Amsterdam 16

Runtime: 03:42


be blessed
be blessed - 3 måneder siden
how did she get so big?
Lauren Beaman
Lauren Beaman - 3 måneder siden
I love these travel videos x
Sophie Teje
Sophie Teje - 3 måneder siden
This video gives me so much nostalgia idk why
Sophie Teje
Sophie Teje - 3 måneder siden
Hi I love you
mia 101
mia 101 - 4 måneder siden
is anyone here from 2020 just because you are bored in isolation and bc they love Olivia
Jim Kelley
Jim Kelley - 5 måneder siden
Stupid bitch
Leah - 5 måneder siden
I just binged all olivias vids, kinda stalker vibes but it’s all I’ve got left to do
cerys williams
cerys williams - 5 måneder siden
aww 2020?
ellie hazel
ellie hazel - 6 måneder siden
idk why I find this so funny
Leah Overhand
Leah Overhand - 6 måneder siden
2020 anyone
Nicole Duffield
Nicole Duffield - 3 måneder siden
Absolutely 🙈😂
Ella Simpson
Ella Simpson - 5 måneder siden
Just lockdown binging things
Leah Overhand
Leah Overhand - 6 måneder siden
Imogen Shaw hiii
Imogen Shaw
Imogen Shaw - 6 måneder siden
Leah Overhand hola :)
Rumaanah Ali
Rumaanah Ali - 7 måneder siden
binging all of her vids, best youtuber no cap😂
Sian Robinson
Sian Robinson - 7 måneder siden
I love that the add at the beginning was for sourz💀💀 Ur fave
Hannah Brett
Hannah Brett - År siden
I literally went to amsterdam last week and did everything you did x
Harold Styles
Harold Styles - År siden
I'm stalking you lol
Charley Allen
Charley Allen - År siden
omg love the travel videos
Alihassan Warriach
Alihassan Warriach - 8 måneder siden
Alihassan Warriach
Alihassan Warriach - 8 måneder siden
Mella ———
Mella ——— - År siden
Okay so I actually want to be like you. Like I find myself doing shit and being like ‘shit Amelia, like I don’t even know if u can do this like is Olivia copyright?’ It’s fucking stressful xxx anyway I love you like so much and ok Ik I sound like a pedo but plz fuck off xoxo I’m so sorry I can’t deal with myself either x
LibAndKay - År siden
Elizabeth Gendron
Elizabeth Gendron - År siden
can we pls be friends i also love traveling
N I N A - År siden
oooh i live in the netherlands
please save our earth
please save our earth - 7 måneder siden
N I N A I low key love Netherlands
Milli Hartley-Fish
Milli Hartley-Fish - År siden
Looks insane🧡
Kashish Daga
Kashish Daga - År siden
Okay but like her travel videos are bomb