a quarantine hot girl summer

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shes huge but shes so beautiful shes a mammoth of course
insta: @_olivianeill
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New Age
New Age - 15 timer siden
10:54 oof
Jenny Ong TV
Jenny Ong TV - 8 dager siden
Hey Check out my glow up video https://youtu.be/a21Ep7d-DJ8
YouTube Account
YouTube Account - Måned siden
miles - Måned siden
5:12 aged well
Loz & Ez
Loz & Ez - 2 måneder siden
The vibes in this video are immaculate 👼🏼
I love all your videos !!!🤍
I also have a channel 🥺 ( I acc hate myself for saying this but we have to shoot our shot ❤️)
ritchie edgar
ritchie edgar - 2 måneder siden
She is propper mint wish she was my girlfriend ad marry that sexy as fuxk
Jasper Pring
Jasper Pring - 3 måneder siden
Hi, you ignored my comment on the last video, please, please can I see your hairy razor :)
Sophie Lewis
Sophie Lewis - 3 måneder siden
5:14 🥺🥺🥺🥺 who’s here after they broke up
Tarun Pincha
Tarun Pincha - 3 måneder siden
Olivia you are playing games also
Amy - 4 måneder siden
Do u know holly Kielt
praout - 4 måneder siden
Kobie Kearns
Kobie Kearns - 4 måneder siden
12:21 ur dad w the dog!!😹
Tessa Croke
Tessa Croke - 4 måneder siden
Ok but imagine how boring Olivias family’s life would be if she didn’t exist. This whole summer fun day was planned just cause Olivia was like why not
Holly Monk
Holly Monk - 4 måneder siden
“Put your toe in then step in” *completely dives in*
evie moore
evie moore - 4 måneder siden
your dad with the dog omgg i cant soooo adorable i miay die
* bruh *
* bruh * - 4 måneder siden
Olivia: there's dog poo on the towel so it's basically a normal summer day
no offence but that ain't normal-
Najma Mohamoud
Najma Mohamoud - 5 måneder siden
Plzzz be on love island
janice loulou
janice loulou - 5 måneder siden
The way she spoke about the dog bed covered in shit had me deadddddd 💀💀💀
sophie louise
sophie louise - 5 måneder siden
will you please be my best friend your the funnest bitch to exist
Justyna Wasik
Justyna Wasik - 5 måneder siden
if SHE is FAT then I am a MAMMOTH
Mariel Killoughery
Mariel Killoughery - 5 måneder siden
Where are your green shorts from? They are bomb.com
zara 298
zara 298 - 5 måneder siden
I wake up at 7 PM every day......... :)
Xinping Donohoe
Xinping Donohoe - 5 måneder siden
Women. You're a different species, I swear
Bunz Bro
Bunz Bro - 5 måneder siden
Dude what is that accent
Hannah - 5 måneder siden
Your eyes are amazing hun x
Kate Crowe
Kate Crowe - 6 måneder siden
ceo of D in physics
Ameera Anees
Ameera Anees - 6 måneder siden
❤️❤️ started with 0 followers please help a girl out ❤️❤️
Kakka 10
Kakka 10 - 6 måneder siden
I don’t understand word you saying but I’m ok with that 😎
Izzy Jenna
Izzy Jenna - 6 måneder siden
*Chewwy bwossum* 💖💫⭐️💗
Elizabeth Rivers
Elizabeth Rivers - 6 måneder siden
you are FUNNY! get it girl
Aiesha Begum
Aiesha Begum - 6 måneder siden
Can your mom employ me, I work in a pharmacy atm but want to experience the lab side of it :)
Áine - 6 måneder siden
Olivia you need to put “D in physics” on your merch
Jemima Gibbs
Jemima Gibbs - 6 måneder siden
Elle Marie McElroy
Elle Marie McElroy - 6 måneder siden
now shes cooking bai ahahahah
Aurora - 6 måneder siden
imagine living in Northern Ireland, setting up a pool and going out in a bikini in April and not freezing yourself. Can't relate :D
jade - 6 måneder siden
hi so i made this compilation of olivia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RE73FGdx41U
Dan - 6 måneder siden
Why u lookin like molly smith in the thumbnail
Danielle Lorimer
Danielle Lorimer - 6 måneder siden
My new favourite youtuber
Elli’s Iphone
Elli’s Iphone - 6 måneder siden
On behalf of all girls, Matthew, being compared to spooky is the highest of compliments x
Ruby Burns
Ruby Burns - 6 måneder siden
Aha when u can understand the Northern Ireland stuff cuz ur from Belfast ✌🏻😂
BMS Challenges
BMS Challenges - 6 måneder siden
What is ur accent
BMS Challenges
BMS Challenges - 6 måneder siden
@molly bartley oh im from ireland and i go up to belfast all the time but i never heard your accent
BMS Challenges
BMS Challenges - 6 måneder siden
@molly bartley belfast ireland?
