i ate and trained like a victoria’s secret model

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you can get a foreo luna mini 3 here foreo.se/a11ef
insta- @_olivianeill
also watch flossies video noburn.info/id/video/3mHKfcpzeG1uhHo.html I just copied this queen I want to be her ok what about it. leave me alone! xxxxxx
a don't fink u have da facilities fo dat big man
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Lucy Hannon
Lucy Hannon - 4 dager siden
your cat is eating out of your bowl in the background i-
bethanne paige
bethanne paige - 5 dager siden
i just found my new fav youtuber
Farah Khaled
Farah Khaled - 7 dager siden
OMG This is the first time watching her and she talks sooo fast it’s exactly how the filter of Snapchat fast mostion lol
Vannessa Cox
Vannessa Cox - 8 dager siden
You're hilarious!
Pep Cato
Pep Cato - 11 dager siden
corinna browning
corinna browning - 13 dager siden
You look like an olsen twin!
Naa-Ashiley Hanson
Naa-Ashiley Hanson - 15 dager siden
r u British or Irish and yes I'm watching this video now
emmy platt
emmy platt - 16 dager siden
honey is acutaly bees baby food so u arfe stealing their baby food and eatong it
Emily Anderson
Emily Anderson - 17 dager siden
the amount of energy in this video is ASTRONOMICAL
Juliana Jones
Juliana Jones - 28 dager siden
you’re halarious
Rosie Kaeyln
Rosie Kaeyln - Måned siden
omg your so cool haha!
Hey Oliva could you put the link of the diet that you get from and the workouts plsss
Whatever_ Studios
Whatever_ Studios - 2 måneder siden
When she made fun of Bella I cackled
Whatever_ Studios
Whatever_ Studios - 2 måneder siden
Ruarie Smart
Ruarie Smart - 2 måneder siden
This is my fav video of Olivia
Abi Grace
Abi Grace - 2 måneder siden
same i always come back to it
Grace Macchio
Grace Macchio - 2 måneder siden
Anna Rigsby
Anna Rigsby - 2 måneder siden
Omg please quit taking so fast
Mylovexox - 2 måneder siden
Anna Rigsby it’s called being ✨northern Irish✨
bndjsoqnqabaj bd
bndjsoqnqabaj bd - 2 måneder siden
Love when she says schools are closing for two weeks. six months later and theyre only reopening now ahaha
maddy mengers
maddy mengers - 3 måneder siden
idk if i’m gunna get a response bc this video is from 5 months ago but if anyone comes across this comment let me know.... so basically i’m not really in shape i’m not skinny but i’m not fat and i have larger thighs and a larger stomach and i really want to get into modeling rn i am 14 and i want to start modeling when i’m 16.... is it possible for me in 2 years to get to like kendall jenners size i’m 5’5 so i’m already like average- tall ish height for my age and i’m supposed to get taller based on genetics... so all i’m saying is it possible for me to get to a models size in two years? if anyone has any answers please respond it would mean so much to me!! ❤️
izzy ellis
izzy ellis - 2 måneder siden
yh u probably can but just put ur health first
Rebecca Simmons
Rebecca Simmons - 3 måneder siden
🎃⭐️🎃⭐️🎃 - 3 måneder siden
ok but i genuinely thought a cow had taken over olivias house while she was making oats her dog scared the shit out of me
Amelia G
Amelia G - 3 måneder siden
Watching this while eating a whole tub of ice cream
Edie Hancock
Edie Hancock - 3 måneder siden
If bees went extinct we would die within 4 days
garrigproductions - 3 måneder siden
Listen Olivia, this is my favourite of all your videos, but if you seriously don't realise the importance of bees to our environment then the teachers in your school have let you down very badly indeed. It's not your fault, it's their fault...
Bre'Anna Ross
Bre'Anna Ross - 4 måneder siden
Please make a video on how you make your avocado toast 💙💙 thanks luv really need that in my life
Rose - 4 måneder siden
This is literally what I eat normally, why don’t I look like a vs model yet lool
Abi Grace
Abi Grace - 4 måneder siden
i just want to look like olivia is that too much to ask
Abi Grace
Abi Grace - 4 måneder siden
maybe something is wrong with me but i can understand olivia perfectly like she’s talks a normal speed to me and i think it’s because i talk this fast
Izzy B
Izzy B - 4 måneder siden
14:54 research the Von Frisch honey bee dance, bees are so so smart! They’re really smart. They aren’t dumb and of course they have a brain!
