answering your assumptions (& doing euphoria makeup)

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FOREO LUNA mini 3:
(cop it for xmas from santa u neeed it in ur life)
insta- @_olivianeill
Runtime: 11:51


han - 3 måneder siden
A fungal infection ad came up before this video, i can’t stop laughing omg
Kirsty Caruth
Kirsty Caruth - 5 måneder siden
Is it just me or is her indie singing genuinely quite good
Kayleigh Marie
Kayleigh Marie - 6 måneder siden
how do people remember memes. honestly wish I could reference memes lol. I loveeeee youuuu ❤️❤️❤️
sophie keegan
sophie keegan - 6 måneder siden
Anyone know what car she drives
Evie Louise
Evie Louise - 6 måneder siden
Olivia- rambling on cause she’s got ADHD
Me- not focusing on what she’s saying cause I’m borderline ADHD
Emma Powell
Emma Powell - 6 måneder siden
i honestly feel like she's really good at singing
anion dryden-furneaux
anion dryden-furneaux - 6 måneder siden
imagine not understanding english and watching this
ice man
ice man - 6 måneder siden
when watching her video w 2x speed u can experience rap god
koko - 7 måneder siden
verbally fighting = arguing ? xdxd
Rosie Froome
Rosie Froome - 7 måneder siden
what facial cleanser
Millie Chapman
Millie Chapman - 7 måneder siden
I have adhd tooooooo
Lindsey Stine
Lindsey Stine - 7 måneder siden
"i have no money & i'm a fat bitch" i'm in tearsss
Clodagh Fox
Clodagh Fox - 7 måneder siden
I knew exactly what Euphoria song you were on about and I’m not mad about it.
CLAUDIA ESPINO SANCHEZ - 7 måneder siden
LisaDIYS - 8 måneder siden
ok, love your vids and tiktoks, but i just cant tell when you're joking and serious.
Peter Johnston
Peter Johnston - 8 måneder siden
No one:
Literally no one:
Olivia Neil: I have a fungal infection whhooo
Rene Clover
Rene Clover - 9 måneder siden
I used to get accused of doing drugs because I was always hyper and always got stuff done at work, women would say it and tell my boss they thought it. Looking back it's like, what a bunch of meanies.
Rene Clover
Rene Clover - 9 måneder siden
Adderrall is man made energies .. haha
Natalie Healy
Natalie Healy - 9 måneder siden
Jake Glover
Jake Glover - 9 måneder siden
How tall is you
Rahimah Begum
Rahimah Begum - 9 måneder siden
where is your mirror from
Nicole Anderson
Nicole Anderson - 9 måneder siden
Love you’re whole vibe. It’s so much but in the most adorable way 🤭 also just so beautiful 😻❣️
J Wallis
J Wallis - 10 måneder siden
anyone know olivias spotify?
Tovaa.s - 10 måneder siden
S p e a k S l o w e r ily xxxx
Kristina Barker
Kristina Barker - 10 måneder siden
Wait you shave your fingers and toes ? That’s a first I never heard that before
Kristina Barker
Kristina Barker - 10 måneder siden
Girl can I get the drug you’re on ? 😭😩😭
Faye Snipe
Faye Snipe - 10 måneder siden
I do think I’m in love with you ngl
Delia lolol
Delia lolol - 10 måneder siden
She and stormzy should collab
Morgan Watkiss
Morgan Watkiss - 10 måneder siden
Where are your earrings from x
wallflower - 10 måneder siden
jesus christ i need to slow down the speed of the video whenever i watch this girl 😭
Amelia Middleton
Amelia Middleton - 10 måneder siden
I CANNOT EXPLAIN THIS ENOUGH, my friend told me to watch you my lovely and I was like aha ok, she said You remind her of me AND I THINK WE WERE SEPARATED AT BIRTH WE ARE THE SAME PERSON
Anneliese larrinaga
Anneliese larrinaga - 10 måneder siden
I was having a horrible until I watched this and my day just improved drastically 🙏🏼😂😁
Oréanne Cardinal
Oréanne Cardinal - 10 måneder siden
she is such a mood omg im *literally* choking on my ramen
Freya Stark
Freya Stark - 10 måneder siden
How do you get through depression? Olivia o Neill’s videos 😭
ju ooo
ju ooo - 10 måneder siden
haha wow u off tiktok woi woi
Łé.łítt - 10 måneder siden
It’s gorgeous ur so amazing I love you so much question did it hurt to get ur nose done xxxxx
Shayani Galhenage
Shayani Galhenage - 10 måneder siden
she talks like shhshfkdjejdj love her tho
More3Xxfaith - 10 måneder siden
1:58 when I say I screamed why she lying like that 😂😂
Alison_ OS
Alison_ OS - 11 måneder siden
What foundation does she use?
