amsterdam with my boyfriend

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big boobs um child anyways..
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Isabel X
Isabel X - 10 måneder siden
olivia will not go out with someone because of there star sign but get sunbeds, girl you worried about the wrong kind of cancer
Lilly Marie
Lilly Marie - 6 dager siden
Pedro Luiz Santana
Pedro Luiz Santana - 7 måneder siden
i didnt understand, but i think u offended my sign
Iris Horsley
Iris Horsley - 7 måneder siden
Marley Barley
Marley Barley - 9 måneder siden
Isabel X - agreed but it’s *their (and not ‘there’) pal
Violet St John Beckett
Violet St John Beckett - 9 måneder siden
Hey wys abt cancer 👿👿
Madi Forrest
Madi Forrest - Dag siden
Actually get a life
Madi Forrest
Madi Forrest - Dag siden
Awful video
Jayden Dei-Tutu
Jayden Dei-Tutu - 10 dager siden
17:02 rap god x200 speed🤣🤣🤣
Marinela Marinova
Marinela Marinova - 15 dager siden
OKAY..... i decided to click on one of ur videos, but it was so hard to understand u.. like..... the speaking rate is just ....... oh hell noooo r u okay??? do u think this is cute?? chillax girl.. wow thats hella annoying.
Operation Blackout
Operation Blackout - 22 dager siden
He looks like a bell end
HttMonster - 23 dager siden
Actually love the accent
Eliza Pitt
Eliza Pitt - Måned siden
I swear she talks so much and so fast
Iona Gardner
Iona Gardner - Måned siden
where are the snakeskin jeans from?
lukkkeee - 3 måneder siden
whos here after the break up😭
afsana begum
afsana begum - Dag siden
me ahhh
Liya Dennis
Liya Dennis - 23 dager siden
me :((((((
Casie yeio
Casie yeio - 25 dager siden
what happened
chantelle mcgrory
chantelle mcgrory - 3 måneder siden
watching this after the break up and yeah I'm not crying , you are
QuartzTide - 3 måneder siden
love your fleece
Laura W.
Laura W. - 3 måneder siden
i miss the time before corona
Ashley J
Ashley J - 3 måneder siden
Watching all the videos with John in case they get deleted🥺
molly bailey
molly bailey - 4 måneder siden
omg curled hair suits you
Richard Snaith
Richard Snaith - 4 måneder siden
See the hand signals she does every second lmao
VICTORY DON-OSAWARU - 4 måneder siden
Leia Gilliland
Leia Gilliland - 4 måneder siden
Omg you like Molly Mae and Tommy as well xxx
BubbleBoo Gaming
BubbleBoo Gaming - 4 måneder siden
Is it ironic that I have an Irish cousin called Olivia O’Neil and I’ve now found u who is Irish and called Olivia Neill
Sisi X
Sisi X - 4 måneder siden
Did anyone catch what she said about sweet chilli sensations crisps? 13:46
Lulxzy Xx
Lulxzy Xx - 4 måneder siden
Is just no one gonna talk about her goth phase lmao I need more photos
Adam Owen
Adam Owen - 4 måneder siden
Amsterdam? More like “me speaking to the camera in a room”
sarah Beaven
sarah Beaven - 4 måneder siden
I haven't seen someone touch there hair so much in one video
sarah Beaven
sarah Beaven - 4 måneder siden
OMG slow down
andrea del angel
andrea del angel - 4 måneder siden
Catarina VD
Catarina VD - 4 måneder siden
I realized I talked as fast as her. I feel sorry for everyone around me
Robyn Xoxo
Robyn Xoxo - 4 måneder siden
Omg i LOVE her
Chloe xx Boyce
Chloe xx Boyce - 4 måneder siden
You are so pretty girl xx
sarah rosebuds
sarah rosebuds - 5 måneder siden
When she mixed Eminem into her lullaby lmfaoo
daisy :3
daisy :3 - 5 måneder siden
‘I’m going to go la in the summer’
That worked out well :)
Luella Sims-Bird
Luella Sims-Bird - 5 måneder siden
im an aquariusssssssssss
ellie reid cox
ellie reid cox - 5 måneder siden
pov: you're watching this from after a level exams were announced cancelled and you're concerned for olivia's a level results because she's telling you she's getting all D's in her mocks and teachers are now basing student's grades off of their mock results ... :/
iwantnuggets - 5 måneder siden
Celeste McDermott
Celeste McDermott - 5 måneder siden
oliviaaaaaa u look AMAZING with curly hair!!!!!
