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f.obey00 - Måned siden
i felt this on a whole new level 🥶should’ve seen my in the bathroom with the pink legs, scared to death 💀 trying to rub that shit off with a towel (try and see how that works for yourself) thought i quickly just get my legs real smooth before i go into the pool with the others- well i made it out alive just so ya know an hour later i got to have fun in the pool with not pink legs they were more of a rosa tone 👍nice AND half a year later i thought i would fight my fears tried that shit again in my face and i think you can guess the rest- not mentioning the one time i tried the f sugar paste thing 💀
Hollywood Girl Ecommerce
Hollywood Girl Ecommerce - 2 måneder siden
Hot Italy
Nicola Mcguinness
Nicola Mcguinness - 3 måneder siden
Drip along daffy 1951
Estelle Stenhouse
Estelle Stenhouse - 3 måneder siden
Why dint you just use that razor thing that u used on ur face for ur arms xx
Zoe Hannah
Zoe Hannah - 3 måneder siden
is this actually her first video? She seems so confident and says "time for another video" ?? just confused is all xx luv u olivia
M Lynch
M Lynch - 3 måneder siden
No she made like three videos before but she deleted them a while ago
Cara Islay
Cara Islay - 4 måneder siden
Katie Cads
Katie Cads - 4 måneder siden
Crying actual tears watching you wax your arms in the face mask 😭
Sophie Teje
Sophie Teje - 4 måneder siden
I literally watch this pretending like I haven’t already watched it about 10 times
yellow purple
yellow purple - 4 måneder siden
it's sad, you look way better without the tan, you just don't see it.
Yee Haw
Yee Haw - 4 måneder siden
She really has had a glow up
Genna and Jaxon Buckmaster
Genna and Jaxon Buckmaster - 4 måneder siden
what do you use to edit your videos ? x
also anyone else here in 2020 ? haha
Holly Whitehouse
Holly Whitehouse - 4 måneder siden
Berry Bruce
Berry Bruce - 5 måneder siden
You look so different
Honey. Wj
Honey. Wj - 5 måneder siden
Am I the only one that doesn’t here her accent until I think about it and listens hard
Rhiana Mc Colgan
Rhiana Mc Colgan - 6 måneder siden
Draco malfoy is not ice grey he was bleach blonde, don’t disrespect my man ❤️😂😂
ohwellwhateverr - 6 måneder siden
Why the fuck would you wax your arms ew give the arm hair some love
IsabellaxCatherine - 5 måneder siden
She can do what she wants lol
Holly Granton
Holly Granton - 7 måneder siden
olivia wtf ur stunnin
Samsam HARERI - 7 måneder siden
the arm wax had me wheezing
Sophie Craig
Sophie Craig - 7 måneder siden
Where’s your dress from xx
freya horner
freya horner - 7 måneder siden
AHHHHHH olivia. this was one year ago. one year since i first started watching you, and you still always produce good content. congrats & love you ❤️
Niamh McLean
Niamh McLean - 7 måneder siden
I am rewatching this video and honestly when she is waxing her arms it is honestly the funniest thing and I had forgotten how funny it was
Hayley - Måned siden
Im watching this after watching her newest video years later she's filing her arms like "look how hairy I am. This is what i get for waxing."
