i dyed my hair blonde again

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i wanna church girl that goes to church and read ur bible
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Felipe Bruun Schmidt
Felipe Bruun Schmidt - 11 dager siden
It looks really good and natural
Felipe Bruun Schmidt
Felipe Bruun Schmidt - 11 dager siden
What hair dye did he use?
Diana Trejo
Diana Trejo - Måned siden
Yesterday October 6 2020. My Mom applied basically bleach on my hair. She applied L'OREAL PARIS in 73 DARK GOLDEN BLONDE with NEW Féria FASHION METALLICS 3X HIGHLIGHTS MULTI-FACETED SHIMMERING COLOUR Gentle, Deep Conditioning in ONE APPLICATION PERMENENT HAIR COLOUR. In the mirror my hair seems like a non-metallic violet with some brown bear the roots. But where there is still black it's dark. My hair is patchy because my Mom didn't section or tinfoil my hair. She just applied it put two hair clips to make it look like a bun. Also, my hair just looked like vaseline. I took a picture today in the mirror maybe in the late minutes of the 11nth hour. Then around 12 also, or maybe I took a picture in the mirror in the bathroom with my camera facing the mirror my hair was light brown chocolate looking at the under layers, and on top of the root with it being shiny. The black part in the picture looked really dark. I didn't bleed used warm water, and L'OREAL PARIS in Féria 4 POWER SHIMMER CONDITIONER GLISTENS and Hydrated REVITALISANT AMPLIFICATEUR D'ÉCLAT Hydrate et fair briller les cheveux in 1.7 FL. OZ/52 ml. I haven't took a shower in 9 days because of my period and to build up oils so my hair isn't damaged (it's a little fried and sharp). I'm going to wait until this upcoming Wednesday to take a shower and use warm water with just the L'OREAL PARIS Féria 4 POWER SHIMMER CONDITIONER GLISTENS and Hydrated REVITALISANT AMPLIFICATEUR D'ÉCLAT Hydrate et fair briller les cheveux in 1.7 FL. OZ /52 ml. My Mom gave me and ugly,red,feminine flannel with a button about to pop. However, it did for me. A chest protector from Sally's where a drop of bleach fell. And she followed the instructions to the box which where in Spanish and English stating you apply the bleach to the top first and then you leave it in for 25 minutes. Well, then that's my hair dye story. I dyed my hair before in August 2018 Garnier Indigo, and Schwarzkopf Metallic Violet as highlights because I didn't bleach my hair. So yeah, now I'm actually finished.
Diana Trejo
Diana Trejo - Måned siden
Today, October sixth 2020. My mom in my room dyed my hair blonde. I think it was L'Oreal. I don't know I was going to save the box, but my Mom throw it away. As well as the conditioner I used in the shower today after 8 days of not showering due to the fact I wanted to built up grease and I was on my period. My Mom did however leave the instructions. It came with pictures saying how to apply the "dye" (I'm pretty sure it was bleach it was the first time it burned) and the smell was like a very sweet champagne, with the ending of a strong fragrance. It also said how much it should be timed. My Mom didn't used tinfoil. She did use two big hair clips. My Mom advices me to not use shampoo, to exclusively only use the conditioner the dye had, and to use warm water. I listened to her. Since, I'm pretty sure it did contain bleach, since it is supposed to make varieties of brunette hair blonde. I guess she read the instructions and advised me to wait 25 minutes until I can take a shower. She gave me her ugly flannel which surprisingly fits me but a button on the breast area is popping out. I also took a warm shower. I took seven photos each of when the dye was applied, when my hair was wet from the shower, and when my hair was dried. They all have a metallic,pale chocolate highlight to it. Especially near the roots under the light in the bathroom. Except when it was applied I just had the faded metallic, violet near my roots (from my last dye) and it just looked like my Mom put smooth Vaseline on me. The two big hair clips she put on me looked like a bun. The box brand was silver and so was the conditioner give that came with it. Well, that's it I hope I'll remember my third dye job. Nobody knows. I don't have friends. I'm estranged from my family. Also, I only told my Mom directly. So, yeah.
Mona Al Asiri
Mona Al Asiri - Måned siden
I want to try this but they say it is harmful for the hair
Penny Drako
Penny Drako - Måned siden
Okay but how did u ask your hairdresser to dye your hair so it comes out like that like perfect perfection😂😂😂
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Hollywood Girl Ecommerce - 2 måneder siden
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indygirlie - 2 måneder siden
i’m getting blonde highlights in my natural honey brown hair so i’ll basically be a honey blonde girlie, omg i’m gonna be my little self again or my little brother aswell i’m so exited Bitch!!
Kaitlyn Mccann
Kaitlyn Mccann - 2 måneder siden
I’m laughing I’m getting my hair done tmr and want to see like how you go blonde since ive never been blonde and your second inspo pic is the exact one I sent my hairdresser
Cayla Court
Cayla Court - 2 måneder siden
half 9?....half 9?
Sparke - 3 måneder siden
I thought it was lexi hensler !
