giving my room a makeover

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i have a basketball game tomorrow
insta - @_olivianeill
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Sajina Ashraf
Sajina Ashraf - 9 dager siden
I can't understand
Sajina Ashraf
Sajina Ashraf - 9 dager siden
She is fast taking 😂
ღ ğ ã b î ღ
ღ ğ ã b î ღ - Måned siden
Oml- I luv your voice! 👑😍
Salina Sharma
Salina Sharma - 2 måneder siden
Your soo preety and I love your voice too💕🌼uwu
Emily. Xox
Emily. Xox - 2 måneder siden
Weird question but where is your mirror from in this video x
Maisi Ann
Maisi Ann - 3 måneder siden
I'm slim shady all you other slim shadyes are just...
(Carry it on lol)
BenLook ALike
BenLook ALike - 3 måneder siden
i have the same bed and im irish :O
Jag Girl
Jag Girl - 3 måneder siden
Love your room.
Hate the lights.
Please don't be a sheep...
mohamed issa
mohamed issa - 4 måneder siden
your room is goalllssss
macapaz_ 88
macapaz_ 88 - 4 måneder siden
Oliviathon in quarantine what else would u be doing
Ava Sims
Ava Sims - 4 måneder siden
Your my new favourite youtuber
Millie H
Millie H - 5 måneder siden
omg anyone watching a year on ?? like exactly to the day or later x
leah rae x
leah rae x - 5 måneder siden
Accidentally clicked on this on the 1 year anniversary 😅
grace holdsworth
grace holdsworth - 5 måneder siden
what are the romper stomper shoes??? ❣️❣️❣️
Lola WD
Lola WD - 5 måneder siden
can someone tell me where her orange sweatshirt is from because i need it
Eva McGimpsey
Eva McGimpsey - 6 måneder siden
Any one else binge watching Olivia’s videos in quarantine
Elle Sorenson
Elle Sorenson - 6 måneder siden
Your makeup looks so pretty
Sophie Clarke
Sophie Clarke - 6 måneder siden
You literally make my day hahahaha
Safire Leah
Safire Leah - 6 måneder siden
Isn’t weird how back in the 2010s, fairy lights and Polaroid pictures on a string hung by pegs was a thing. And now it’s blue LED lights from TikTok 😂x
Aiesha Begum
Aiesha Begum - 6 måneder siden
What’s going to be next...
Leanne Storm
Leanne Storm - 6 måneder siden
where did ya get the LED lights x
nicole siva
nicole siva - 6 måneder siden
wheres ur bed from
Amelia Robertson
Amelia Robertson - 7 måneder siden
Olivia you should just change the orientation of your room and hange the way it looks
Noor Khalid
Noor Khalid - 7 måneder siden
i really am out here watching all of olivia's videos in lockdown haha
orla hawthorne
orla hawthorne - 7 måneder siden
Here before you get big, just found you and I’m in love with you and your videos 🥰🥰 I’m Irish too!
jemima jones
jemima jones - 6 måneder siden
She's already a really big NOburn tho
Grace Rodgers
Grace Rodgers - 7 måneder siden
U from Armagh r where hahah
erin maree
erin maree - 7 måneder siden
were are your shoes from? x
Kayla-louise - 7 måneder siden
I love your accent 💕
Ruth - 7 måneder siden
Why tf r people disliking this video she’s a fuckin mood and a fuckin specimen. Like no joke she is so pretty and I love her accent and she’s so relatable and ye I could go on forever. She’s getting me through corona rn so u disers need to like understand how much time and effort she puts in and u r just disliking! Why!
Charley Leathem
Charley Leathem - 7 måneder siden
When you watch one of her videos from 8 months ago and she doesn’t act funny or silly x
Melissa Stone
Melissa Stone - 8 måneder siden
PLSSSS tell me where you got those led lights from I’m trying to get some but I don’t wanna get the wrong ones 😫
Paula Puerta Martínez
Paula Puerta Martínez - 8 måneder siden
soooo. Hi i'm from spain and if you talk that fast i can't understand at alllllllll. thank youuuuuu
agnes - 8 måneder siden
8:50 that's my favourite part. that's it.