Preslee Carson
Preslee Carson - 6 måneder siden
You’re beautiful and awesome 😇
Lilly Zielinski
Lilly Zielinski - 6 måneder siden
When you poured the rum in all I could think of was 2 shots of vodka
Kakka 10
Kakka 10 - 6 måneder siden
Why you so beautiful .
Steve Riley
Steve Riley - 6 måneder siden
Wow taking quarantine seriously and I think Matt Lucas had the idea of character vicky Pollard yeah but no but yeah butt my farts dont sink yeah but my boyfriend thinks there like omg so not smelly 🤣🤣🤣🤣
emily grace
emily grace - 6 måneder siden
Can u do a skincare routine? x
Maria Daan
Maria Daan - 6 måneder siden
“There is just a mat with dog shit all over it, so it truly is like, a summer viiiibe ya know” hahhaahahahahahaha
•s a d h b h•
•s a d h b h• - 6 måneder siden
12:24 🥺😭🥺
Paige Morrison
Paige Morrison - 6 måneder siden
where is your quilt cover from?!!!!!
Vanessa Rose
Vanessa Rose - 6 måneder siden
Olivia girl I luv ya u know that, but u putting beans on avo toast is just plain WRONG. who else.
carlybtchr - 6 måneder siden
"I'm going as fast as I can John", I died.
Coral Bradford
Coral Bradford - 6 måneder siden
Amaranta Chavez
Amaranta Chavez - 6 måneder siden
What’s the song at 12.20?
Amaranta Chavez
Amaranta Chavez - 6 måneder siden
What’s the song at 12.20
Richard Lain-Smith
Richard Lain-Smith - 6 måneder siden
Full of urself
Rhiannon Phillips
Rhiannon Phillips - 6 måneder siden
When u said 9 o clock i thought you meant 9pm😂 so shocked when you said 9am😵xx
Viechi - 6 måneder siden
Quarantine means you cant go outside home wtf u talk about u are doing quarantine
Santy Hepworth
Santy Hepworth - 6 måneder siden
AHHH WHAT!! i legit live in bali and have been waiting for you to come!!! this literally makes me so sad!!
Its Me Mollie
Its Me Mollie - 6 måneder siden
Ok somehow I have only just discovered Olivia and now I am binge watching her youtube all day...
How have I only just found you?!?! xx
Supreme Comics Girl
Supreme Comics Girl - 6 måneder siden
Boojum is soooo tasty
Supreme Comics Girl
Supreme Comics Girl - 6 måneder siden
When quarantine is over fancy meeting up and doing videos together?
Eleanor Woolf
Eleanor Woolf - 6 måneder siden
“I’m not summer body ready” yet she is literally stunning and ideal
Sexy Women TV
Sexy Women TV - 6 måneder siden
LOVE IT❤️❤️❤️❤️
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali - 6 måneder siden
What accent is this
Kerrie Bishops
Kerrie Bishops - 7 måneder siden
Olga Snow
Olga Snow - 7 måneder siden
Very hot gril
poppy may
poppy may - 7 måneder siden
*whats motel rocks?*
Meabh Cunningham
Meabh Cunningham - 7 måneder siden
Where are your sunnies from ? They are unreal xx
Soph.I.C - 7 måneder siden
Video ideas.. Recreating tiktoks, watching your favourite tiktoks and story time video🌺
aishling bradford
aishling bradford - 7 måneder siden
Olivia ! You have to watch “ nudes “ on bbc I player, your doppelgänger is the main gal in it and ong you look so alike !