Scarlett Scott
Scarlett Scott - 11 måneder siden
Holyyyyy poooholleeee
Tara Kelly
Tara Kelly - 11 måneder siden
La Roche is amazing skincare and it's so cheap
Gracie Finck
Gracie Finck - 11 måneder siden
her accent is actually so fricken cute i can’t
Taylor Armstrong
Taylor Armstrong - 11 måneder siden
Tik tok has changed u for the worst love u but
Perry Crozier
Perry Crozier - 11 måneder siden
The meth in your country must be fantastic.
Ailish Mc Cay
Ailish Mc Cay - 11 måneder siden
Honestly think we’d be best friends
Anoud Alhagbani
Anoud Alhagbani - 11 måneder siden
LOVE the accent
Faten Ahmad
Faten Ahmad - 11 måneder siden
R u Irish??
F4T4LFUS1ON - 11 måneder siden
You are actually so funny, I love your editing too with those spicy memes 👌
Lizzysxo - 11 måneder siden
Damn I thought you were speaking another language bc you talk so fast and that accent is thicc
Taylor Bially
Taylor Bially - 11 måneder siden
that reenactment. priceless.
Isabelle X
Isabelle X - 11 måneder siden
why u actually so stunning its unfair
Evangeline Clifford
Evangeline Clifford - 11 måneder siden
Indi Queeeeeeeen regular up loads plzzzzzzzz
Izzy W
Izzy W - 11 måneder siden
i read the title on the thumbnail as ‘overshaving’
Sara G
Sara G - 11 måneder siden
I understood nothing
Audrey - 11 måneder siden
olivia: *cant find parking spot*
alexa, play ocean eyes
Jaime K Terrill
Jaime K Terrill - 11 måneder siden
you speak hellllllla fast
Flo Rosie
Flo Rosie - 11 måneder siden
Omg plsss post more often 💕
MESL 2000
MESL 2000 - 11 måneder siden
wow take a breath man
Zoe Loka
Zoe Loka - 11 måneder siden
Auto tune uses me for indie singing 😂😂😂😂😂BAHAHAH
Natalie Nicole
Natalie Nicole - 11 måneder siden
eve wells
eve wells - 11 måneder siden
U can’t confront someone lol I think that’s what u meannn
Ava Mutter
Ava Mutter - 11 måneder siden
I love u sm xxxx
Rosie Francis
Rosie Francis - 11 måneder siden
Your so cute xxxxxxxx
hamida_x. - 11 måneder siden
Did anyone else think there was something wrong with the playback speed..loool 😂😂😂🙈
Liliana Thompsen
Liliana Thompsen - 11 måneder siden
Lol I had to slow down the speed, you were talking way too faaast
HANNAH - 8 måneder siden
Liliana Thompsen hon she’s not even talking that fast, the rest of us can understand fine, your brain just be lagging lmfao
Cara Cahill
Cara Cahill - 11 måneder siden
Can’t square up
Alesha Jones
Alesha Jones - 11 måneder siden
you really do need to slow down I don't really know what you are saying
Ares Lopez
Ares Lopez - 11 måneder siden
i have hair on my fingers too i thought i was the only one 🥺
mieka - 11 måneder siden
we stAn euphoria omg
Joanne Rey
Joanne Rey - 11 måneder siden
she doesn’t need autotune, autotune needs her
ali lawton
ali lawton - 11 måneder siden
best indie singer out there👏👏billie eillish watch out
sofia - 11 måneder siden
this bt9er defo voted borris
The Insane Bolt!