Jenn - 4 måneder siden
am i the only one who has to slow down the speed when i watch her videos LOL.
Hannah Hansell
Hannah Hansell - 4 måneder siden
lol Olivia talks so fast 😂
Chloe James
Chloe James - 4 måneder siden
olivia neill: **im not body confident**

walks into the gym with leggings, a sports bra and ABS...

taking apple cider vinegar capsule, they're easier then vinegar water lmao and most of the models do that anyways
Tasmin Taylor
Tasmin Taylor - 4 måneder siden
I literally just binged all your vids...what is actually happening to me?? Am I a toeneill now??
Abby Rosen
Abby Rosen - 4 måneder siden
"Push though it, but don't push too hard because you never know what might happen."
-Olivia Neil
_melissa. anne
_melissa. anne - 4 måneder siden
12:39 "that were a bit a me" she's too funny 🤣🤣
Hannah Atkins
Hannah Atkins - 4 måneder siden
i honestly didn't catch a word of that...
Ophelia Hogg
Ophelia Hogg - 4 måneder siden
6:20 she pulling a debby ryan on us
eddan efternamn
eddan efternamn - 4 måneder siden
You should rap
tara keenan
tara keenan - 4 måneder siden
Her names pronounced Ben-knee
Katie Morova
Katie Morova - 4 måneder siden
Isn't girly pops haley phams phamily
Dani. - 5 måneder siden
Your accent gives me lifeeeeeee I love your chanel
Marta Cores
Marta Cores - 5 måneder siden
i'm not irish but i now sound irish and it's all your fault
Ash J
Ash J - 5 måneder siden
You know how she talks all over the place and gets distracted by everything? Yeah.. that's me but 10× worse and talks way slower 😗✌🏼 I feel bad for anyone listening to me talk. But it is super entertaining watching her tho 😅
K. Kay
K. Kay - 5 måneder siden
You're talking so fast 🏍🏎🏁
Emily Hammond
Emily Hammond - 5 måneder siden
her personality is GOLDEN omfg i can’t stop laughing
Sophie Perkins
Sophie Perkins - 5 måneder siden
I’ve had to slow the video down to 0.75 Because genuinely have no idea wtf is happening
Mariah Brown
Mariah Brown - 5 måneder siden
ive literally never laughed this hard at a youtuber before lmfao girl i love you and your energy
Catherine McConnell
Catherine McConnell - 5 måneder siden
i’m currently binge watching you 🥰
Caoimhe Mcelwee
Caoimhe Mcelwee - 5 måneder siden
the fact that Olivia was excited for this summer that’s probs not happening :(
Alexis Cat
Alexis Cat - 5 måneder siden
wait are u Irish or British
Elinor Lowe
Elinor Lowe - 5 måneder siden
I do really like you but this is a really unhelpful video! You are already really thin and look underweight and then you do a Victoria secrets models diet! Please can these not be videos! Nobody understands the effects it can have on someone with anorexia, sometimes can lead them going into hospital
IsabellaxCatherine - 5 måneder siden
Do people that are already skinny can’t partake in this trend?
Gracelyn Ramirez
Gracelyn Ramirez - 5 måneder siden
Someone made a crack compilation of Olivia that’s how I found her ( 2 DAYS AGO) and I’ve become completely obsessed and now I’m starting to talk like her on accident after 2 DAYS!? the power OMG ALSO WHEN SHE MENTIONED HARRY I WAS so happy like Olivia I’m not even kidding I’m gonnna marry him you can use this as a video if you want 😂 ooo you’re welcome ✌️😘
hi you
hi you - 5 måneder siden
u can’t call us girly pops because Hayley Pham calls her subs that :(x
emma Stewart
emma Stewart - 5 måneder siden
What size did u get in your gymshark leggings x
I_luv_dogs Woof
I_luv_dogs Woof - 5 måneder siden
my cat is literally called tiger haha
Anna Stump
Anna Stump - 5 måneder siden
Girly pops is like Hailey Pham’s trademark
Honey Buns Xx
Honey Buns Xx - 5 måneder siden
Her energy is unreal and it’s funny bc I see me in her 😂
Georgievelyn - 5 måneder siden
These preparing for summer videos haven’t aged well
abdulmunim chowdhury
abdulmunim chowdhury - 5 måneder siden
That accent tho... LOVE IT!
Erin Ryan
Erin Ryan - 5 måneder siden
A cows milk is still given to a calf and the calf has to be taken away from the mam to prevent diseases the get off licking their Mam
Sara E
Sara E - 5 måneder siden
I dint fink you have tha facilities for tha big man
Nourah Dee.
