everything i did to prepare for holiday

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boop bochu whatcha gon do
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Issy McCarter
Issy McCarter - Måned siden
this be my comfort video
Maisi Ann
Maisi Ann - 3 måneder siden
Loving you is easy cause you lovleyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Caitlin Johnston
Caitlin Johnston - 3 måneder siden
Ready, ready okay yup no no no no okay ready ready nope
Jag Girl
Jag Girl - 3 måneder siden
Got to be 18 or 19!.
Aaah, the we are all grown-up days. I miss them..
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones - 4 måneder siden
marry me please
Lol Ok
Lol Ok - 5 måneder siden
Like for united ireland
katie morgan
katie morgan - 5 måneder siden
audio ouch
Amey Purcell
Amey Purcell - 5 måneder siden
Seen you in the airport lol was too afraid to say hello 😔😭
Paige Durling
Paige Durling - 5 måneder siden
If my family didn’t live in Northern Ireland I wouldn’t understand anything you say😭😭
Ellie Lundy
Ellie Lundy - 6 måneder siden
Anastasia Perciun
Anastasia Perciun - 6 måneder siden
Please please please don't go in tanning beds. It causes cancer. So yes u might die tanned but ur gonna die tanned at age 20.
Florence B
Florence B - 6 måneder siden
I have a teacher who’s a guy from where u live and I watch your videos and he runs through my mind because of the accent. LoVE iT
Caoimhe Sutcliffe
Caoimhe Sutcliffe - 6 måneder siden
Do you live in 🇨🇮 cos I do
Cocaina X
Cocaina X - 6 måneder siden
I’ve binged watched every single video😢 and now I’m thriving
lucy - 6 måneder siden
Come live in Dublin with us yea xx
Charlotte O'Grady
Charlotte O'Grady - 7 måneder siden
now i might be wrong but i’m from galway ireland (rep) but we never burn or put shit in bonfires about the north so idk why they do it to us
rae - 7 måneder siden
omg ur literally my favourite person on this earth ur hilarious😂
Kali Muir
Kali Muir - 8 måneder siden
Like I’m not northern Irish but my family is from shank hill road so I’ll let you work that out
D P - 8 måneder siden
For a split second 10:15 thought she was in her sunbed no. 3
Paula Salomons
Paula Salomons - 8 måneder siden
girl you need to slow down. its hard to watch this way.
- just-anothergachaYT -
- just-anothergachaYT - - 9 måneder siden
I’m going on holidays in 4 months I think I’m a bit prepared I’ve already packed😂
Demi Roberts
Demi Roberts - 9 måneder siden
LiamIsTheBestx - 9 måneder siden
Gays illegal.
Jess Mac
Jess Mac - 10 måneder siden
Not a lot of ppl understand her, I’m not Irish but I’m Scottish so I understand because our accents are kinda similar
Estelle Boo
Estelle Boo - 10 måneder siden
Is....northern Ireland ok?? Like the US isn’t ok by any means so who am I to say anything
Estelle Boo
Estelle Boo - 6 måneder siden
molly bartley like when she was saying gay marriage and abortion was illegal and stuff
Murph05 Xxx
Murph05 Xxx - 7 måneder siden
Estelle Boo abortion and gay marriage is legal now but we still v sectarian
janie b
janie b - 10 måneder siden
Madeleine Nestunk
Madeleine Nestunk - 10 måneder siden
Why is her foundation yellow tho?
Megan Williamson
Megan Williamson - 10 måneder siden
you are the most relatable YouTuber I swear 💗
Ludi - 10 måneder siden
hastag ur number one fan
hastag i'm shy
Swalalala - 10 måneder siden
Yall out here like scared for her safety cause she doing sun beds but I shit you not in NI it’s literally a drug everyone does them-
geometricbass - 10 måneder siden
Words cannot express how unnecessary and off putting the makeup at 8:48 is. You look fantastic without all that sludge.
bro random
bro random - 10 måneder siden
please stop making me laugh, i have a face mask on
ri - 10 måneder siden
oh my god you’re so brown remember your raging skin cancer sun bed days lmfao good times
Danika Reuzenaar
Danika Reuzenaar - 10 måneder siden
Grace Millar
Grace Millar - 11 måneder siden
Did she use sudocrem as hair removal cream?
