glamping with my boyfriend

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are u lost baby girl x
insta: @olivianeill
Runtime: 16:56


Rubina Alam
Rubina Alam - 5 dager siden
What are the toilets like?
Paul Brewster
Paul Brewster - 7 dager siden
Why have you got a ring thorugh your nose? Ur not cattle, are you??
Mia Bramble
Mia Bramble - 12 dager siden
John looks like a guy i know mixed with my brother and its freaking me out
Joseph Hetherington
Joseph Hetherington - 12 dager siden
She never shuts up but it makes me laugh
JAYDEN LO - 21 dag siden
Break up with you boyfriend
Katie Ting
Katie Ting - 29 dager siden
lol we all know that this isn't your first time watching this
Katie Ting
Katie Ting - 29 dager siden
who is here after they broke up 😢😢😢
Nêst Wynne-Pugh
Nêst Wynne-Pugh - Måned siden
I loved when she was in Ireland mostly cuz John was in her vlogs but also she was less of a city girl. Still love her though
Clive Everitt
Clive Everitt - Måned siden
Who the fuck are these morons ??
Rafael Gasset
Rafael Gasset - Måned siden
honestly this is one of the most annoying yt channels i have ever seen
Iara Duque
Iara Duque - Måned siden
omggggggggggg the capital is Lisbon
Rylann Cahill
Rylann Cahill - Måned siden
I swear me and Olivia are the exact same person... I mean like we have the same birthday and we kind of look the same and we have like literally the exact same personality and we have the same obsession with Modern Family and Robert Pattinson.✨😌✌🏼😗
JAYDEN LO - Måned siden
Break up with you boyfriend
Hollie Mulkerns
Hollie Mulkerns - Måned siden
where is this
The Glamporium Team
The Glamporium Team - 2 måneder siden
Dina Moradi
Dina Moradi - 2 måneder siden
U moved on so fast and went to harvey
Cursos da Beleza silva
Cursos da Beleza silva - 2 måneder siden
Speak more slowlyyyy please i am brazilian
Rylann Cahill
Rylann Cahill - Måned siden
Do you want a cookie 🍪?😃😐✨
Tori O’Connor
Tori O’Connor - 2 måneder siden
Is this in Creeslough Donegal
H I - 2 måneder siden
I thought she said turd time instead of tour time🤣
Emma Pyne
Emma Pyne - 2 måneder siden
What a gowl omg do people actually watch her?
Ali T Khalife
Ali T Khalife - 2 måneder siden
Such an irritating brat
Can't stand her talking omfg pls shut the fuck up
Kat Frw
Kat Frw - 2 måneder siden
the way no one is talking about how she named Lagos as Portugal's capital. Like Lagos, the biggest city in NIGERIA lmao
I love Inspect The Goat
I love Inspect The Goat - 3 måneder siden
Ben Allen
Ben Allen - 3 måneder siden
My God I have never been 2 minutes into a video and had to stop watching! The speed in which you were talking and randomly changed topics gave me anxiety 😂
Eoin Kieran
Eoin Kieran - 3 måneder siden
In the first ten seconds I could tell your NIrish and a posh prod
Beckii Warren
Beckii Warren - 3 måneder siden
i feel like your mind runs at 1000mph all day erryday, i love it!!
Charlottee Hoo
Charlottee Hoo - 3 måneder siden
Where is your blue bikini from?? I really need a good bikini as my bf is taking me somewhere with a hot tub for our 4 year anniversary plz help me
Jasper Pring
Jasper Pring - 3 måneder siden
Hi, more bikini pics please :)
cba tbh
cba tbh - 3 måneder siden
Olivia to anyone being nice to her: I could die for you
RossHolder1 - 3 måneder siden
This came up in my recommended, cheers YouTube. Although, now I'm here, go easy on John. I don't think anyone would remember a 6 month anniversary lol
KxCash - 3 måneder siden
Sea Parks
Sea Parks - 3 måneder siden
“John gives off King energy.”
John: 🙂
Sea Parks
Sea Parks - 3 måneder siden
“Heres me looking really thick asf.”LMAO why is she so funny 😭
Carolina Teixeira
Carolina Teixeira - 3 måneder siden
The capital of Portugal is Lisbon Ahahahah but love u
hans9082 - 3 måneder siden
No sé que hago aquí, pero me enamore de ti 💗
natchos m
natchos m - 3 måneder siden
Imagine going on a romantic break with your gf and every second is being filmed and put on the internet. Personally, I'd hate it.