Faye Turnbull
Faye Turnbull - 3 måneder siden
Enya Fitzpatrick
Enya Fitzpatrick - 3 måneder siden
What size is this jacket luv
momshi_0taku - 3 måneder siden
her personality 💗
al dabaibeh
al dabaibeh - 3 måneder siden
you're soooo pretty ❤️
pm - 3 måneder siden
damnn you're accent
evie parada
evie parada - 3 måneder siden
You are so blessed to be this beautiful
Melisa Padilla Ayón
Melisa Padilla Ayón - 4 måneder siden
I realy speak spanish and i can't understend you.
You speak very fast :'v
Ana Catherine
Ana Catherine - 4 måneder siden
The 2nd Pinterest photo is actually the exact look I want for my hair.
Molly Veidman
Molly Veidman - 4 måneder siden
You suit brown hair more💖💖
Kaitlyn M
Kaitlyn M - 4 måneder siden
I might be the only one who loves her brown hair
Nicoletta - 5 måneder siden
I love the way she pronunces ,,hate" hahahah
Cece Cameron
Cece Cameron - 5 måneder siden
"i heeet butterflies" i love her
Celeste McDermott
Celeste McDermott - 5 måneder siden
serasane - 5 måneder siden
Amber Rose Fit
Amber Rose Fit - 5 måneder siden
Me about to die my hair totally blonde tomorrow too😳 hopefully I don’t ruin ittt👍😂
Holly Newbury
Holly Newbury - 5 måneder siden
Merch please, lots of love Charles on Holly’s phone
Amy Martin
Amy Martin - 6 måneder siden
What club is this? & what are the best clubs on each night to go to in Belfast? When I was in Belfast, I went to Ollie’s on a Fri night & it was expensive & sooo quiet until like 2am when it got busier but still dead tbh. Helpppp x x x
Katie louise
Katie louise - 6 måneder siden
i want my hair this colour and i have similar colour to your hair before. does anybody know whether this is bleached or coloured? like what did she ask for at the hairdressers? thank you x
Abi Grace
Abi Grace - 5 måneder siden
she gets it bleached i think
Tierna Maguire
Tierna Maguire - 6 måneder siden
What foundation stick does she use anyone know?😆
Anna B
Anna B - 6 måneder siden
Caoimhe Lalwor
Caoimhe Lalwor - 6 måneder siden
The most anxiety I have ever had .
Summer - 7 måneder siden
dude i want to be best friends hahaha
quinton wotsit
quinton wotsit - 7 måneder siden
who is emma chamberlain going out with ?
Lucy Edmondson
Lucy Edmondson - 7 måneder siden
Omg you come to my town!!!
Hannah Gonzalez
Hannah Gonzalez - 7 måneder siden
What shoes!!! There so nice? Xxxxxx
Subaru der Ehrenmann
Subaru der Ehrenmann - 7 måneder siden
Mrs. Bella...bischt dus
Bubbly Bubbles
Bubbly Bubbles - 7 måneder siden
Y are u Talkin so fast
briana roeder
briana roeder - 7 måneder siden
why is like every hair dressers name steven.
Bri Brianna
Bri Brianna - 7 måneder siden
No hate though, but don’t you try to hard
Lizzy - 8 måneder siden
Which Tiffany and co necklace are you wearing?
Ruby May
Ruby May - 8 måneder siden
What size is the carharrt fleece Xx
Emily Foster
Emily Foster - 8 måneder siden
i’m so confused, your friends don’t look 18 like how are you getting served drinks please tell me your secrets thankyou
Abi Grace
Abi Grace - 5 måneder siden
fake id’s
Felipe Bruun Schmidt
Felipe Bruun Schmidt - 8 måneder siden
Omg, your hair looks amazing XD. What hair dye did you use?
Celia Andree
Celia Andree - 9 måneder siden
I eat cold beans because of you :/
Patrycja Mańkowska
Patrycja Mańkowska - 9 måneder siden
Blonde is definitely YOUR color girl
Katie Whelan
Katie Whelan - 9 måneder siden
i have never related to something more than u hating butterflies
may rose
may rose - 9 måneder siden
8:50 she missed the chance... that is very much adequate
may rose
may rose - 9 måneder siden
olivia with short hair again
it’s a change
Drere Pouai
Drere Pouai - 9 måneder siden
I love that you haiiiit butterfly's
Evie McAneney
Evie McAneney - 9 måneder siden
i live in northern ireland too
Lucy K
Lucy K - 9 måneder siden
The song at the end bops
Aimee Gardner
Aimee Gardner - 9 måneder siden
"I would beat up a butterfly, no hesitation.'' - Olivia Neill
Caris - 10 måneder siden
you talk so freaking fast
A lina
A lina - 10 måneder siden
She reminds me so much of a German youtuber called Mrs Bella
Melissa Stone
Melissa Stone - 10 måneder siden
What about balayage?
