glow up for a night out (in my kitchen) ad

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here’s all the stuff i used lol there’s a lot but cat fishing ain’t easy luv xx
Fudge Purple Shampoo:
Fudge Purple Conditioner:
BEAUTY BAY Origin Palette:
Peter Thomas Roth Moisturiser:
Joico Hair Mask:
The Ordinary Rosehip Oil:
Mario Badescu Facial Wash:
Sand And Sky Face Mask:
Castor Oil Jamaican Mango and Lime:
SoSu Dripping Gold Tan:
Dr Lipp Lip Balm:
T3 Straightener:
Amika Heat Defence:
Illamasqua Primer:
BEAUTY BAY On Fleek Brush:
Makeup Revolution Concealer:
Jeffree Star Concealer:
Zoeva 221 Brush:
Zoeva 129 Brush:
Zoeva 101 Brush:
West Barn Co Soap Brows:
Doll Beauty Gimme Sun Bronzer:
LA Girl Lip Liner:
Jeffree Star The Gloss Wet Peach:
Gerard Lipstick:
Ofra Rodeo Drive:
Jeffree Star Setting Powder:
House Of Lashes Glue:
Doll Beauty Lashes:
BEAUTY BAY Rose Gold Wing It Brush:
BEAUTY BAY Rose Gold Round The Blend Brush:
BEAUTY BAY Liquid Crystal Trio:
EX1 Foundation:
Doll Beauty Highlighter Duo:
insta: @_olivianeill
Runtime: 18:51


Ashleigh Gibson
Ashleigh Gibson - 15 dager siden
It’s so mad that in my day and age at 19 we’d be getting ready with our friends and putting blue mascara and glitter on to go to the park to drink cidar and make memories with everyone in our school year.. nowadays you’ve just come of age and parents are allowing boyfriends to live with you and are putting high end make up on.. GOD I AM SO GLAD I was born in the 90’s.., no pressure.. best days of my life!! ❤️
Barbiexh Han
Barbiexh Han - Måned siden
where do you get your earings
cece walsh
cece walsh - 3 måneder siden
Natural skin colour is beautiful. If anyone’s watching and feels they need to tan pls don’t 🥺 Accepting your natural skin colour is life changing
region of the summer stars
region of the summer stars - 3 måneder siden
i want to be like your mum x
Elizabeth Maeve
Elizabeth Maeve - 3 måneder siden
Im always amazed when she does references from some meme or some random videos. Its like her brain just works like fireworks!
Lexi P
Lexi P - 3 måneder siden
Anne Sofie Merkistein
Anne Sofie Merkistein - 3 måneder siden
Love your mom
Belen Guzman
Belen Guzman - 4 måneder siden
i´m laughing so much!! Kissies from Argentina
emma - 4 måneder siden
wait why was her french so good + she knew the actual lyrics what ??? QUEENIE
allie wilson
allie wilson - 4 måneder siden
I found you from Haley shouting you out in her video!!
gina cortes
gina cortes - 4 måneder siden
Current time: Olivia’s outfit in this video is the same outfit that she picked for Flossie, totally luv that!
Leonore Fuller
Leonore Fuller - 5 måneder siden
ahhh i hope you don't still stan jeffree? :(
Aryka Amin
Aryka Amin - 5 måneder siden
Omg ur amazing 😍 also the Madison beer part was too funny
Lamia Karam
Lamia Karam - 5 måneder siden
Pop 101
Pop 101 - 5 måneder siden
I get out of breath watching this girl lmao
Noura M
Noura M - 5 måneder siden
Ur mum is so hot
justanother teen
justanother teen - 5 måneder siden
wait- ur telling me the first clip is BEFORE the glow up?
Shokhrukh Saidkarimov
Shokhrukh Saidkarimov - 5 måneder siden
It turns out all the energy her mom has, also transited to Kristy, through the gene 🧬 😌😌😌
Georgia North- Coombes
Georgia North- Coombes - 6 måneder siden
you're so pretty!!
4 savage Girls
4 savage Girls - 6 måneder siden
just me who wonders wear her hoops are from
Melissa Jean
Melissa Jean - 3 måneder siden
Literally 😂
Penny Lane
Penny Lane - 6 måneder siden
Olivia is my favourite person in the whole world
Izzy Isabelle
Izzy Isabelle - 6 måneder siden
Sorry she is amazing and such an icon to being herself. I now am accepting of myself SHES also gorgeous
amalie liv
amalie liv - 6 måneder siden
I love your accent omg
E D - 6 måneder siden
Why do you use mink lashes if you're vegan and trying to not use products that hurt animals? Not trying to hate just wondered if there was a reason or if you didn't know they were mink?
