best friends buy each other outfits ft. flossie & lewys

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nothing to see here just the btec sister squad making btec versions of their videos xxxx
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Flossies channel:
insta : @olivianeill
Runtime: 15:41


kiara sophie
kiara sophie - 7 dager siden
can someone tell me the shape and size of olivia‘s jeans? are those the rowes? would appreciate it x
Jordan Waggs
Jordan Waggs - 8 dager siden
why does Lewys really look like Timothée chalamet
Maddison George
Maddison George - 15 dager siden
i’m gonna sound so dumb but is olivia scottish?
Molly Louise
Molly Louise - 18 dager siden
I ship olivia and harvey so hard
Ali Osborne
Ali Osborne - 19 dager siden
lewys is so funny
Fabi Avile
Fabi Avile - 19 dager siden
julia ivanka
julia ivanka - 19 dager siden
♠【foto video】♠

Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop
pres l'un de l'autre.??
ME Bitch
ME Bitch - 21 dag siden
not lewys spacing out the whole vid
Lauren Prince
Lauren Prince - 21 dag siden
Sophie A
Sophie A - Måned siden
Amy Holden
Amy Holden - Måned siden
I know a half swipe when I see one
DavidYHH - Måned siden
Am i the only one who cant understand the blonde girl with the lisp?
laura xm
laura xm - Måned siden
y’all all talking bout hrvy and olivia like she’s not gon read this comments

unless thats what you want cause you tryna hint? idk
_hx_lima_ - 2 måneder siden
Olivia really out her for everybody😭
Elle 23980
Elle 23980 - 2 måneder siden
i love this trio so much🤪🤪and olivias blue jeans lewys bought
Karina Ford
Karina Ford - 2 måneder siden
OMFG where is that food from?! It looks so good holy 🤤
Tom Carter
Tom Carter - 2 måneder siden
I can't help but watch and just spot a third wheel. I'm not even trying to complain I'm just like now I'm wondering it must just be compulsory for the third friend to just be like low key but high key left out lol don't worry tho flossie ur the prettiest thing evah and if I ever see u out third wheeling I'll come join u b xx ❤️ u x
grace b
grace b - 2 måneder siden
Plsss that message was definitely from John omg💀💀 literally every bestfriends reactions EVER
Bonnie-Jewel Sheridan
Bonnie-Jewel Sheridan - 2 måneder siden
Ok so why she crushing on hrvy so hard 😌 also why is he just casually there like no biggy just chilling in my sky scraper London apartment with all these expensive ass clothes that we bought for no reason, oh and also hrvys just chillin round the place somewhere here 😂 like ok what is life tho
Jenny Mundy
Jenny Mundy - 2 måneder siden
i kid you not as they talked about shein an ad popped up on my screen I DIED HAHA

(i don't shop with them btw)
Joey - 2 måneder siden
Ur bf looks like hrvy
Susan Elwell
Susan Elwell - 2 måneder siden
I think flossie
Tilly Birchall
Tilly Birchall - 2 måneder siden
Lewis looks like a spy kid with the glasses😂😭
Aroush H
Aroush H - 2 måneder siden
Lewys is the best outfit, it's different and quirky!
cassandra combs
cassandra combs - 2 måneder siden
lewys has a tortured soul.
alice b
alice b - 2 måneder siden
why did i think she was gonna be aussie
Isabella Williams
Isabella Williams - 2 måneder siden
lewys looks like the next big k-pop star
Andrea Vintage
Andrea Vintage - 2 måneder siden
Omg THANKYOU for putting Selena in your video
Beth Pennal
Beth Pennal - 2 måneder siden
I just uploaded a 20th birthday glow up video please subscribe to my channel if you like it💖💖
Kitty Roberts
Kitty Roberts - 2 måneder siden
I love olivia’s outfit!!
Estelle Stenhouse
Estelle Stenhouse - 2 måneder siden
Lewys cracked me up I’m deaddddddd !
Maisyn - 2 måneder siden
Lewys looks like Eminem
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday - 2 måneder siden
why was this video low key awkward wtf Olivia seems so different
Charlotte Juracich
Charlotte Juracich - 3 måneder siden
lmao lewys reminds me of terry benedict from oceans eleven in that fit ;))
joycean - 3 måneder siden
get rid of the friends omg
Abigail Bright
Abigail Bright - 3 måneder siden
‘First thing I bought a wash bag for me’ 😂😂
abbie wyatt
abbie wyatt - 3 måneder siden
okay stop i love you four
Seren Latimer
Seren Latimer - 3 måneder siden
ffs Lewys looks like the 3 blind mice from shrek😂😂😂😂
Lauren Beaman
Lauren Beaman - 3 måneder siden
These 3 are such a great trio 😁
Liliana Urso
Liliana Urso - 3 måneder siden
lewys is actually so pretty woah
Summer Yallop
Summer Yallop - 3 måneder siden
I wanna know what they were laughing at😂😂💖
Erin Keating
Erin Keating - 3 måneder siden
Okay I love Olivia I want to be this girl but now she’s like close w Harvey and whatever this girl WINS. ITS OVER FOR US SHES WINNING
rebecca hinde
rebecca hinde - 3 måneder siden
this comment section is so annoying every time a youtuber moves or grows as a person their fan base say they’ve changed and i doubt flossie feels left out they all love each other a lot it’s clear people need to stop assuming things
The master Crafter Ž
The master Crafter Ž - 3 måneder siden
I don’t want to see this In my recommended ever again

