answering questions i've been avoiding while i get ready

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Leah Brown
Leah Brown - Dag siden
Does anyone know where that cardigain is from?
Poppy Evans
Poppy Evans - 2 dager siden
New Age
New Age - 3 dager siden
Couldn't understand a word but I'm in love anyway
ashna vora
ashna vora - 11 dager siden
does anyone know where her earrings are from??
Mal S
Mal S - 13 dager siden
Still haven’t gotten over your accent 😍😍
Esme Joy.s
Esme Joy.s - 15 dager siden
i have an obsession with olivias videos
Olivia Lang
Olivia Lang - 26 dager siden
I’ve never watched this girl before, never got the hype about her on TikTok but OH MY GOD can we be best friends I LOVE HER
Elizabeth Helena
Elizabeth Helena - 27 dager siden
Where did she get this zip up hoodie?
Katy Sawdon
Katy Sawdon - 27 dager siden
Sofia B
Sofia B - Måned siden
where are your green hoop earrings from? x
Ashna Vora
Ashna Vora - Måned siden
where are her earrings from???
Gemma Barnett
Gemma Barnett - Måned siden
wait you've been going to clubs whatttt in London?? baaaaaabe
Ally Sheehan
Ally Sheehan - Måned siden
hey olivia i love your videos!
just wondering why you've been clubbing during a pandemic???
olivia kate
olivia kate - Måned siden
She really said ‘you wanna see some real speed Bitch’, I needed captions to keep up hahaha 🤍
Emma Baird
Emma Baird - Måned siden
Omg are you from Northern Ireland??
Lucy King
Lucy King - Måned siden
Me I do xx
Paige Mackley
Paige Mackley - Måned siden
Am I the only person who doesn’t think she talks that fast
ClareMc 44
ClareMc 44 - Måned siden
Did you get your bag and passport back?
Ella Brown
Ella Brown - Måned siden
She talks soooooo fast 😂😂
Grace Appleby
Grace Appleby - Måned siden
i had the thing u and flossie had :-)
Zoe Bailey
Zoe Bailey - Måned siden
I literally have to watch all her videos in 0.75 x
megan x
megan x - Måned siden
meanwhile my mental health is shit😋
Lily-Mae Hartwell
Lily-Mae Hartwell - Måned siden
Olivia I had moluscum contagisos I csnt spell it omg I thought no one had it but it left me with scars all over my body!
Dylan Springer
Dylan Springer - Måned siden
OMG I had molloscum contagiousum lmao
appr oved
appr oved - Måned siden
eye patches? in that color ? almost like the same look as usa football player ( nonono not soccer ) football! where they crash test into each other
Dimity Evans
Dimity Evans - Måned siden
molluscum contagiosum hehe i had that :( it was actually pretty common for us, I think we just called them school sores
Charlotte Ford
Charlotte Ford - Måned siden
love you!!!!
Olivia 762
Olivia 762 - Måned siden
Have u and John broken up!❤️❤️
Olivia 762
Olivia 762 - Måned siden
Why is this girl so god dam pretty!
ellie reid cox
ellie reid cox - Måned siden
im fully up for joining the shart house, lemme know when invites go out
Lord Farquad
Lord Farquad - Måned siden
does anyones know where that jumper is from?!
Connor Knight
Connor Knight - Måned siden
I’ve never fancied someone so much in my life
Anthony Biggs
Anthony Biggs - Måned siden
Have to watch this in 0.75 as she talks so fast
Lauren Fay
Lauren Fay - Måned siden
Just an FYI: Just because u are skinny does not mean u have an eating disorder.
And vice versa just because u have an eating disorder does not mean u are skinny.
Kaizen Kaizen
Kaizen Kaizen - 2 måneder siden
Leave me alone I’m a social influencer!