Jessica Lewis
Jessica Lewis - 10 måneder siden
i cant understand her at allllll
Krishna - 10 måneder siden
Olivia actually has the most fun 😂😂🤩
Aspen Chatlin
Aspen Chatlin - 10 måneder siden
Usually I don’t like when people are super hyper but you are freaking FUNNY
Sofia A
Sofia A - 10 måneder siden
How have I never seen her before
Romy Hegarty
Romy Hegarty - 11 måneder siden
Where can I find this north face I love it but I can’t find it anywhere
Grace McSweeney
Grace McSweeney - 11 måneder siden
Anyone know where the blue jeans she’s wearing are from
cam tudo
cam tudo - 11 måneder siden
She's actually hilarious. Like why can't I be that funny. And why am I in love w her accent
anneina - 11 måneder siden
what are you talking about SAMBUCA SHOTS ARE AMAZING
KARMA - 11 måneder siden
first time on your channel and i love your personality lmfaoo me af
Elana Wheeler
Elana Wheeler - 11 måneder siden
I’ve been away at basic training for the army. I missed your videos 🤧
manon mcduffie
manon mcduffie - 11 måneder siden
for some reason i can see you on love island
ac_22 - 11 måneder siden
Does she remind anyone else of the irish emma chamberlain?
Caitlin Drake
Caitlin Drake - 11 måneder siden
Amelie_ 2 but like 110x better than EC
Sophie H
Sophie H - 11 måneder siden
Whats wrong with having ginger hair😔
Hannah O’Brien
Hannah O’Brien - 11 måneder siden
Why did I just buy a phone case with my name on it
Ryan Forde
Ryan Forde - 11 måneder siden
Ayshia Connolly
Ayshia Connolly - 11 måneder siden
Favorite YouTuber ever!!!! In the last day I’ve watched all your videos
dan moore
dan moore - 11 måneder siden
15:30 is the biggest mood
Ss Xxx
Ss Xxx - 11 måneder siden
Get a doughnut tattoo!! The ones you draw 😂😂❤️❤️
Ellie Bedford
Ellie Bedford - 11 måneder siden
if you ask for Olaplex at the hairdresser its an extra £30 but it means the bleach doesnt damage your hair. I've gone straight from brown to platinum blonde and my hair is in the best condition still x
Poppy Riley
Poppy Riley - 11 måneder siden
you sound like the derry girls programme i love your accent !
Rabia Idrees
Rabia Idrees - 11 måneder siden
Can you please do a fleece collection video. Like please
Fer nanda
Fer nanda - 11 måneder siden
Sorry I’m new here but is she Irish?
mikayla - 11 måneder siden
Northern Irish :)
Miss Keeks
Miss Keeks - 11 måneder siden
Love how she says 6999 words per minute 😹😹
Dannie X
Dannie X - 11 måneder siden
Yasmin Dan
Yasmin Dan - 11 måneder siden
you are unreal 😍
Kate Rawlings
Kate Rawlings - 11 måneder siden
“I’d beat up any butterfly no hesitation”🤣🤣
Shifa Voller
Shifa Voller - 11 måneder siden
I got so much anxiety every time you dropped your phone
Sinead Jones
Sinead Jones - 11 måneder siden
When are you uploading more videos ☹️☹️xxx
Eamon Robins
Eamon Robins - 11 måneder siden
You low key look like Rapunzel form tangled
Shannon Good
Shannon Good - 11 måneder siden
When are u going to next post !!??? ❤️❤️
Holly Whitfield
Holly Whitfield - 11 måneder siden
Your bloody peng stop saying your ugly. Also when you next posting hun been 2 weeks my life is boring asf without your vids 🤣🤣🤣
Paris Fisher
Paris Fisher - 11 måneder siden
who else would buy a 'live life breathe air' hoodie???
Emma Dykes
Emma Dykes - År siden
Hiii I’m new and your soo pretty🤩🤩
VladaxxxVlada - År siden
I needddd more videos 🥺🥵
Arianna Xx
Arianna Xx - År siden
When are u posing next ,I’m missing u 💕💕
Riley Sponberg
Riley Sponberg - År siden
Lol this girl is straight out of skins but a way better character than any of them😂😂
Lily McDonald
Lily McDonald - År siden
Where’s your jeans from, I love
White Queen
White Queen - År siden
Anyone know where her trousers are from ?
Ane - År siden
Every time I watch her I feel like I'm hearing Clare in Derry Girls.
Ryan Mccaul
Ryan Mccaul - År siden
Where are u from er
Jack Carroll
Jack Carroll - År siden
Do u know who eve and Fionn o Neil is they go to ur school
Usfoods72 - År siden
Hello Olivia, visit, Enjoy, Like and join my YUMMY SNACKS from the World Channel :) Thank you. Fabrice.
Imo Donlevy
Imo Donlevy - År siden
GORL can u get merch pls. Coz I need sum
Imo Donlevy
Imo Donlevy - År siden
I wanna be able to quote vines as good as u can
Isabel Pedley
Isabel Pedley - År siden
In in bed ill with a sore throat because I've been doing to much indi singing 😂😂