Evelina Brännström
Evelina Brännström - 7 måneder siden
And my backyard is still filled with snow... :(
lauren didymus
lauren didymus - 7 måneder siden
lauren didymus
lauren didymus - 7 måneder siden
I can’t deal with ur
Keira Devlin
Keira Devlin - 7 måneder siden
Please post more YouTube videos xx ps love you
Leah Joyce
Leah Joyce - 7 måneder siden
The way she said cherry blossom 😂😂😂
Enya Fitzpatrick
Enya Fitzpatrick - 7 måneder siden
Ur brother looks like dermot kennedy
Haryce Peake-Bailey
Haryce Peake-Bailey - 7 måneder siden
your brother shouldn't have shaved, it suited him
Jaime Madam
Jaime Madam - 7 måneder siden
i love her green shorts omg im having a mind blank someone pls help me find them
Alex Chetland
Alex Chetland - 7 måneder siden
“I’m going as fast as I can John” is Litro me
Charlotte Erika
Charlotte Erika - 7 måneder siden
are we all just brushing past how her dog gobbled up her brother's vomit?
Steven Meakin
Steven Meakin - 7 måneder siden
Yeh but no but
Georgia Fyfe
Georgia Fyfe - 7 måneder siden
her skin said : MOLES
gen morris
gen morris - 7 måneder siden
the vibes in this video are immaculate more like this thanks xoxoxoxoxo
Stefan Van Dyk
Stefan Van Dyk - 7 måneder siden
Can you come marry me
Amber Waldron
Amber Waldron - 7 måneder siden
Jovana Godzo
Jovana Godzo - 7 måneder siden
https://www.facebook.com/EuropeanMovementEMMK/photos/a.2883316231706322/2883320421705903/?type=3&theater. If you can like this picture its for a grade project for my university we’ll be thriving together😂🥰🥰
Stella Sativa
Stella Sativa - 7 måneder siden
Spooky is soooo hot tho!!!!
El Salvador
El Salvador - 7 måneder siden
Beans beans great for the heart! But the more you eat the more you fart!
Donna Nicholson
Donna Nicholson - 7 måneder siden
the jealous gonad
the jealous gonad - 7 måneder siden
just what the world needs..another talantless idiot trying to get famous but so obviously failing that its embarrassing to watch
the jealous gonad
the jealous gonad - 6 måneder siden
@molly bartley im so like so sorry..its like i cant be any more regretfull of my like , bad comment and stuff..i will like just punish myself by like watching her video again..its like i so want to be liked that its like you know..like....i forgot where i was going with this..like just saying
Lizzysxo - 7 måneder siden
Babygirl you are the opposite of fat, I hope you're just joking and don't actually think you are!! You know millions would kill to look like you
Marilyn Stephens
Marilyn Stephens - 7 måneder siden
Estella Cunningham
Estella Cunningham - 7 måneder siden
mills marguerite
mills marguerite - 7 måneder siden
You are too funny and cuteee x
Sarathesaraa - 7 måneder siden
Olivia where do u get ur earrings from 🥺🥺💖💖
grace williams
grace williams - 7 måneder siden
I love how she says “good evening” at 9am, lock down got me like
Anna Toogood
Anna Toogood - 7 måneder siden
Girl you beaut but u got moles... stay off the beds
koko - 7 måneder siden
I just REALLY want her to get her skin checked by a dermatologist... like fr, fr! With me it started the same n now it's like pretty bad n it's black skin cancer n I'm just nooot vibin w/ it... so pls see someone girl
Sarah Kehoe
Sarah Kehoe - 7 måneder siden
Ruby Violet
Ruby Violet - 7 måneder siden