Paige Molton
Paige Molton - 3 måneder siden
Olivia’s one of them friends that’s a lowkey hater
VOTRE VALENTINE - 2 måneder siden
Rebecca McCauley
Rebecca McCauley - 2 måneder siden
Bella - 3 måneder siden
smg123 - 3 måneder siden
Irish youtubers rise😏🔥
Ellie Walsh
Ellie Walsh - 3 måneder siden
Draco malfoy vibes from lewys ngl 😳
EmsStyledIt - 3 måneder siden
Lewis in Flossies outfit looks like he’s about to ask me if I want to take the red pill or the blue pill
Alex Bell
Alex Bell - 3 måneder siden
Lewis= Early Marc Almond
Alex Bell
Alex Bell - 3 måneder siden
Olivia’s wit is being diluted by the other two - dull. Go back to solo vlogs Liv
Ijdijsbnmls - 3 måneder siden
why does this feel like a sleepover I was reluctantly invited to and get left out the whole time
Megan Buckley
Megan Buckley - 3 måneder siden
This is so jokes to watch stoned
Lexie Maddison
Lexie Maddison - 3 måneder siden
Actually died when I realised Harvey was in this oml
Klaudusik - 3 måneder siden
stop ship her with harvey
Klaudusik - 3 måneder siden
who else came here only to see harvey
Ella Suade
Ella Suade - 3 måneder siden
Hahaha Olivia low key so jealous of Flossie for being told she looks like Madison Beer😂 Never called madison problematic befoooore!😂
Lilly Ann Loopbert
Lilly Ann Loopbert - 2 måneder siden
yea very mean girl vibes. first time we’ve really seen anything bad from her tbf
reema s a
reema s a - 2 måneder siden
Maybe Flossie’s being repeating it to them a lot so she’s just like alright mate stfu, I’d do that lol especially bc she looks NOTHING like Madison Beer 🥴💀
Anoushka Kakaria
Anoushka Kakaria - 2 måneder siden
Ruby Tuesday i think it’s because harvey was there because she doesn’t otherwise act like that :(
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday - 2 måneder siden
no shit Olivia literally made a video about dressing like Madison beer.... and said she wanted to look like her
Caitlin McCaffrey
Caitlin McCaffrey - 3 måneder siden
Ella Suade did u see Flossies new video... Olivia was acting so rude and attention seeking
katie wilson
katie wilson - 3 måneder siden
✨ olivia won ✨
Sophie H
Sophie H - 3 måneder siden
lewys looks like he belongs in the matrix
claudia dannatt
claudia dannatt - 3 måneder siden
lewys serving matty healy vibes
CommentsTroll - 3 måneder siden
i still don't understand what you're saying. speaking too fast.
Lucy May Stewart
Lucy May Stewart - 3 måneder siden
im obsessed with the trioooo
Martha Ryan
Martha Ryan - 3 måneder siden
I’m so drunk and can’t understand a rod they swing
Evangeline ASMR
Evangeline ASMR - 3 måneder siden
like I'm sorry but why is nobody social distancing anymore? fucks saaaake. EDIT: now they're sharing drinks with the same straw? i'm out my dudes I used to adore Olivia and her channel but I just can't deal with how irresponsible all these gen z youtubers are being, makes me sick.
Maddie Dobson
Maddie Dobson - 3 måneder siden
okay but does anyone else think flossie looks like maia mitchell?
Bethan Purse
Bethan Purse - 3 måneder siden
Vape no tripod
india taylor
india taylor - 3 måneder siden
how may ads does this girl want to include omg
Ella Holmberg
Ella Holmberg - 3 måneder siden
Am I the only one who thinks Lewys looks a lot like Timothée Chalamet? Like imagine him with long brown hair, especially with that black outfit