Nourah Dee. - 5 måneder siden
lol watching this in June and only if you knewww olivia
Gabi - 5 måneder siden
amy d i x o n
amy d i x o n - 5 måneder siden
17:20 I DIEDDDD 😂😂
s e r a p h i n a . u n i t y
s e r a p h i n a . u n i t y - 5 måneder siden
if bees disappear the flowers and trees will die, then we die
Johanna Mark
Johanna Mark - 5 måneder siden
I literally checked if the speed was on 1,5x 😂
Chris & Lou
Chris & Lou - 5 måneder siden
Amazing – this made us give it a go! Check it out!
Jouri H
Jouri H - 6 måneder siden
Bob Duncan
Bob Duncan - 6 måneder siden
17:25 😭😭
Miane Lutge
Miane Lutge - 6 måneder siden
rosie joyce
rosie joyce - 6 måneder siden
"Right push through it , but don't push too hard cause you never know what might happen." That's great.
Rosine Mrndi
Rosine Mrndi - 6 måneder siden
My European ass not understanding the half of what she's saying 😂
kay flavius
kay flavius - 6 måneder siden
Mary Kate and Ashley ... you look like the young version of them .
Rohanna - 6 måneder siden
she. talks. so. fast.
Judge Julie
Judge Julie - 6 måneder siden
Catherine Tates Lauren
Emma Harris
Emma Harris - 6 måneder siden
This video about going on holiday didnt age well
courtney louise
courtney louise - 6 måneder siden
gurl if ur mum got called harry styles that's a compliment his stunning arghhhh
Emroyley - 6 måneder siden
where her ear rings from ?? love them
Miguel Reid Ruiz
Miguel Reid Ruiz - 6 måneder siden
Bro all insects feel pain HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Lily Crudden
Lily Crudden - 6 måneder siden
y she copying haley saying girly pops
Lily Ellender
Lily Ellender - 6 måneder siden
The fact she already is everything I want to be in life and she isn’t satisfied makes me want to dig myself a whole to live in and never come out
Hailey Hope
Hailey Hope - 6 måneder siden
Wait did she get “girly pops” from Haley Pham?
Ellie - 6 måneder siden
9:53 little did she know
Macy Kimani
Macy Kimani - 6 måneder siden
I’m always recommend Olivia and I DiD nOt expect the accent lmao
Em & Tea
Em & Tea - 6 måneder siden
youre so cute and funny omg
kacyjay mercer
kacyjay mercer - 6 måneder siden
just looked up the foreo and it’s 130 quid fucking hell
Riley Morgan
Riley Morgan - 6 måneder siden
lol i love you
Samantha Denise
Samantha Denise - 6 måneder siden
your energy is amazing
Regina Hay
Regina Hay - 6 måneder siden
Me: I’m gonna start doing this
Also me: *drinks a giant slurpee, eats a pizza with extra cheese and ice cream for dessert*
Ivory Coleman
Ivory Coleman - 6 måneder siden
Love the video but that statement you made about Bella hadid wasn’t it, she does eat really unhealthy almost everyday if you were to take a look at her Instagram story and stuff
Mona - 6 måneder siden
How old is she?? is she in high school? but then she can go to the club? I’m shook she’s so pretty
bonnie - 6 måneder siden
in the UK we can go to the club at 18 xx
Nushtash - 6 måneder siden
i thought i had you on 2x playback speed but its just you
Angel Ziu
Angel Ziu - 6 måneder siden
oh my god she talks way too much and really fast but I still watch her lol
Ava Steele
Ava Steele - 6 måneder siden
hahahha ur ab workout bit was so funny :)
agnes - 6 måneder siden
olivia: "i'm leaving coronavirus in 2019, that's just how it is"
little did she know...
The Ahahahahahsggvdygdvyfsvfsy
The Ahahahahahsggvdygdvyfsvfsy - 6 måneder siden
“I’m leaving corona in 2019” bitch you thought
Lydia M
Lydia M - 6 måneder siden
She’s a chatter box 😂❤️❤️❤️
Floralbeautyprincess - 7 måneder siden
I honestly can’t burp either and it’s so annoying I’m so Jelous of people who can
ThatShawKid - 7 måneder siden
She’s perfect for me I talk x1000 as well oops 😜
Erin Owen
Erin Owen - 7 måneder siden
You make me wanna go to the gym but I don't have the motivation, your iconic tho❤️ ps your mum is gorgeous