clubbing routine | NYE

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coach just give me a sec give me a sec give me a sec to breAeaeaaaeth
insta- @_olivianeill
Runtime: 15:04


Landon -
Landon - - 19 dager siden
Living in her mind would be hell
alice gardner
alice gardner - 22 dager siden
what lip gloss shade is that x
Lauren Charlotte
Lauren Charlotte - Måned siden
1:39 is a mood😭😭😭
Kira Yoshikage with sandwich
Kira Yoshikage with sandwich - 2 måneder siden
0.75speed is better
Mascha Cenia
Mascha Cenia - 2 måneder siden
Olivia's mouth: do u wanna see some real speed bitch
Sophie Teje
Sophie Teje - 4 måneder siden
I wanna go clubbing with her
Kelly Tobin
Kelly Tobin - 4 måneder siden
CEO of dresses more like CEO of knowing every meme
h e rose
h e rose - 4 måneder siden
does anyone know where her jumper in the intro is from please????
mya page
mya page - 4 måneder siden
The first video ive watched of her and she is so relatable i dont understand where i have been like she is soooo funny
Shalyn V
Shalyn V - 4 måneder siden
I wish I had some friends to go out with
ki wi
ki wi - 4 måneder siden
Oh ffs this drama queen keeps showing up in my feed now 😫
Tina Pearce
Tina Pearce - 4 måneder siden
Love her accent 😍
Alexis Richards
Alexis Richards - 4 måneder siden
Where are your fake AirPods from x
Holly Whitehouse
Holly Whitehouse - 4 måneder siden
Ngl rlly like Olivia and her vids but like... y does she friend sayyy Everything CHECKKKKK. And always singing like just sayinggg LY OLIVA XD
Lauren Stewart
Lauren Stewart - 5 måneder siden
Drop that pasta recipe!
Katy Lindsay
Katy Lindsay - 5 måneder siden
sayin b x
Toj’e Rose
Toj’e Rose - 5 måneder siden
She’s a fasting talking girl who is always quoting memes, may or may not have ADHD (me too) and being cringy, and she’s pretty?!

I’m subscribing ✌🏾😗 RN ngl
L. M. Silveira
L. M. Silveira - 5 måneder siden
Oh, minha bela grande amiga, este vídeo está sensacional. Como você me motiva com sua juventude e criatividade! Olívia, sou seu fã. Bjos
Wilta Gabriel
Wilta Gabriel - 5 måneder siden
I love ur hair :))
Islarose Hallett
Islarose Hallett - 5 måneder siden
U should do a meet and great in Ballyshannon
Islarose Hallett
Islarose Hallett - 5 måneder siden
Omg I live in Ballyshannon in Donegal ❤️
abbee wright
abbee wright - 5 måneder siden
didnt show the shoes 😢
William Walshe
William Walshe - 5 måneder siden
If this was really her routine where are all the black guys she's phoning before she goes out.
Charlotte Pleasants
Charlotte Pleasants - 5 måneder siden
Hahah watch it with subtitles the poor robots can’t understand a word she’s saying
CC - 6 måneder siden
The red dress is giving me major Cher from Clueless vibes! Git it gurl
Roxene Onipa
Roxene Onipa - 6 måneder siden
you spoke quickly girl but i love that
Ava Fitzgerald
Ava Fitzgerald - 6 måneder siden
Her debate on what to wear is me everyday
Evie Mangan
Evie Mangan - 6 måneder siden
Your personality is my fav thing honestly 😌
lucy olliff
lucy olliff - 6 måneder siden
I use jam jars as glasses too aha
holly aird
holly aird - 6 måneder siden
Ruby Martin
Ruby Martin - 6 måneder siden
Dis not a hate comment but I had to play this slow mode try it it's way better
Maura and Louisa O Donnell
Maura and Louisa O Donnell - 6 måneder siden
Donegal check lol I'm from Donegal lol
Caoimhe Lalwor
Caoimhe Lalwor - 6 måneder siden
Where are her dresses frommmm❤️
Lana 99666
Lana 99666 - 6 måneder siden
she said in the vid they were from urban outfitters x
Anastasija Vukalo
Anastasija Vukalo - 6 måneder siden
you kind of look like loren gray
Imi - 6 måneder siden
Anyone know what to use to edit YouTube videos??