Alanoud's D
Alanoud's D - 8 måneder siden
3:49 name song?
Naoimh O Connor
Naoimh O Connor - 8 måneder siden
What do you use to tan your face.
Natalia Martz
Natalia Martz - 9 måneder siden
you are like a pretty more outgoing Australian or whatever it is you are version of Emma chamberlain
Annabel Johnson
Annabel Johnson - 9 måneder siden
When u were dancing an messing around in IKEA that got me omdddd😂😂😂
Leah Travers
Leah Travers - 9 måneder siden
What bed did u get x
Kabrea69 - 9 måneder siden
I love you, but you use too much liquid concealer. try using a little less
elisabeth chilas
elisabeth chilas - 9 måneder siden
What car do you have?
Isla xox
Isla xox - 9 måneder siden
yay u and me have the same accent
H Zone 7
H Zone 7 - 10 måneder siden
Ur so funny 😂
Saoirse Mc carra
Saoirse Mc carra - 10 måneder siden
Watching this in 2020 ... whopps
Sara Lamb
Sara Lamb - 10 måneder siden
irish antonio garza
Leah Bosworth
Leah Bosworth - 10 måneder siden
Where did u get that black fluffy fleece from ??
Family Account
Family Account - 10 måneder siden
but why do u remind me of emma chamberlain?
Sierra Louise
Sierra Louise - 10 måneder siden
I've been binging your videos the past day and it took me til now to realize that you're saying "pre" not "parade" . I was like.. why is there always a parade before she goes out??
Grace Bello
Grace Bello - 10 måneder siden
you had a full on american accent at 11:08-11:10 and it freaked me for a bit, you sounded like a whole new being
Grace Bello
Grace Bello - 10 måneder siden
@Hannah Irvine I've been realizing the same thing 😂
Hannah Irvine
Hannah Irvine - 10 måneder siden
I swear the northern Irish accent is like american and irish mixed
Jennifer Goater
Jennifer Goater - 11 måneder siden
Title : redoing my whole room
video : buys 2 shelves and a new bed
phoebe hough
phoebe hough - 11 måneder siden
where’s the shirt from xo
phoebe hough
phoebe hough - 11 måneder siden
where’s the shirt from xo
Amber spademan
Amber spademan - 11 måneder siden
I'm from Southern ireland from county mayo xxx I wish I could live in northern Ireland so I could be close to you and see you xxxx
Melissa Stone
Melissa Stone - 11 måneder siden
whenever I’m in a mood I just binge watch your videos 😂😂
carla ella leigh
carla ella leigh - 11 måneder siden
Ur acc so pretty wtf
Chloe Arnold
Chloe Arnold - 11 måneder siden
I like ur brown hair way better then ur blonde u look way prettier with it brown
hikaitp leren
hikaitp leren - 11 måneder siden
jess - 11 måneder siden
Sara Lbs
Sara Lbs - 11 måneder siden
I love the way you say
To shy to shy
kween p
kween p - 11 måneder siden
I know that you’ll probably never see this comment, but in case you do, could you please tell me this dimensions from your old bed? It is extremely pretty and looks ideal for my room (i mean the bed on 3:40)
Maddie Hughes
Maddie Hughes - År siden
someone plz help me where is her oversized fuzzy black hoodie thing from because i LOVE it
Emelia Methula
Emelia Methula - År siden
I cannot hear jack that you’re saying😒🤦🏽‍♀️
Kristina Guzuvaty
Kristina Guzuvaty - År siden
Sooo I found your channel three days ago, I’ve watched every video. I think I’m obsessed. You’re my queen, my mood, my aesthetic.... ily 💕
Lauren Stanton
Lauren Stanton - År siden
Are u vegan?