ItsWourn - 2 måneder siden
Bro she so fit and Irish man. This girl needs to learn where a full stop falls cos this shit funny
Júlia Rodriguez
Júlia Rodriguez - 2 måneder siden
omg I love her accent
Blue Belle
Blue Belle - 2 måneder siden
Olivia you need therapy! like for real, the fact your parents didn't acknowledge your disordered eating is really awful and damaging. 💗 pls take care of yourself
_hx_lima_ - 2 måneder siden
shes so pretty its unbelievable
José Antunes Neves
José Antunes Neves - 2 måneder siden
My name is WHO my name is WHAT SLIM SLIM OLIVIA !
Kylie National
Kylie National - 2 måneder siden
Anna Pauline
Anna Pauline - 2 måneder siden
she hasn’t changed at all since moving to london. she’s still the chaotic bitch we know and love.
Samanta Mockute
Samanta Mockute - 2 måneder siden
She actually looks like sommer ray
Sophie Laureen
Sophie Laureen - 2 måneder siden
You can’t cancel falling by harry styles🥺
Ava Sims
Ava Sims - 2 måneder siden
Olivia are you going to Mexico cause it’s October you told us you were gonna go there in when you newer in lockdown
Rose Lewis
Rose Lewis - 2 måneder siden
Fkn lol I had moloscum contagiousum (or however you spell it)
Shannon K
Shannon K - 2 måneder siden
warm blonde!!
Beth Lomas
Beth Lomas - 2 måneder siden
She talks like Vicky pollard but I love it
Lauren Beaman
Lauren Beaman - 2 måneder siden
I post travel vlogs, id love it if you could have a watch and let me know what you think 😊
Meenal - 2 måneder siden
clubs are open??? how is that even allowed right now
jessica kazadi
jessica kazadi - 2 måneder siden
Kareem Ahmed
Kareem Ahmed - 2 måneder siden
Erin Eve
Erin Eve - 2 måneder siden
"should i go home ??? no she made me cry in a uber bitch!!!" ahahahahahahahaah
freya croft
freya croft - 2 måneder siden
West Nelson
West Nelson - 2 måneder siden
Omg we have the exact same phone case!!!
Abigail Bright
Abigail Bright - 2 måneder siden
I related to the other oversharing bit a bit too much
lucy grocott
lucy grocott - 2 måneder siden
Where is your nose ring from xx
Tin Bernas
Tin Bernas - 2 måneder siden
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Alicja Roszkiewicz
Alicja Roszkiewicz - 2 måneder siden
You do realise that you can report lost items right...?
Uke Alexa
Uke Alexa - 2 måneder siden
I swear you’re the third Olsen twin 😍
Vicky Ganachaud
Vicky Ganachaud - 2 måneder siden
not me watching all the ads in full to fund her Deliveroo addiction
Simone Louise
Simone Louise - 2 måneder siden
where is this name necklace from?
Elise Watson
Elise Watson - 2 måneder siden
you skip 10 seconds and olivia’s already on another story time :p
alysha ramsey
alysha ramsey - 2 måneder siden
i’ve had molluscum🙂
isobel james
isobel james - 2 måneder siden
Where's the necklace from
Abbey Feeney
Abbey Feeney - 2 måneder siden
when youre not from america & dont know what a dime is
Caitlin Rooney
Caitlin Rooney - 2 måneder siden
Omg no way I’ve had molloscum contagiosum aswell omg
Ellie Waters
Ellie Waters - 2 måneder siden
Happy bday
Dulcie Gilbertson
Dulcie Gilbertson - 2 måneder siden
Where did you get your hoodie its so nice
Sophie Coo
Sophie Coo - Måned siden
im trying to find and I can't, have you found it?
Katie Gill
Katie Gill - 2 måneder siden
Can’t believe someone is walking around now with a free prada bag
Welcome To Serenity Island
Welcome To Serenity Island - 2 måneder siden
Happy Birthday!!!! ✨🎉🎉🎉🎉
frankie bell
frankie bell - 2 måneder siden
god i love olivia’s energy
bermuda triangle?
bermuda triangle? - 2 måneder siden
i KNOW she didn't just say a dime wasn't a thing
Aaliyah M
Aaliyah M - 2 måneder siden
Olivia is speaking so fast omg 🥴
christine kennedy
christine kennedy - 2 måneder siden
whats the pasta recipe?