Murph05 Xxx
Murph05 Xxx - 7 måneder siden
Grace Millar no nair
James Hynds
James Hynds - 11 måneder siden
:Olivia: “I’d rather die tanned “
India Townsend
India Townsend - 11 måneder siden
Where’s your tan from
Maddie Morris
Maddie Morris - 11 måneder siden
no one-
olivia- has a whole bunch of guy friends
Natasha Ferraro
Natasha Ferraro - 11 måneder siden
I am literally having a shit day being an emotional bitch and I’m binging watching you and i feel so much better xoxoxo
Willow•• Simone
Willow•• Simone - 11 måneder siden
gets a tan and then puts on fondation 20x too light ;) i dont get it shes so retty
Andrea Vintage
Andrea Vintage - 11 måneder siden
Also heat the wax strip under your boobs before using them and keep rubbing them whilst on it works I was the same as you my first time using them x
Andrea Vintage
Andrea Vintage - 11 måneder siden
Ill wife you!! You’re hilarious! What is the shaving thing you use in your face?
Emily Hearn
Emily Hearn - 11 måneder siden
Pls help a girl out n check out my new youtube video tanks :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1hZK3iZXC4&t=5s
Zarah D
Zarah D - 11 måneder siden
there was no good evening at the star of the vid
Lily Holley
Lily Holley - 11 måneder siden
I literally LOVE YOU
Gill - 11 måneder siden
Trying too hard to get a laugh.
India Paterson
India Paterson - År siden
1. Your accent is the best 2. You crack me up 3. You are seriously gorgeous and I can’t deal. Xx from Australia
Joe Newman
Joe Newman - År siden
u r so tidy man
chocolatechipkookie - År siden
why does Olivia kind of look like Alyssa from the end of the fing world
tan tan
tan tan - År siden
3:25 iconic summary of northern ireland rules
Oopsies - År siden
Was that Tesco Springhill?
Isaa Aaa
Isaa Aaa - År siden
No you look so nice with the tan and eyelashes. You really glowed u don’t even need makeup now, even before u didn’t but now even more
katie georgia
katie georgia - År siden
how long does she use sun beds for???
gideon griffith
gideon griffith - År siden
no stop people who arent from hear r gonna be so confused ugh hate it here especially when ur gay
Sarah Sophie
Sarah Sophie - År siden
how is that song in the end called
Simply Sacia
Simply Sacia - År siden
what camera did u get?
Charlotte H
Charlotte H - År siden
K but your figure is literally goals idk what you're going on about
slowtony - År siden
ItzKeisha sent me here. She is so right. You are smart and fun and delightfully unfiltered (well, lightly filtered, with a wink). It surely doesn't hurt to have a sense of style and look terrific. Comparisons with other YouTubers are wrong. You are unique. Your comments about 16th century Northern Ireland seem spot on. I'm an old guy, hearing about the troubles from afar in the USA. I've never been able to comprehend it. What is hard is that you seem to have a wonderful family in a problematic place. Keep on being your upbeat self. It's the best tool you've got to fight the craziness.
lola saul
lola saul - År siden
olivia please stop looking so pretty and tan, ur persuading me to go to a fucking sunbed.
clem w
clem w - År siden
yes, sun beds aren't the best option but they are less harmful than they use to be
Amber Mullahy
Amber Mullahy - År siden
Her car looks so cool! Can anyone tell what type of car it is just from the inside?