Erin Nicholson
Erin Nicholson - 6 måneder siden
Anyone know what shade the can’t lipgloss is??
ice man
ice man - 6 måneder siden
I bet you guys have tried watching her video on 2x
lucy - 7 måneder siden
sis just looking out for u... in the footage you recorded on your phone for the ad... your 4g was on
kaitlyn davison
kaitlyn davison - 7 måneder siden
speak slower
Mairead Moynihan
Mairead Moynihan - 7 måneder siden
wait... are you actually related to Jamie Dornan ?
Nathalie Sun
Nathalie Sun - 7 måneder siden
I miss your brown hair:(
Krystine Prado
Krystine Prado - 7 måneder siden
wheres the black jacket from? xx
Iman Azamx
Iman Azamx - 8 måneder siden
Every other you tubers description: blah blah blah blah blah all tha,t bearing stuff

Olivia : give me a sec to breatheeeee
Rachel Reid
Rachel Reid - 8 måneder siden
The fact people actually put this in .75 speed has me dead 💀
simab - 8 måneder siden
NYE : yEsS 2020 amazing stuff coronavirus : hey hey how yall doing so we’re just gonna mess this up asap rocky
Sarah - 8 måneder siden
Don’t do extensions please!
You’re hair is beautiful it would be damaged after that 🥴💗
Ririlarov - 8 måneder siden
my aerodynamics are at their peak hahahahahaha creased
Olive Endacott
Olive Endacott - 8 måneder siden
This girl needs more views😂😂
amelia hislop
amelia hislop - 8 måneder siden
"tIgGeR aRe YoU oK?!"
Leona Sharma
Leona Sharma - 8 måneder siden
stop straightening ur hair use a SERUM or a leave-in conditioner PLS
official rebekahkah
official rebekahkah - 8 måneder siden
i think you are my new favourite i cannot with you lmfao
Lily Gray
Lily Gray - 9 måneder siden
Idontwanttotalktoyouanymore - 9 måneder siden
Why was everyone testing her
Helena Newport
Helena Newport - 9 måneder siden
Miss you
Sophie M
Sophie M - 9 måneder siden
3:45 "it's currently available in the US, CA" 🤭😌 do you mean Canada? Because I always think of CA is California
Mia - 9 måneder siden
Sophie M. California is in US, so what’s the point of saying “US and California “ ?
dafne macchiavello
dafne macchiavello - 9 måneder siden
she talk too much
Natalia Martz
Natalia Martz - 9 måneder siden
uh I just came across this video and oh I'm so happy because your personality is just so likable I had to subscribe!!!!!
Anayah Diaz
Anayah Diaz - 9 måneder siden
I watch her videos all the time and is always talking about a pre. Can someone explain please
sofia leoni peters
sofia leoni peters - 5 måneder siden
like drinking before u go out at someone’s house xx
Adam Abbou
Adam Abbou - 9 måneder siden
I’m not kidding you have made me spit out my drink a good ten times hahahahahah your so funny and stunning at the same time x
D D - 9 måneder siden
The fact that slowing down the speed of the video sounds like she’s talking normal 😹
Jorja - 9 måneder siden
Where did you get that dressing gown from love it 💞
Emily Lawson
Emily Lawson - 9 måneder siden
Where is the silver dress from?