Heather Cunningham
Heather Cunningham - 3 måneder siden
i can’t believe they broke up 🥺
garrigproductions - 3 måneder siden
What fake freckles??? and I though you were naturally cute...what a disappointment...
Niamh O'Hara
Niamh O'Hara - 3 måneder siden
"i'm going to pet the f**k out of the donkeys"
JakeD 7
JakeD 7 - 3 måneder siden
Where is this and how much?
rob arnold
rob arnold - 3 måneder siden
First time seeing this..does she ever take a breath !!
Olivia Grace
Olivia Grace - 3 måneder siden
i love your accentttt!!!
Buzz Belittle
Buzz Belittle - 3 måneder siden
The fuck is she on about? Why is YouTube suggesting me this bullshit, pointless ramble.. the fuck ?!? Go the fuck away.. 😒🙄
Prerana Gurung
Prerana Gurung - 3 måneder siden
When she smacks him back thinking that'll show him but he acts like a breeze just brushed him by
Zoe Ladi
Zoe Ladi - 3 måneder siden
talk any FASTER!!!
Drizzt Do'urden
Drizzt Do'urden - 4 måneder siden
wow so sad
Doctor Martin
Doctor Martin - 4 måneder siden
Stop talking love or I am going to make love to your boyfriend instead
Mark Williams
Mark Williams - 4 måneder siden
Are you on coke some of the time or all of the time...... 🤔 I would go with all of the time. 😁
Bo Dobson
Bo Dobson - 4 måneder siden
At this point I feel like Olivia would die of anything that comes into contact with her
Minnie Hall
Minnie Hall - 4 måneder siden
so stunning n cuteeeeeee
Bonnie Fitzgerald
Bonnie Fitzgerald - 4 måneder siden
where’s your mirror from olivia 🥺 or can anyone please help me??
Chris P
Chris P - 4 måneder siden
Where was these glamping pods? Looks a cool place ..
Podcamping Ireland
Podcamping Ireland - 4 måneder siden
Pebble Pods N Ireland
Xi Raid Xi
Xi Raid Xi - 4 måneder siden
Is it just me or did I not understand half the stuff she was saying
Van 27
Van 27 - 4 måneder siden
R u Irish ?
Murphs 28
Murphs 28 - 4 måneder siden
Hey does anywhere know where she got that two-piece lavender lounge set in the beginning? It's so cute. I know she says but I couldn't understand the brand name
Sea Parks
Sea Parks - 3 måneder siden
Faye A
Faye A - 4 måneder siden
where is her underwire bikini from?
milo - 4 måneder siden
she looks so much like mrs. bella (german youtuber)
Nathan McBride
Nathan McBride - 4 måneder siden
shut the fuck up

dont cry
Addison Mynsberge
Addison Mynsberge - 4 måneder siden
where did you get your vanity in your room from??
amran307 - 4 måneder siden
Bornlyrical nutz
Bornlyrical nutz - 4 måneder siden
Alf Jay
Alf Jay - 4 måneder siden
Who’s here after they broke up🥺
Eleanor Jackson
Eleanor Jackson - 4 måneder siden
Yee Haw
Yee Haw - 4 måneder siden
Lost all faith in love
goget'em188 - 4 måneder siden
Georgia Bryony
Georgia Bryony - 4 måneder siden
Anyone know where her name necklace is from?
garrigproductions - 4 måneder siden
May I just say there is an abundance of lunatics in Northern Ireland, but they are typically not nearly as cute as this lunatic.
