
Dionne Rorie
Dionne Rorie - År siden
Oml....that littness at the end had me shooketh to the coreth🤣😲
Niamh Jones
Niamh Jones - År siden
12 degrees, its a beach day 😂😂😂
Riónach Rooney
Riónach Rooney - År siden
This is illegal
erandi jones vega
erandi jones vega - År siden
i honestly can't understand what she's saying, i also forgot that in like Europe and places over there they can drink at 18,, american teenage life is so boring
Alana Byrne
Alana Byrne - År siden
Why did I know the song you were talking about from euphoria from THAT 😂
Ella G
Ella G - År siden
Why are you still at school at your age? In England we only go to school till 16 with uniform xx
steuffs - År siden
*you can just start screaming anywhere you know its not illegal or anything
swagmaster 420-69
swagmaster 420-69 - År siden
When it rises 2 degrees it’s basically Spain ❌🧢
margaux Le Bras-Brown
margaux Le Bras-Brown - År siden
ly but put ur foundation ur neck its 2 diff colors
Matthew Dawson
Matthew Dawson - År siden
ah mate her accent is actual perfection
Kate Eldridge
Kate Eldridge - År siden
I love your brown hair so much ur beautiful
Chelsea E
Chelsea E - År siden
You’re so gorgeous
Nathan McLoughlin
Nathan McLoughlin - År siden
she looks like a mop
Michelle Zouvrabi
Michelle Zouvrabi - År siden
imagine looking like this without make up and literally don't have to put anything on before going to school
Piper Noble
Piper Noble - År siden
please marry purple shirt boy
Bella Boo
Bella Boo - År siden
Beautiful girl with a great personality.. rare
Laura Turmine
Laura Turmine - År siden
Just found ur vids I fkn love u
katie hackley
katie hackley - År siden
Where are your jeans from at 11:56?? Love them soo much
dabigail - År siden
being american and liking olivia is so confusing and challenging
maddie - År siden
2k Tender
2k Tender - År siden
The song at the end is called Yung Gravy - Forget-Me-Thots, just to save you the hassle of having to look it up BECAUSE OLIVIA DIDN’T PUT THE NAME OF THE SONG IN THE DESCRIPTION!
DreamyDancer74 MSP
DreamyDancer74 MSP - År siden
wait is she from northern ireland?! whatttt
Iminthegheto - År siden
Who’s hear from TikTok 🙂