Seth Robinson
Seth Robinson - 6 måneder siden
She is so gorgeous though before or after xx
Leah Bates
Leah Bates - 6 måneder siden
ngl she is literally my idol💘💘 I love her videos so muchhhhhh xx
Estefania Poveda
Estefania Poveda - 6 måneder siden
"shut up Olivia who do you think you are?" You actually give me life!!! LOL!!!!!!!!
Kakka 10
Kakka 10 - 6 måneder siden
Hehe the way you talk is awesome 😎
baby girl
baby girl - 7 måneder siden
can i look like u aghh
Saffron bennett
Saffron bennett - 7 måneder siden
omg how muchdo i wannabe part of this family rn hahahaha :]
Katie -
Katie - - 7 måneder siden
I am obsessed with you, love your channel
Charles Clarke
Charles Clarke - 7 måneder siden
Really don't need makeup. like
Louise Fitzpatrick
Louise Fitzpatrick - 7 måneder siden
Your just amazingg and so pretty woww 😍
Hollie Jordan
Hollie Jordan - 7 måneder siden
But the AHS music from asylum is making an appearance
Chloe Holland
Chloe Holland - 7 måneder siden
Why do I want to be you ?
fred glotz
fred glotz - 7 måneder siden
You lost me at the start you talk too fast to understand SLOW DOWN !!!
Nia Clarke
Nia Clarke - 7 måneder siden
i literally just wanna be her friend
Lydia Fullam
Lydia Fullam - 7 måneder siden
I feel like I need to put this video on slow motion cause you talk so fast😂
Anna Cotter
Anna Cotter - 7 måneder siden
Stop being so mean to Olivia do not send hate comments ilyyyy smmmm
Alexandra Carvalha
Alexandra Carvalha - 7 måneder siden
please do eyeshadow tutorial... it looks so good i NEED TO LEARN
Ade Ekhator
Ade Ekhator - 7 måneder siden
Not gonna lie..... I take personal offence to the fact that you didn’t sing selfish in cursive......
Erin Miller
Erin Miller - 7 måneder siden
can someone send me the link to the jeans lolll
Grace Potochney
Grace Potochney - 7 måneder siden
your family is so fun haha
Abbey Innes
Abbey Innes - 7 måneder siden
wtf why do i actually love you
Shira Hazel
Shira Hazel - 7 måneder siden
I want to be you when I grow up
Toni Faulknerr
Toni Faulknerr - 7 måneder siden
9:43 twilight theme song, such a vibe
Josée Bergeron
Josée Bergeron - 7 måneder siden
No one will ever top your inclusion of memes LOL
coco xobeauty
coco xobeauty - 7 måneder siden
damn that was a beautiful cursive accent
Jamie Pearson
Jamie Pearson - 7 måneder siden
love olivia so much, one of the funniest people to watch she inspired me to create my own channel so if anyone sees this and has a min to watch then pls do🙈🙈
Sophie Borg
Sophie Borg - 7 måneder siden
im obsessed with her
isha khan.
isha khan. - 7 måneder siden
i fucking love u
Hannah Symonds
Hannah Symonds - 7 måneder siden
TETRISkymoves - 7 måneder siden
Are you related to Jamie Dornan?
Mairead Moynihan
Mairead Moynihan - 7 måneder siden
lol dinnae be a wee clipe
ItzAlex - 7 måneder siden
Olivia: you can still see my mole..
**realizes John is there**
Olivia: well it’s not really a mole
MICHAEL CAMACHO - 7 måneder siden
Omg ur mom dancing made my whole year!
sum her
sum her - 7 måneder siden
Your mum is goals 😍
Astrid Louise
Astrid Louise - 7 måneder siden
love this video so much! thanks for the tips! i just uploaded a quarantine glow up makeup tutorial would mean the world if anyone reading this checked it out! hope everyone is safe and healthy xxx
Libby Waller
Libby Waller - 7 måneder siden
do you edit on i movie ?
Charlie Jamie
Charlie Jamie - 7 måneder siden
She was actually humming the tune from Twilight. I’m grateful for that amazing piece of content.
Wawa Wani
Wawa Wani - 7 måneder siden
Omg you talking to fast
Michaela Prendergast
Michaela Prendergast - 7 måneder siden
Just wondering if ya wanna be my new bestfriend I am a good woman of the sesh
Maria Rocha
Maria Rocha - 7 måneder siden
you are officially my favorite person ever
King Nora
King Nora - 7 måneder siden
omg i love your mom at the end
L*A - 7 måneder siden
I think Haley watches you cause she said in one video
Maansa Mahil
Maansa Mahil - 7 måneder siden
your mum is the real star of this video no 🧢
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - 7 måneder siden
when she thinks she looks bad pale and unshowered then there’s me sitting her like a greasy tiger bread
Luna S
Luna S - 7 måneder siden
Your Mum is me embarrassing all of my friends on every night out
Katie Grace
Katie Grace - 7 måneder siden
Would love to see a what I eat in a day from you cus your body is goals
Katie Grace
Katie Grace - 7 måneder siden
Shauka Hodan ???