Caitlin Connolly
Caitlin Connolly - 2 måneder siden
Happy birthday pretty !!
Phoebe - 2 måneder siden
Warm blonde
Phoebe - 2 måneder siden
So her and HRVY are friends with benefits atm and will be an item soon enough vibes? Okay fairs
Gabriela sinclair
Gabriela sinclair - 2 måneder siden
cookiemonster 123
cookiemonster 123 - 2 måneder siden
you talk so so fast omg😭
Ellie Martin
Ellie Martin - 2 måneder siden
What shade maybeline fit me concealer does she use?
piezoelectric1 - 2 måneder siden
Stay away from the Wave House. Let it have its moment in the sun and you and Flossie stick to your own individual selves and the quirky humor that got you both where you are. It will pay off. Also, I'd love to see you and Flossie in a speed-talk-off with the guys. They would get shredded aha
I remember
I remember - 2 måneder siden
You look so much prettier in warm tones definitely!
aloreo - 2 måneder siden
2:25 😂😂😂 I laughed so hard. 5:44 😭 crying for you. 12:50 (sorry I tag every moment that makes me laugh/is interesting)
c m
c m - 2 måneder siden
where is your white jacket from???
c m
c m - Måned siden
@Sophie Coo unfortunately not ):
Sophie Coo
Sophie Coo - Måned siden
I have been looking and I can't find it anywhere, have you found it?
Anoushka W
Anoushka W - 2 måneder siden
i screamed when you said you had molluscum cos i did too i thought i was like strange for having it
Evie Pretty
Evie Pretty - 2 måneder siden
Where’s her jumper from 🥺
Evie Pretty
Evie Pretty - Måned siden
Sophie Coo no 😥
Sophie Coo
Sophie Coo - Måned siden
I have been looking and I can't find it anywhere, have you found it?
Bella Skating
Bella Skating - 2 måneder siden
I love the warm blonde hair and also had the moloscum thing however u spell it lol x
motheryar - 2 måneder siden
Does anyone know where she got her green and gold square hoop earrings from?? PLEASE I NEED THEM 😩!!
motheryar - 2 måneder siden
Catherine Schimpf Urgh ikr!! Tried looking online for them, but no luck sadly :-/
Catherine Schimpf
Catherine Schimpf - 2 måneder siden
I'm DESPERATE for them too ;(
Ben Ward
Ben Ward - 2 måneder siden
Hello Olivia o Neil
Sophia Neumann
Sophia Neumann - 2 måneder siden
All I wanna know is what teeth whitener she uses and how she’s actually goergous??
Lily Lee Tracy
Lily Lee Tracy - 2 måneder siden
Kate Rennie
Kate Rennie - 2 måneder siden
Love the warm blonde
Orlaith Mannion
Orlaith Mannion - 2 måneder siden
omg i have moluscum contagiousm ive had it for like 3 yrs and it’s supposed to go away by itself and it’s not and i just have a load of scars on the backs of my legs and then i still have loads of them too
Katie Reilly
Katie Reilly - 2 måneder siden
Warm Blonde!!! So beaut x
Elise Forester
Elise Forester - 2 måneder siden
i had malexcum contagiosum or whatever too. lol
Theodora - 2 måneder siden
I dont know about u guys but i watch her videos on ×0.75 she talks way too fast
saskia alyssa b
saskia alyssa b - 2 måneder siden
oh my god i had molluscum contagiosum last year and i literally could not leave the house it was that bad
Z F - 2 måneder siden
OMG i had to get those thingies frozen off of my feet too when i was like 8! i cried and my dad called me a baby but then like a week later he had to have it done too and he was like oh yeah that hurt sorry AND I WAS LIKE SEE BITCHHHHH SMH
Ayah Krisht
Ayah Krisht - 2 måneder siden
me putting the speed at 0.75 so i dont have to stop watching anytime soon