Erin Connie
Erin Connie - 3 måneder siden
Lewys is too funny I can’t cope😭😭
Becky Moncur
Becky Moncur - 3 måneder siden
Flossie is so left out like just doesn't fit in I feel
Julianna - 3 måneder siden
this boy i so beautiful
Isabella Pinneri
Isabella Pinneri - 3 måneder siden
No one gunna talk about how hrvy said Olivia looked unreal in her outfit
aoife casey
aoife casey - 3 måneder siden
New Irish youtuber, please watch my new video!🥳 x
be blessed
be blessed - 3 måneder siden
how has she grown so big with less than 50 videos?
Itz Mais
Itz Mais - 3 måneder siden
brooooo it’s lewys🤪🤪🤪
Maebh Lynch
Maebh Lynch - 3 måneder siden
Sorry,what is flosses laugh❤️
livvy crossland
livvy crossland - 3 måneder siden
olivia's outfit deffo won no cap
Grace Pollock
Grace Pollock - 3 måneder siden
So nobody is going to talk about when Harvey said Olivia looked UNREAL in her outfit like hello???? that boy is in love and I dont blame him one bit
Emma Gifford
Emma Gifford - 3 måneder siden
why are you promoting condoms?
Sarah Thornhill
Sarah Thornhill - 3 måneder siden
Lewis low-key looked possessed when he was staring in the car😂😂😂
Cayla Court
Cayla Court - 3 måneder siden
the shade in this video
Paige Wright
Paige Wright - 3 måneder siden
i need your champion jumper please tell me where it’s from!!xxx
Katie Ryan
Katie Ryan - 3 måneder siden
Lewys looks like terry out of a Cinderella story I CANT DEAL
ItzAlex - 3 måneder siden
Stacey Erkes
Stacey Erkes - 3 måneder siden
flossies outfit is the best
Amber Raw
Amber Raw - 3 måneder siden
Olivia outfit was so nice
Darcie Kennedy
Darcie Kennedy - 3 måneder siden
Ok . Ethical king
Lauren Barker
Lauren Barker - 3 måneder siden
olivia looks insane in that white shirt
abbie - 3 måneder siden
im in love with london olivia
shes confident shes vibing with her friends
i proceed to stan
Bella James
Bella James - 3 måneder siden
Met Hrvy one time after I’d fallen down an escalator after like the teen awards or something when I was like 15 lol 🙃
ItzAlex - 3 måneder siden
ummheylol 05
ummheylol 05 - 3 måneder siden
Lewys won this idc
Marsss_ Limelight
Marsss_ Limelight - 3 måneder siden
Lewis gives me willy wonker vibes lmao
Perdita McNally
Perdita McNally - 3 måneder siden
what shop is the green jumper that olivia bought for flossie called? xxx
Perdita McNally
Perdita McNally - 3 måneder siden
Ella Martin yesss she says the name of the shop but I can’t understand her accent when she says it x
Ella Martin
Ella Martin - 3 måneder siden
i wanna know this too!!!!
Candice Johnson
Candice Johnson - 3 måneder siden
Hello Francesca Fargo is that u???
Jas Bartlett
Jas Bartlett - 3 måneder siden
I rate Olivia's outfit for flossie so much though!! Should've won
Chloe W
Chloe W - 3 måneder siden
Lewis you are hilarious
Beth Rose
Beth Rose - 3 måneder siden
Lewis got the Edward Cullen vibes 😂
Rosie Mo
Rosie Mo - 3 måneder siden
As if I got a Starbucks ad 😂😂
z b
z b - 3 måneder siden
Okay spill the message you all were laughing at and please let us in on the tea ty ✨
Cacee Taylor
Cacee Taylor - 3 måneder siden
Is hrvy your brother? Xx
mailinda Ahmetaj
mailinda Ahmetaj - 3 måneder siden
I didn’t know you were friends with Harvey- 😂