Amber Wilson
Amber Wilson - 4 måneder siden
crying because they broke up so i’m coming to watch all their videos
Eleanor Jackson
Eleanor Jackson - 4 måneder siden
Raidah H ye
Raidah H
Raidah H - 4 måneder siden
Emer 123456789 right people wrong time? 🥺
Emer 123456789
Emer 123456789 - 4 måneder siden
Olivia Morawska ye they broke up bc she is moving to London. She made a TikTok about it
Olivia Morawska
Olivia Morawska - 4 måneder siden
Reve Aspen
Reve Aspen - 4 måneder siden
watching this before its deleted
Ailbhe O'Boyle
Ailbhe O'Boyle - 4 måneder siden
They r on good terms so it might not be deleted, I hope they get back together, ngl I thought they were soulmates
Rosie Kelly
Rosie Kelly - 4 måneder siden
Sydney Taylor
Sydney Taylor - 4 måneder siden
this hits different now you’ve broken up 🥺
Paige Sparrow
Paige Sparrow - 4 måneder siden
What’s the link to this glamping I wanna go with my bf ? Does anyone know ? X
Podcamping Ireland
Podcamping Ireland - 4 måneder siden
Pebble Pods
John Moss
John Moss - 4 måneder siden
Omg your so funny but Olivia please slow down and take a breath I I carnt understand you when you talk fast 😂😂😂😂x
Chloe James
Chloe James - 4 måneder siden
can someone tell me where she got that bikini from
Rachel Carpenter
Rachel Carpenter - 4 måneder siden
Ik I’ve been looking all over !! I think it’s shein but idk xx
Robyn Maher
Robyn Maher - 4 måneder siden
Does anyone know where this glamping site was??? Thanks c
Podcamping Ireland
Podcamping Ireland - 4 måneder siden
Pebble Pods
Robyn Maher
Robyn Maher - 4 måneder siden
I really enjoy watching your videos because there is just literally NO quiet and I really love that Hahahaha
Ariglcwss - 4 måneder siden
Fun fact: you didn’t search this up it was on your recommended
Ceiling-Chin Legend of The Sock
Ceiling-Chin Legend of The Sock - 4 måneder siden
Low IQ comments below
theking931000 - 4 måneder siden
Her: Ive never been with someone for this long
Me: really ?
Me: (watches more of the video)
Me: oh okay
Jess - 4 måneder siden
i’m not enjoying the vibes of this comment
ann toni
ann toni - 4 måneder siden
Ok English breakfast is just something in its own world
Ceiling-Chin Legend of The Sock
Ceiling-Chin Legend of The Sock - 4 måneder siden
Definitely something in this world. Specifically in England. Hence the name "English breakfast lol"
F C - 4 måneder siden
anyone know where her green jumper is from?
Tanja & Marco Reiselust statt Alltagsfrust
Danke für das schöne Video 💪 vielleicht gefällt dir auch das was wir machen lg Tanja & Marco Reiselust statt Alltagsfrust
Olivia Taylor-Sayers
Olivia Taylor-Sayers - 4 måneder siden
Hiri Edmonds
Hiri Edmonds - 4 måneder siden
Fast pace talking
Amelia - 4 måneder siden
Someone plz tell me where the olivia necklace is from! xxxxx
Phoebe Angelatos
Phoebe Angelatos - 4 måneder siden
Where do you get your earring babe? @olivianeill
ritzcraxz - 4 måneder siden
The ADHD is radiating around this video
Khadija - 4 måneder siden
her humour>>>>>>>>>
Amelia Mcaneney
Amelia Mcaneney - 4 måneder siden
John thriving in his goose and gander
Meeza Laidler
Meeza Laidler - 4 måneder siden
does anyone know where she got her name necklace
orla O'Gorman
orla O'Gorman - 4 måneder siden
this makes me tired
millie cutting
millie cutting - 4 måneder siden
She speaks way to fast n bcs she’s Irish it’s hard to sometimes understand what she says lol
Katie Uphues
Katie Uphues - 4 måneder siden
Y’all dont have to wear masks in stores anymore???? I hate America
Mizhgan Langari
Mizhgan Langari - 4 måneder siden
she’s in ireland...
Kammy Urbi
Kammy Urbi - 4 måneder siden
Olivia I love Your videos :) Is this placed in Ireland close enough to Enniskillen ? :)
Neave Guest
Neave Guest - 4 måneder siden
someone pls tell me where to get that bikini
Ben - 4 måneder siden
I don't know how I got to this channel but you're so hyperactive that I can't tell if it's premeditated or you actually have the biggest brain.
Old Boy
Old Boy - 4 måneder siden
Good evening
Worlds Hero
Worlds Hero - 4 måneder siden
I cant tell if you are tanned or burned ??????
Niamh English
Niamh English - 4 måneder siden
I actually love you like 😂💕
Steve - 4 måneder siden
Is the video sped up?
Hurricane Gamer
Hurricane Gamer - 4 måneder siden
Hell noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
mishaal shami
mishaal shami - 4 måneder siden
does anyone know where the bikini is from?