Sophie M
Sophie M - År siden
11:23 but how do you even get into the club? Bc you have before.
Zeenat Adams
Zeenat Adams - År siden
how does any bed fit in a car tho
Kerry Woodward
Kerry Woodward - År siden
Omg why are u me
What Holly Does
What Holly Does - År siden
Diana_chabaan ;D
Diana_chabaan ;D - År siden
Your voice goes ↙️⬇️↩️⬆️↗️⤵️⬅️
Jennifer Ramos
Jennifer Ramos - År siden
You’ve been on tik tok a little too much it’s adorable 😭
Catherine Torres
Catherine Torres - År siden
Where is your bed from?
kween p
kween p - År siden
Simply Catherine ikea both her old and new one
J M - År siden
i am german and you‘re speaking so so fast that I can‘t understand so I had do turn the speed of that video to 0.75 lmao
Donught Cake
Donught Cake - År siden
my skin was liek and i oop
sangwoos ashes
sangwoos ashes - År siden
There is so much ME energy in here I'm living for it 👌🏼😩 you've got ur self a new subscriber
Inês Fernandes
Inês Fernandes - År siden
Where did you buy the lights? I NEED a TikTok room 🤩🤩
Jessie Ceja
Jessie Ceja - År siden
Don’t tell me I was watching you on YouTube today and I was like omg she’s so pretty and you just popped up rn omg ily
Amy - År siden
Wow she’s talking so fast. I struggle enough to understand her accent hahaha omg I love it though. I need subtitles 😂
Amy Satoueva
Amy Satoueva - År siden
She looks like Marla Catherine
Lisa Dennis
Lisa Dennis - År siden
what language are you speaking ..
Amal Omar
Amal Omar - År siden
5 seconds in and subscribed 😂
Johanna H
Johanna H - År siden
We all downloaded TikTok as a joke and now we’re addicted like seriously why are we doing that?😂
Erin Dresser
Erin Dresser - År siden
is your indie singing vibing yes I think it is
Megan Crocker
Megan Crocker - År siden
is it legal to be this pretty wtf
abbee wright
abbee wright - År siden
i absolutely love your voice!! i’m from australia so it stands out so much ❤️
alix woodcock
alix woodcock - År siden
what shades your foundation??? cause like green tan is all i know
Anna-Lena - År siden
You don’t speak ,you rap 😂 fuck (no comments for my english )
Kosha Magini
Kosha Magini - År siden
Does anyone know where she got her vanity???
Hollie Nicholas
Hollie Nicholas - År siden
Does anyone know where the burgandy shirt is from?
Julia Chavez
Julia Chavez - År siden
you're my new fave youtuber. ive legit binge watched all your vids cos you're so entertaining
nela sawicka
nela sawicka - År siden
only word i understand is “fucking” haha
Laura B
Laura B - År siden
Does anyone know where to get the lights from?
Molly Macintyre
Molly Macintyre - År siden
I’m from Tyrone 😛
izzy harrison
izzy harrison - År siden
Where do you keep your clothes though... You don't have a wardrobe
Jocelynn giselle
Jocelynn giselle - År siden
Close your eyes
Catarina Lamego
Catarina Lamego - År siden
You talk really fast😂
hannah simpson
hannah simpson - År siden
Where u from ij Ireland
Therese Mc
Therese Mc - År siden
You remind me of kate Elizabeth
Henry Harrison
Henry Harrison - År siden
0:54 “I don’t make tiktoks” look at her now lmao
Katelyn Tighe
Katelyn Tighe - År siden
I love it accent we’re ya from
not.nrvous - År siden
emma 2.0
Hannah - År siden
She just made me rethink my sexuality because she is literally the most beautiful person I have ever seen
lucy ennis
lucy ennis - År siden
Omg ur Irish twinzies what county?