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - 7 måneder siden
So this is where everyone who loves themselves comes?
Aryanah Latif
Aryanah Latif - 7 måneder siden
ur so entertaining
Fariha exo
Fariha exo - 7 måneder siden
the fact she sang bellas lullaby from twilight...interesting thought process if u ask me 😂
freyaxo - 7 måneder siden
Can I be your mums friend
Eryca Kristle
Eryca Kristle - 7 måneder siden
lol I had to subscribe for the editing and tiktok humor
Sadi Hossain
Sadi Hossain - 7 måneder siden
Sadi Hossain
Sadi Hossain - 7 måneder siden
Sadi Hossain
Sadi Hossain - 7 måneder siden
Sadi Hossain
Sadi Hossain - 7 måneder siden
Ciara Murray
Ciara Murray - 7 måneder siden
aww the montage at the end ur mum is hilarious
Rachel Mcshane
Rachel Mcshane - 7 måneder siden
Your eyes are so pretty
Marina MUA
Marina MUA - 7 måneder siden
Do people not understand that lockdown means only staying at home with the people in your house I understand people miss eachother but everyone is in the same boat with this lockdown but putting your family in danger or risking there health just to see your boyfriend/ girlfriend 😂😂
Paradis Venus
Paradis Venus - 7 måneder siden
Don’t recommend the fudge one it legit burned my hair and I was itching and scratching because it has perfume in but legit GET THE FANOLA NO YELLOW OR NO ORANGE SHAMPOO it’s incredible so so good better than anything you can try and the bleach London mask is amazing for bleached hair!!!
Oofbaz Eef
Oofbaz Eef - 7 måneder siden
What the fuck are u saying
Emily Foster
Emily Foster - 7 måneder siden
anyone who hates on you is big stoopid
Meghan O'Donovan
Meghan O'Donovan - 7 måneder siden
You're an entire mood lmaooooo
JESSICA FINN - 7 måneder siden
You will be great on Love Island one day
Danielle McLean
Danielle McLean - 7 måneder siden
Even post glow up I don't look as good as you pre glow up 😹
Dani s
Dani s - 7 måneder siden
Ur fam is honestly so cute
Laura Court
Laura Court - 7 måneder siden
buy normal soap, i've been doing it for years. that company is ripping u off
Kayleigh Maher
Kayleigh Maher - 7 måneder siden
Oh my god girl, you're so beautiful!
Jason Gurung
Jason Gurung - 7 måneder siden
I thought you were American from looking at your TikTok, the accent completely threw me off
Urnosy Bitch
Urnosy Bitch - 7 måneder siden
Can you please post more frequently because it's my must have in this lockdown or else I will be bored to death and it's gonna be on you Olivia 😅
harryychambers - 7 måneder siden
do this is why u are verified on tik tok
Ezra Ha
Ezra Ha - 7 måneder siden
Will you ever do a boyfriend tag ? 👏👏
Carlie Bank
Carlie Bank - 7 måneder siden
All TOENEILL’s during lockdown: sitting in bed rewatching ever single one of Olivia’s videos.( Literally watched each one at least twice and I think I have a problem) 💖💖💖💖
Paige Anne
Paige Anne - 7 måneder siden
YES my skin has also broken out during isolation smh
Sophie Thompson
Sophie Thompson - 7 måneder siden
your mum at the end is such a mood 😂
Jessica - 7 måneder siden
I WISH my mum would let my boyfriend come stay with us 🥺🥺
misolou fout
misolou fout - 7 måneder siden
when she thinks she looks bad pale and unshowered then there’s me sitting her like a greasy tiger bread
Imogen Sales
Imogen Sales - 7 måneder siden
your mum at the end is a vibe🤪👉🏼👈🏼
Ciara - 7 måneder siden
I’ve been watching all of ur vids during quarantine and now my inner monologue is you 😊 in the words of Olivia~ “love that for meeeee”
Cricket Coach
Cricket Coach - 7 måneder siden
Play this in speed 1.5 x
misolou fout
misolou fout - 7 måneder siden
my phone, Let me know im sorcerer julie on twitter. I live in carrick by the way.
Sean Claffey
Sean Claffey - 7 måneder siden
Can you say power shower
billie goddard
billie goddard - 7 måneder siden
Your mum is living her best life.
lucy broadbent
lucy broadbent - 7 måneder siden
Can u do a come dine with me with ur fam or john pls xx quality content girlypops would defo enjoy