hot girl summer: portugal edition

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insta: @olivianeill
also the villa is called Casa Velha in Aljezur on Home and away if u want to stay in it xxx
Runtime: 18:50


megan reid
megan reid - Dag siden
Anyone use the function of beauty shampoo and conditioner?
Mia Bramble
Mia Bramble - 3 dager siden
Alison Vergara
Alison Vergara - 4 dager siden
yoooo you're so funny
Sasha Aldridge
Sasha Aldridge - 13 dager siden
Omg where’s your bikini from pls🥺🥺
Alice Brook
Alice Brook - 17 dager siden
I miss her and John together SO much
Sophie Kennard
Sophie Kennard - 19 dager siden
Binging olivias yt videos for a bit of ✨serotonin✨
Hro - Måned siden
fooled him into taking a picture when you actually planned on farting lmao
Kareem Ahmed
Kareem Ahmed - 2 måneder siden
Beatriz Veloso Gomes Pelica
Beatriz Veloso Gomes Pelica - 2 måneder siden
im from portugal 🇵🇹🇵🇹😎
Mr Elouki
Mr Elouki - 2 måneder siden
Burp videonplease
Maddie Z
Maddie Z - 2 måneder siden
you can get the knock of one in lidl
Lottie Clarke
Lottie Clarke - 2 måneder siden
Omg I always get that cereal in Portugal🥺
Infotech pvtltd
Infotech pvtltd - 2 måneder siden
My name is Chirag

I am a single man
I am 32 years old
I have been looking for a job for a long time
I like to learn more about other cultures and new cultures
I do property work
I live in India
Any girl or woman interested in building a relationship with me should give me a message
I am ready to live in your country but I am very poor so you have to take sponsorship
I want to change my religion because of racism
Do you know of any Christian organization that accepts Brahmins in Christianity and gives them jobs and marriages?

Any Christian organization that accepts me I am ready to become a Christian
Georgia North- Coombes
Georgia North- Coombes - 2 måneder siden
how do you tan so quickly? im pale but like i always put sun screen on otherwise i turn into a crab but i want to get little tanned ahah
Karah Dobson
Karah Dobson - 2 måneder siden
You can get that breakfast in Leeds where I live 😂😂😂
Carlos Danger
Carlos Danger - 3 måneder siden
Where are your thighs ?
Molly Bartley
Molly Bartley - 25 dager siden
In between her knees and hips
Carlos Danger
Carlos Danger - 3 måneder siden
Why talk aboit a boob job , when at your age youve more done to ya than anyone
Abi Grace
Abi Grace - 21 dag siden
Frankie Mills
Frankie Mills - 3 måneder siden
Her energy is on another level 😂 I’m tired watching
M F - 3 måneder siden
Vegans: #safeallanimals
Olivia: #useveganshampooandeatvegannachosbutputchickeninafajita
Also Olivia: I had a lovely VEGAN carbonara with bacon cream and egg :/
shauna yuan
shauna yuan - 3 måneder siden
omg when you sang the quotes on your bedframe 😂😂😂
Robert Hanna
Robert Hanna - 3 måneder siden
you are not hot are you in the ira
Halle Jade
Halle Jade - 3 måneder siden
You can get those cereals in Tesco they are called chocolate shells 💞
Alessia Polcri
Alessia Polcri - 3 måneder siden
Noo Carbonara is NOT made with cream.😩😂
Alfred Barham
Alfred Barham - 3 måneder siden
A kind word of advice from someone who has been there, done that and got the T shirt. Check your moles and skin regularly after so much sun exposure at a young age. Take care and have a great life. Looks like you are enjoying it. Long may it last. Thanks for posting.
MXRS.1 - 3 måneder siden
You are so gorgeous!!😍😍😍 plus I love your vibe and sense of humor
Elana x
Elana x - 3 måneder siden
Tell me why ur bf looks like Hardin from uno what film AFTER of course
Jony Youtuber
Jony Youtuber - 3 måneder siden
Natascha Hadden
Natascha Hadden - 3 måneder siden
They should’ve used coconut milk instead of cream works like a dream
Chloe - 3 måneder siden
It was when Harry styles done the limbo for me
tony motorrad
tony motorrad - 3 måneder siden
Diction dear, diction....
Far more of an investment than tits
Learn to speak!!!!!