maddie - 2 måneder siden
i’m hysterical rn
Akacia Preedy
Akacia Preedy - 6 måneder siden
I’m in stitches 😭
DB9 - 7 måneder siden
I’m dying from it
Jodie LC
Jodie LC - 7 måneder siden
Anyone else here 1 year later :)
Saskia Stella Rogers
Saskia Stella Rogers - 7 måneder siden
Amelie - 7 måneder siden
oml olivia you're so quieter in this awww
Pilar Gomes
Pilar Gomes - 8 måneder siden
Your makeup was so pretty! Girl you slayed! Love you sis ❤️❤️
Aimee Gardner
Aimee Gardner - 8 måneder siden
your supposed to rip the wax strips really hard, not peel them like that ;')
Stell_ Mul
Stell_ Mul - 8 måneder siden
Ilyssssssssssssssssssssssssssssm. Pls respond
Soph.I.C - 8 måneder siden
Girl upload more, you're awesome
Skye Jenkins-p
Skye Jenkins-p - 8 måneder siden
I'm loving the formal dress where did you get this ?? 🖤
Rachael Seaborne
Rachael Seaborne - 9 måneder siden
When you’re waxing your arms I literally couldn’t breathe or see because I was laughing so hard
Emily Darroch
Emily Darroch - 10 måneder siden
You look so bizzare (still pretty!) without a tan
Alice Penny
Alice Penny - 10 måneder siden
Where is your dress from xx
Georgia lay
Georgia lay - 10 måneder siden
What teeth whitening do you use please !!!!!!!!
Katy Breen
Katy Breen - 6 måneder siden
Georgia lay not sure what she used here but now she uses hi smile
Gayathri Mohan
Gayathri Mohan - 10 måneder siden
literally choked on my pasta when she waxed her arms lmaoooo
F4T4LFUS1ON - 10 måneder siden
You looked like a coke bottle in that dress! We love our slim thicc queen!!
Nevaeh Lee
Nevaeh Lee - 10 måneder siden
Toes r grim 🤢🤢
Marisa Kruppa
Marisa Kruppa - 10 måneder siden
Jessica Walker
Jessica Walker - 10 måneder siden
watch from 2:27 onwards you're welcome :)
Jessica Walker
Jessica Walker - 10 måneder siden
Oliva Neil is my spirit animal
Jessica Walker
Jessica Walker - 10 måneder siden
oliva waxing her arms has me CACKLING
Aoife c
Aoife c - 10 måneder siden
crying laughing at the wax strips
Saleena Y
Saleena Y - 10 måneder siden
The arm waxing/peeling 😂😂😂😂😂
Sinead Barrett
Sinead Barrett - 11 måneder siden
Where’s the dress from😍
Sara Eriksmoen
Sara Eriksmoen - 11 måneder siden
Elinor Davies
Elinor Davies - 11 måneder siden
When she tried to wax her arms 😂creasing
folosity Johnson in
folosity Johnson in - 11 måneder siden
Where do you get the razor from?
Chow' Cola
Chow' Cola - 11 måneder siden
Looking like lottie tomlinson back in the days
Heiðdís Ósk Geirsdóttir
Heiðdís Ósk Geirsdóttir - 11 måneder siden
You have to rip the wax strip from the other side like always against the way your bodyhair grows
pixiesliz - 11 måneder siden
321 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Andrea Vintage
Andrea Vintage - År siden
Warm the wax strips first hun they will work better and hurt less rub them up and down before taking them off. Also what’s the razor you used called?!
Dearbhail Cassidy
Dearbhail Cassidy - År siden
When you put you hand up and the dog was on your hand😂😂
Marie-Christin Kohl
Marie-Christin Kohl - År siden
Why did you waxed your arms.. like?!???!
Lucy - År siden
I just sat there wheezing at the arm waxing
I literally just paused it and laughed.
Teija Brozic
Teija Brozic - År siden
The fact that she drives a manual car😍
Teija Brozic
Teija Brozic - 11 måneder siden
Alannah Mae really ? I’m from Australia and it’s very rare to drive manual cars
H - 11 måneder siden
Teija Brozic hahah what!? Is this not normal? Everyone drives manual in the uk
evie - År siden
what teeth whitening stuff do u use x
Izzie Woodhead
Izzie Woodhead - År siden
i cry laughed when you waxed your arms lmao hlep
Georgia - År siden
what teeth whitening stuff do u use pls x
Lisa Twomey
Lisa Twomey - År siden
derryyyyyy girls
hannah chequer
hannah chequer - År siden
1:54 is it just me or do my lips look really red? LIP TINTTT
Darkolic - År siden
She looks like Roxy jet from Clare’s sims
Chloe Jane Cox
Chloe Jane Cox - År siden
whats it like to be this pretty
Mieka Busch
Mieka Busch - År siden
Haven’t laughed this much in so long. thank you.