The Insane Bolt! - 11 måneder siden
Lolz, 1:30 that music 😂?
Zara G
Zara G - 11 måneder siden
olivia: im ~lightweight~
also olivia: im a fat bitch
olivia neill
olivia neill - 11 måneder siden
Tiffani Amber
Tiffani Amber - 11 måneder siden
we love a civilly-engaged queen
lori bee
lori bee - 11 måneder siden
The eyeshadow looked good even when you just took the tape shut up Olivia
Tilly Bartlett
Tilly Bartlett - 11 måneder siden
honestly love that all of these were basically correct 😂💓
Lois Kerry
Lois Kerry - 11 måneder siden
what moisturiser did she say was good??? xxx
LaLaLand - 11 måneder siden
Lois Kerry la roche-posay effaclar duo moisturiser - it is sooo good xx
Niamh Duncan
Niamh Duncan - 11 måneder siden
Anyone have any idea where to get some earrings like olivias?
hafizah b
hafizah b - 11 måneder siden
I wanna be friends with her😂
Leah - 11 måneder siden
Hairy toes & fingers...girl I can relate!
Megan Cant
Megan Cant - 11 måneder siden
good evening
Ane Estevez
Ane Estevez - 11 måneder siden
Anyone knows which eyelashes she has???? Please
Charlotte Brown
Charlotte Brown - 11 måneder siden
me waiting for my fucking 500000 assumptions that I posted for like the whole video. its fine im fine
Amy Jones
Amy Jones - 11 måneder siden
I watched this at 0.75xspeed
Milly Rose
Milly Rose - 11 måneder siden
I'm from la Roche posay and you said it well haha, our skin stuff is really good !
lucy louise
lucy louise - 11 måneder siden
what foundation do you use ? x
lucy louise
lucy louise - 11 måneder siden
@sonam music thankyou x
sonam music
sonam music - 11 måneder siden
lucy louise she used the beauty blender one for this i think she said x
Jemima G
Jemima G - 11 måneder siden
Had to slow the video down bcus she was too fast
allegraonline - 11 måneder siden
What teeth whitening strips do you use x
Muireann Stafford
Muireann Stafford - 11 måneder siden
Just binged all of euphoria
It’s so good
Reem Osman
Reem Osman - 11 måneder siden
no one:
olivia: hieaver
g o l d g l o c k s
g o l d g l o c k s - 11 måneder siden
you're really pretty❤
Lottie Hart
Lottie Hart - 11 måneder siden
You’re are a whole vibe 😙✌️
Amber Dunne
Amber Dunne - 11 måneder siden
wow you spoke to quick my brain flipped, love you though xox
Stacey Cambridge
Stacey Cambridge - 11 måneder siden
i litreally had to put the speed at 0.75
L T - 11 måneder siden
honestly the amount of effort in that reenactment tho...
Abby Lewis
Abby Lewis - 11 måneder siden
i did a maddy look (lol i tried my best) for my work Christmas party and it gave me so much confidence + i got a ton of compliments from everyone 😊 lmao bougie bitch with an app, the pricetag on the luna brush makes me feel bougie 😳 but i love it
alessia - 11 måneder siden
don't worry I have hairy fingers too its so horrible lol. I love uu
Fatou Baby
Fatou Baby - 11 måneder siden
She talks so fast like wtf
Elise Kotzur
Elise Kotzur - 11 måneder siden
“Auto tune uses me for Indie singing” hahahahahahaha 😂😂😂