Paige Ricks
Paige Ricks - 5 måneder siden
Does anyone know where her jacket is from and what it’s called in the first clips? I love it!!
Son Tung Le
Son Tung Le - 5 måneder siden
Is she Irish or what ?. Her talking speed would be world record.
Inayah Khan
Inayah Khan - 5 måneder siden
12:42 "i think im going to LA in the summer" yes Olivia, good luck with that babes xx
Valerie Cintron
Valerie Cintron - 5 måneder siden
those first two mins were CHAOTIC
Lottie Williams
Lottie Williams - 5 måneder siden
She needs to slow down😂😂
Sam Allison
Sam Allison - 5 måneder siden
did u smoke??
Day in the life of GG
Day in the life of GG - 5 måneder siden
No the curled hair looks good on you, suits your face shape and gives it more volume x
Blaze - 5 måneder siden
you deserve better
jam jam
jam jam - 5 måneder siden
jojo is shaking rn
Sara Haque
Sara Haque - 5 måneder siden
Haha best comment
Jesselyn Whiteside
Jesselyn Whiteside - 6 måneder siden
the star sign bit cracked me up bc i’m also a libra and my last ex was capricorn and obvs the incompatibility and now after that fun time i’m like okay fair enough i am NOT going back there
Audrey Forman
Audrey Forman - 6 måneder siden
someone forgot their adhd meds
Najith Ratnayaka
Najith Ratnayaka - 6 måneder siden
Watch this in 1.5x and thank me later.
justanother teen
justanother teen - 6 måneder siden
her vibes YESS
Lydia Anderson
Lydia Anderson - 6 måneder siden
literally the most lovable person ever
hari - 6 måneder siden
i feel like i'm watching on x2 speed hhahahaha, love it tho
taehyung enthusiast
taehyung enthusiast - 6 måneder siden
wait tell me if i’m wrong but did i hear something else at 2:43 aAa
Katie Morrissey
Katie Morrissey - 6 måneder siden
has anyone commented on how much she looks like the third olsen twin because WHAT THE FRICK she's absolutely stunning
THE A&A LIFE - 6 måneder siden
I feel like I was in dam the same day as you... funny coincidence I guess
Chanel Gravier
Chanel Gravier - 6 måneder siden
that's my mum & dad's star signs lol. Btw loved this video so funny. love you
Fraser Whyte
Fraser Whyte - 6 måneder siden
If ever there was an advert on how not to conduct yourself...
col Martino
col Martino - 6 måneder siden
What did she say 🤔
Maddie Black
Maddie Black - 6 måneder siden
this is me in a video like i can't explain
Maddie Black
Maddie Black - 6 måneder siden
Mariem - 6 måneder siden
"olivia please get changed" " i don't need this negative energy in my life" DEAD
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali - 6 måneder siden
Yo fuck me she chats for so long so quick what breed is this
LC & MG - 7 måneder siden
Playback speed - 0.75x thank me later
Holly - 7 måneder siden
I wonder if Americans watch your videos with subtitles 🤔
Erin Hart
Erin Hart - 7 måneder siden
I love you eyes x
Chria Guerin
Chria Guerin - 7 måneder siden
where did you get the cute white cropped cardigan in Amsterdam x
Becky Crawford
Becky Crawford - 7 måneder siden
anybody know where her earrings are from?
fahmida - 7 måneder siden
he was like stop when she was talking about the toilet im dead and his voice was like mumbled omg
Pearson Hardman
Pearson Hardman - 7 måneder siden
I realised how fast she talks and I love it that’s so me 😂😂
V T - 7 måneder siden
My boyfriends and my first vacation together was in Amsterdam as well, we absolutely loved it there!