Amelia Gibbs
Amelia Gibbs - År siden
where did you get your dress?
Zuzanna Poniedzialek
Zuzanna Poniedzialek - År siden
not being rude but does she have a sickness or something or is that just the way she normally acts cause im new here x
UK-ALPHADOG - År siden
cock fish? lmao that even a thing?:|
mia cardwell
mia cardwell - År siden
I’ve never laughed so much in my life
Siobhan X
Siobhan X - År siden
Watching this again a year later after ur new formal vid and you’ve changes sm 😍🥺
Chantel Parton
Chantel Parton - År siden
Where is this dress from? 😍
sarshasays - År siden
where is your formal dress from !! xxxx
Lillie-Paige Hewitt-Toko
cut the wax strips into 3 for waxing arms long strips take too much effort to put smaller ones comes of so much easier n dont hurt so much
Evie Butler
Evie Butler - År siden
her eyes are amazing 😍
Jade T
Jade T - År siden
You look like Samantha rahvandal
sydneybriahna - År siden
Is anyone gonna catch this bitch for literally copying Antonio Garza #yourecancelledsweetie
abby - År siden
You need to tear the wax strips in the opposite direction lol
Julia Costa
Julia Costa - År siden
You look so much like Louis’ sister
Jessie-Mae Ennis
Jessie-Mae Ennis - År siden
I just find it funny how she thinks she needs to get fit and glow up
Laurel. Sinclair
Laurel. Sinclair - År siden
Yer Yee 🤠🤠🤠
Leanne Reilly
Leanne Reilly - År siden
I love your hair, it's gorgeous! Are you from northern ireland?
Hannah Barden
Hannah Barden - År siden
where did you get your dress from x
Alice Rowley
Alice Rowley - År siden
you look so gorgeous with make up on you look so different
lara - År siden
i’m literally CRYING the way your wax strips slowly rolled off
alyssa reiss
alyssa reiss - År siden
ohwellwhateverr - 6 måneder siden
Yeet yeet Yeet yeet
Yeet yeet Yeet yeet - 8 måneder siden
A R don’t compare to her to those disgraceful people
Eden Roberts
Eden Roberts - År siden
i can safely say i have nicer toes than olivia neill
Saoirse O Brien
Saoirse O Brien - År siden
The way u just peeled the wax strip off I’m literally dyinggggg🤣🤣🤣🤣
beth scott
beth scott - År siden
The Irish Antonio garza
millsie things
millsie things - År siden
Andrea Forde
Andrea Forde - År siden
*Omg shes so like Antonio garza !!!*
Alisha R
Alisha R - År siden
What the fuck why did you pull the wax strip off so slowly I’m dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lorena L
Lorena L - År siden
Olivia: it brings out my eyes
SIS it hides your eyes who dis
May Bullough
May Bullough - År siden
3:25 had me ded
Alix Schneider
Alix Schneider - År siden
when you said 3, 2, 1.. it's the same. DEAD.
HereitsZara - År siden
I love how this is literally the reality of grwm
Kelly Summers
Kelly Summers - År siden
loving the theme tune reminds of old school sims game , just saying that, makes me old! x
Is it really an Olivia Neil video if she doesn’t quote a vine
amytashr - År siden
Are you in year 12 or 13?
Ashley R
Ashley R - År siden
What is your hair color? What did you ask for at the salon? I love it
Lozzy McDozzy
Lozzy McDozzy - År siden
Why is everything she says iconic
Holly Foyle
Holly Foyle - År siden
hhahahahahahah the wax strips on the arms i acc died at u in the face mask
Meg Quinn
Meg Quinn - År siden
When using those wax strips on your arm, if you read the box instructions you weren’t supposed to rub them
Daryn Brachfeld
Daryn Brachfeld - År siden