Carol L
Carol L - 3 måneder siden
I’m from Portugal 😭😭😭 can’t believe u were here
Nicola Mcguinness
Nicola Mcguinness - 3 måneder siden
Adrian Dunbar died From pancreatic cancer on August 14 1984 in San Diego California Do you have a few days before his 82 birthday Adrian Dunbar is buried at Hollywood forever Cemetery in Hollywood California
Paul Donaghy
Paul Donaghy - 3 måneder siden
You can get those cereal in Belfast in lidl they’re called Choco pops
Megan B
Megan B - 3 måneder siden
Omg I’m going to miss you and John xx
Cecile Sophia
Cecile Sophia - 3 måneder siden
omg I can’t chocopics are wee miracles- absolute highlight of my holidays
Leah Alner
Leah Alner - 3 måneder siden
Girl you can get that cereal in the uk I think it’s called coco shells x
Leticia Barros
Leticia Barros - 3 måneder siden
Olivia!!! If your thinking of doing a boob job please look into the breast implant desease(i don't know the name in English) but when you put you can have a lot of symptoms that can affect your health. Please PLEASE look into this before you do anything!!!
Allana John
Allana John - 3 måneder siden
omg what was the song at 18:15?? also omg soooo cute
Beatriz Augusto
Beatriz Augusto - 3 måneder siden
me, portuguese watching this but being on the other side of the country 😑
Eilidh M
Eilidh M - 3 måneder siden
They have a version of Choca pic in lidl it’s unreal!!
S.W.W. - 3 måneder siden
Half way in the video I had to sign in and comment cause I could not stop laughing! Olivia, you are one funny gorgeous girl and your boyfriend's burp was like if I had been told the best joke ever! :D So unexpected that turned into a perfect punchline!
I subscribed cause I want to see more!
Amber Pearson
Amber Pearson - 3 måneder siden
Ngl that cereal, hits different & they do a similar one in Lidl called choco shells, VERY NICE
Izzy Rohr
Izzy Rohr - 3 måneder siden
Olivia’s lookin like a Victoria secret model
paula ahern
paula ahern - 3 måneder siden
Awh ye went to Vilamoura
sam tripathi
sam tripathi - 3 måneder siden
maya van der toorn
maya van der toorn - 3 måneder siden
Arisu Angel
Arisu Angel - 3 måneder siden
I'm flat chested too it's good to have an influencer that other young adults can relate to, your body type is beautiful and makes YouTube more diverse💕
Lexie Maxwell
Lexie Maxwell - 3 måneder siden
we have the cereal in the uk its called dragon shells or something LMAO
erin maree
erin maree - 3 måneder siden
i'm glad i'm not the only one who eats cereal with a tea spoon just so it seems like there's more cereal
Lulu Mapp
Lulu Mapp - 3 måneder siden
Who’s here after John and Olivia broke up 😭😭😭😭😭
Inesa M.
Inesa M. - 3 måneder siden
You can get that cereal from any Eastern European shop in the England such as Lithuanica
Katie - 3 måneder siden
Petition for Matthew and Emma to be disqualified 😡😡😡
Margarida Cruz
Margarida Cruz - 3 måneder siden
Isn’t Portugal beautiful? It is
Keje Newton
Keje Newton - 3 måneder siden
I think it’s a adhd thing eating cereal w a tea spoon my bf does it n he’s got pure adhd as well
Eliza Burns
Eliza Burns - 3 måneder siden
cetaphil does literally nothing it's basically just water
Mxacxext - 3 måneder siden
We are on the west coast of Portugal and we went to the beach the other day and bought a flamingo and called it fanny. But she blew away in the sea because we fell off of her but omg they are identical. 😭
Lara99 - 3 måneder siden
You remind me a bit of miley cyrus LOL
Charlotte Butter
Charlotte Butter - 3 måneder siden
Where can i find those fabulous Levi shorts?!!
Jasmine Sky
Jasmine Sky - 3 måneder siden
the way you pronounced fajita
Amy Burge
Amy Burge - 3 måneder siden
you can get chocolate cereal like that in Lidl and it hits different
Naomi Dias
Naomi Dias - 3 måneder siden
Any portuguese out here watching this wishing they were in portugal rn?
Nick Kingston
Nick Kingston - 3 måneder siden
What language is that?