martha - År siden
aldi is better than tesco but lidl = shite
Kristin Rutherford
Kristin Rutherford - År siden
had no idea that Ireland was so this bad
lulu sirl
lulu sirl - År siden
is that y she has a lot of freckles coz of the sun bed
orli cranston
orli cranston - År siden
after i watch your transformation videos i get ads come up nfor male grooming
Lauren McCulloch
Lauren McCulloch - År siden
i do sunbeds too ✌️✌️
M C - År siden
just a positive advise...Im from Europe, and I try to understand all that you said in english but you talk so fast that I have no chance...hehe have a nice week! enjoy holidays
nataline - År siden
Lmao “My Penis”
Kira - År siden
probably the funniest person on yt
Rochelle Green
Rochelle Green - År siden
Hahahahah literally so weird I woke up with blood all over my retainers as well from them digging into my gums🥴
L C - År siden
I’m probs ur the only person from Belfast who watch’s u
Abbie McMillan
Abbie McMillan - År siden
your description of Northern Ireland is so accurate xo
Molly Montross
Molly Montross - År siden
Olivia tanning beds give you SKIN CANCERRRRRRRRRR. and sun spots 🥰
NPG123 - År siden
What do you use on your teeth 😍😍😍
n00ms LiFTS
n00ms LiFTS - År siden
Be my wife plz thx
Joshua Grant
Joshua Grant - År siden
Hi I’m Josh from Edinburgh but from Belfast and would wife you in 3 seconds. This sounds like I’m a creepy Arab man or something but honestly I swear I’m cool. There is really not an easy way to say to someone that you’d wife them so I feel this was really strange of me but like shoot your shot so whatever. I’m actual talking shite now but my Instagram is Joshua.grantt or just cause I’m feeling risky 07795934950. Ya yeet.
Lia Robertson
Lia Robertson - År siden
am i the only one who understands her because i’m scottish and we have such a similar accent haha ❤️
Ann Marie C
Ann Marie C - År siden
The Irish emma chamberlain
SAMIA - År siden
Hey babes what colour is ur hair? Like exact colour?
Caoimhe Fleming
Caoimhe Fleming - År siden
Your eyes are so pretty
Shaziq Rashidi
Shaziq Rashidi - År siden
I do indeed want to wife you
June - År siden
I’m American and can barely understand her but I keep watching...content
Lyla Lee
Lyla Lee - År siden
yall get to party hardy at such a young age and I'm here for it omggggg
Grace Pazski
Grace Pazski - 6 måneder siden
Lyla Lee in ireland you usually start drinking properly at 16. But from age 8 most parents allow kids to have bucks fizz( a soda with a small amount of alcohol) at Christmas time
lara - År siden
why are you even harder to understand than usual in this video
Veronika Bro
Veronika Bro - År siden
My only question is why did she put sudocream on the areas she went to shave or wax or whatever, like I wanna do it too someone explain this pls
Nickel Beck
Nickel Beck - År siden
Saw a metal straw at 1:20 and now I’m clicking offfff
HereitsZara - År siden
I actually think its unfair how many views you get but then the little amount of subscribers you have
Sophia Huth
Sophia Huth - År siden
She looks like lottie Tomlinson but natural
Tay Mac
Tay Mac - År siden
“I’m gonna die someday, I’d rather die tan” I screamed 😂
Tegan M
Tegan M - År siden
I’ve only been here like a minute and I’m already 8 videos deep... I’m a full grown adult I have responsibilities but I can’t stop 😂
ORLA - År siden
What camera do u use?
ORLA - År siden
I'm so proud that I can understand you even though I'm from Galway
Emily Anne
Emily Anne - År siden
she played a fiddle in an irish band.... *runs away*
Sophie Freeman
Sophie Freeman - År siden
Hehe you probably get this a lot but you’re just like the girls from Derry Girls! I love the show so I mean that as a compliment!
Samantha Hart
Samantha Hart - År siden
I’ve never come across someone who looks soooo much better without makeup. Like you’re hot regardless but soooo stunning w no makeup. It’s not fair
Jade featherston
Jade featherston - År siden
Are these random dates... holidays? I’m so confused what’s significant about the twelfth?
Elle Gilmore
Elle Gilmore - År siden
Jade featherston its a commemoration for william of orange defeating a catholic king
Emily - År siden
Thought I’d help you out hun xoxox https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuUG8SKxrXg&feature=share
Deobihoe - År siden
I live in Asia so I’m used to the eastern standards of beauty so I will never understand wanting to be tan
Ella Lynch
Ella Lynch - År siden
I love your voice! Ahhhhhhhh
Darlo Rapgods
Darlo Rapgods - År siden
How does she get on sun beds if she’s 16/17 I’m confused
ellie stylinson
ellie stylinson - År siden
how old is she ??