Herr Klamm
Herr Klamm - 7 måneder siden
If she was out on a date with me, her camera would cease to exist.
Orsolya Molnár
Orsolya Molnár - 7 måneder siden
omg you are talking so faast xddd
Ella William S
Ella William S - 7 måneder siden
This video is the funniest shit show I’ve ever seen
Maria jesus Salinas araya
Maria jesus Salinas araya - 7 måneder siden
you talk veryyyyy fast haha
Catherine Elizabeth
Catherine Elizabeth - 7 måneder siden
14:33 John questions his life
Louisa Lenton
Louisa Lenton - 7 måneder siden
I just find her accent really entertaining
malithi kumarasinghe
malithi kumarasinghe - 7 måneder siden
ahahah she talks faster than James Charles.
Ivy McLaughlin
Ivy McLaughlin - 7 måneder siden
omggggg that is why i am vegetarian like the exact reason !!!
H.B.M. Greenblatt
H.B.M. Greenblatt - 7 måneder siden
Tiara Hamblin
Tiara Hamblin - 7 måneder siden
me and olivia have the same birthday weyyyy
3L124 - 7 måneder siden
i had to put playback speed at x0.75 to give my brain processing time mmmm
Ruby Brown
Ruby Brown - 7 måneder siden
Abby Houston
Abby Houston - 7 måneder siden
tiger in the back at the very start😭😭😭
Ruby Wigston
Ruby Wigston - 7 måneder siden
Chuff that £150 for hair extensions we’re my cheap gals at ❤️😂😂😂
Dasha - 8 måneder siden
You look so much better without the tan!! Holy shitt dude I mean you look great either way but it’s so refreshing and natural w/put the tan! You’re beautiful Olivia!! Keep up the great content
Hibaaq Hassan
Hibaaq Hassan - 8 måneder siden
ive been procrastinating and watching your videos but I have no IDEA what your saying
Fanan Nizam
Fanan Nizam - 8 måneder siden
emy - 8 måneder siden
i literally checked the speed of the video bc she was talking way too fast lol
Pia Michelle
Pia Michelle - 8 måneder siden
why does olivia having curly hair make her look like a completely different person but still absolutely gorgeous 💀
Elicia Hosken
Elicia Hosken - 8 måneder siden
You’re literally the Irish version of Emma chamberlain ❤️
Kiki Kitsinis
Kiki Kitsinis - 8 måneder siden
your irish accent makes me so happy
Mozzz - 8 måneder siden
I can’t take her seriously😂deserves more views
sean power
sean power - 8 måneder siden
I had to put this in 0.5 speed to understand
superstar watermelon
superstar watermelon - 8 måneder siden
ceo of don’t look at me
Michelle Lorena Roth
Michelle Lorena Roth - 8 måneder siden
what does "casping aquarius" mean; I know what an aquarius is but "casping"?
shiraor_ - 8 måneder siden
Is it just me or she reminds me of cher horowitz from clueless
Lucy Morgan
Lucy Morgan - 8 måneder siden
What was the hotel called?? X
Amy x
Amy x - 8 måneder siden
“i’m vegan x” 18:41 eats a burger 😂💓
Maddy Steggall
Maddy Steggall - 8 måneder siden
a vegan burger obvs
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets - 8 måneder siden
*you talk, way too fast.*
Lucy Grainger
Lucy Grainger - 8 måneder siden
Wait are you Irish??
Sarah Bello
Sarah Bello - 8 måneder siden
i watched earthlings... i’m now 🌱
Alex Wright
Alex Wright - 9 måneder siden
One minute in and I’m exhausted trying to keep up with what you’re saying, sorry I can’t cope with this. You seem like a nice girl, but this is ridiculous, surely you cannot talk like that at work/school?!
Sophie M
Sophie M - 9 måneder siden
9:20 you talked for 2 weeks and then that happens?! 😌 Omg goals