Life with Lishp
Life with Lishp - 3 måneder siden
cba this makes me so upset watching olivia and john now
Lala TV
Lala TV - 3 måneder siden
yooo ur personality >> loveee it
Matilde Mingates
Matilde Mingates - 3 måneder siden
girl when i saw you holding that sagres can........ super bock is the best beer in portugal AND the world ;) thank me later
alice taylor
alice taylor - 3 måneder siden
where’s the bikini frommm
Kate Deegan
Kate Deegan - 3 måneder siden
Why do I feel like Olivia is the Irish version of Emma chamberlain
Olivia Marshall
Olivia Marshall - 3 måneder siden
Olivia living her best life in this without tanning beds love it😌
Swetha K
Swetha K - 3 måneder siden
where are your gold hoops from xx
Dara Scanlon
Dara Scanlon - 3 måneder siden
I’m really sad for your skin!!!! Still love you though
Lucy Rankin
Lucy Rankin - 3 måneder siden
Yo I eat that cereal I get it in b&m called coco pebbles Kellogg’s
alysha etuale
alysha etuale - 3 måneder siden
Julia - 3 måneder siden
Which Quay sunnies are you wearing please?
Rhea Farrell
Rhea Farrell - 3 måneder siden
i gave been walking the shelter dogs as well there and it so cute as well! and the beaches are so nice are they monte clerigo and arifana 😏
Loveyourhair ByJade
Loveyourhair ByJade - 3 måneder siden
I need to go on hols after watching this 😍 Also Just uploaded a new vlog💫
Rhea Farrell
Rhea Farrell - 3 måneder siden
oh my goddddddd my grandparents have a house in aljezur it’s so nice in aljezur
Emily K
Emily K - 3 måneder siden
Oliviaaa! You can get them chocopic cereal in lidl there called “choco shells”
madeleine rands
madeleine rands - 3 måneder siden
big boobs um chile anyways
Julia Grutters
Julia Grutters - 3 måneder siden
You’re my favorite youtuber I wish I had that much life
Haylie Todd
Haylie Todd - 3 måneder siden
Who’s here after John and Olivia split :(
Sophie Teje
Sophie Teje - 3 måneder siden
Awww her voice is literally so cute is that weird cause I’m obsessed
Rachel Rac
Rachel Rac - 3 måneder siden
The way you said “leite de amêndoa” I can’t 😂😂
Rachel Rac
Rachel Rac - 3 måneder siden
I can’t believe you came to Portugal... Welcome:)
KANG LODAY - 3 måneder siden
Naomi - 3 måneder siden
Aw I was in the exact same places you were!
Phoebe Town
Phoebe Town - 3 måneder siden
me watching this after they’ve broken up🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Skye Collins
Skye Collins - 3 måneder siden
personally they should be disqualified because damn son they lied about their menu 😂😂😂❤️
N - 3 måneder siden
6:37 ive rewatched this bit at least 4059589 times
jasmine - 3 måneder siden
soz ur a SILVER girl luv xo
Vanessa Scrivens
Vanessa Scrivens - 3 måneder siden
Lmao she said “available in NS” sorry bb its NZ ? 😂😂
Pumppkin Soupp
Pumppkin Soupp - 3 måneder siden
I love your voice!
becky zolu
becky zolu - 3 måneder siden
I clicked on this video fully knowing my ears would bleed
bas a
bas a - 3 måneder siden
you talk a lot
Jay Jo
Jay Jo - 3 måneder siden
Me watching this while sitting at my kitchen table doing online uni on a 10 degree day = 100% jealous. Ps plz look after your skin while you’re young, you’ll regret it when you get older
ya boi
ya boi - 3 måneder siden
i always have the same cereal in mallorca!! you can get the exact thing under the name of choco shells in lidl :)
Maria Anacleto
Maria Anacleto - 3 måneder siden
im sad now. im from portugal:( you should come to lisbon next!!!
Shannon King
Shannon King - 3 måneder siden
Big Libra energy ✨✨✨
A Greengrass
A Greengrass - 3 måneder siden
Obviously it’s none of my business but there must be other issues as if they were truly happy they would do anything to make the relationship work
Belena TH
Belena TH - 3 måneder siden
She said in her tiktok comments she explaining it all on a video on Sunday
Meghan O'Donovan
Meghan O'Donovan - 3 måneder siden
Of coffee, of vodka
x o
x o - 3 måneder siden
“fandabedozy ma darlin” is the most northern irish sentence i cantttt 😭