peggy ferguson
peggy ferguson - 9 måneder siden
no one...olivia:__________CHECKKKKK
Amanda Kranz
Amanda Kranz - 9 måneder siden
She’s talking at JoJo Siwa speed
aimee wood
aimee wood - 9 måneder siden
You speak too much
Mauricio Palermo
Mauricio Palermo - 9 måneder siden
my high school daughter also got her own routine when she's going out too, literally she takes 2 hours to leave the house
ainsleyvant - 9 måneder siden
wait what happened to her freckles
lillybellexx - 9 måneder siden
it really upsets me how pretty you are
Kayla Hinojosa
Kayla Hinojosa - 9 måneder siden
i love your videos lol but i have to watch at .75 to understand haha
Lillyana Young
Lillyana Young - 9 måneder siden
I read a comment of someone saying they put her in a slower speed to understand her better so I finished the normal video and then replayed it in a slower speed and came to the fantastic conclusion her fast talking make it so much more fun and relatable! 😂
Amora Taylor
Amora Taylor - 10 måneder siden
I'm literally 1:30 in and I feel as if I'm looking into my own brain. If that makes sense.
Bianca K
Bianca K - 10 måneder siden
All I heard throughout this vlog was “Imma Manchester girl don’t play me”
eve theobold
eve theobold - 4 måneder siden
she’s northern irish though? which is a completely different country and accent to a manchester accent? confused
ashley - 10 måneder siden
Isabella Tripang
Isabella Tripang - 10 måneder siden
Where is she from ? U seem to have a Irish accent ?
ashley - 10 måneder siden
Isabella Tripang yes she irish
Probably reading my name
Probably reading my name - 10 måneder siden
Se - 10 måneder siden
cant believe her pace
Peter Barnaby Gee
Peter Barnaby Gee - 10 måneder siden
are u doing the ib?
Melissa Stone
Melissa Stone - 10 måneder siden
Jess xo
Jess xo - 10 måneder siden
im obsessed with your accent
Frog Whore
Frog Whore - 10 måneder siden
I understand her lmao whys everyone so whiny
Megan Calvin
Megan Calvin - 10 måneder siden
Like jeez slow down sir
Megan Calvin
Megan Calvin - 10 måneder siden
She talks so fast
Lily Roberts
Lily Roberts - 10 måneder siden
this video is chaos 4579075 and i love it
chelsey dixon
chelsey dixon - 10 måneder siden
Of course you look stunning but seriously, if I woke up looking like you, i would definitely not be wearing it 😅
chelsey dixon
chelsey dixon - 10 måneder siden
Of course you look stunning but seriously, if I woke up looking like you, i would definitely not be wearing it 😅
charlotte hearsey
charlotte hearsey - 10 måneder siden
Caroline Arrowsmith
Caroline Arrowsmith - 10 måneder siden
Lmao I shower like that too, it’s like 2 minutes or half an hour nothing in between
Verde Palo
Verde Palo - 10 måneder siden
The catfish lady's cannot fool everyone, awareness on this subject is growing.
Anna - 10 måneder siden
fuck i really have to concentrate to understand what you're saying
OPHELIE JOB - 10 måneder siden
What’s your snap?
CatcHoi - 10 måneder siden
Holy, this is my first time watching you, i love your accent lol
Paige Banas
Paige Banas - 10 måneder siden
You talk so fast but I like it 😂
Flo Rosie
Flo Rosie - 10 måneder siden
Post more often !
Flo Rosie
Flo Rosie - 10 måneder siden
What’s her snap
Aria Peterson
Aria Peterson - 10 måneder siden
You look like a younger Lottie Tomlinson like before all the plastic surgery
Nuka Fizz
Nuka Fizz - 10 måneder siden
Talk really fast
Khlo Xox
Khlo Xox - 10 måneder siden
She talks so fast and I love it
cas - 10 måneder siden
girl you talk so fucking FAST HOLY FUCK AHAHAHS
KitKat - 10 måneder siden
I just had a seizure watching this
Claire Voschezang
Claire Voschezang - 10 måneder siden
you're face is so yellow