i spent £1000+ on tReNdY clothes*TRY ON HAUL*

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see what i did there it’s a scam
Insta : @olivianeill
places I got these clothes:
verge girl
the kript
beginning boutique
urban outfitters
pretty little thing
motel rocks
@vintagefizz on depop
@shopnelly on depop
@downrainbowlane insta
@chloeelliott.designs insta
Hi so as you can see from the video i put in this , racism is a huge issue not just in america but across the world. BLM is not a trend and it’s important that we continue to have these difficult conversations, sign petitions, donate, and educate ourselves and other. This movement has already achieved great things but we can’t stop now. You need to be actively anti-racist otherwise you may as well be taking the side of the oppressor. I link this all the time but i love this website for finding causes to donate to and petitions to sign. luv u
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Aman Umar
Aman Umar - 21 dag siden
I want this girl
Jessica Garswood
Jessica Garswood - Måned siden
Her voice is nothing like I imagined it I thought she would have sounded more like Flossie idk why aha
matt donald
matt donald - Måned siden
Hi there Olivia nice vid and you are cute too.
Kamal Sarngal
Kamal Sarngal - Måned siden
u look incredible ur the definition of perfection
Alex P
Alex P - Måned siden
Wow Sabber sabber und nochmal sabber soory in englisch 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋 Soooo beautiful love your eyes 👀👀👀
rosina - Måned siden
ur accent im so confused
maggie manning
maggie manning - 2 måneder siden
the black jeans low waisted looked amazing
nancy dpigr
nancy dpigr - 2 måneder siden
luv sort urself out x ur vegan but u support and promote slave labour xx okay babe kinda gross
Stella Smith
Stella Smith - 2 måneder siden
Can you do an Autumn haul loved this one
Mia xx
Mia xx - 2 måneder siden
love the little hannah montana sing-a-long
QuartzTide - 3 måneder siden
two weeks before ill wash the softness out of it lol (minimum)
Mrtuson1 - 3 måneder siden
i bought a lovely hat from the zebrentastore.com !
megan x
megan x - 3 måneder siden
*cries in poor*
Abby Tozer
Abby Tozer - 3 måneder siden
does anyone know if you have to pay a customs charge when ordering from the Kript to the UK??
Amber Robinson
Amber Robinson - 3 måneder siden
Yall should check out ‘emotionless gang’ they sell super cute perfect trendy clothes- great for cute ig pics! use code ‘AMBER’ (all caps!) for £££ off!
Amber Robinson
Amber Robinson - 3 måneder siden
Yall should check out ‘emotionless gang’ they sell super cute perfect trendy clothes- great for cute ig pics! use code ‘AMBER’ (all caps!) for £££ off!
alice jones
alice jones - 3 måneder siden
Stop being hilarious, you are making me cry with laughter 🤣🤣🤣 froloking across your bloody room 😂🤣 I’m pissing miself 😂❤️
Curse Curse
Curse Curse - 3 måneder siden
Anonymous Fbl
Anonymous Fbl - 3 måneder siden
she looks a bit like cammie scott sometime. so pretty!
Eliana Pizano
Eliana Pizano - 4 måneder siden
You look like Hanna Montana from afar😂 literally so beautiful
Kayla Tolmie
Kayla Tolmie - 4 måneder siden
Olivia is the definition of adhd 😹
Ellis Lawrie
Ellis Lawrie - 4 måneder siden
“I will beat up your nan...”

Chloe Xoxo
Chloe Xoxo - 4 måneder siden
Gil Rueda
Gil Rueda - 4 måneder siden
When you quoted Cotton eyed joe, I felt that on another level😌🤚
TheArtistKat - 4 måneder siden
Love your videos!!
Grace Hart
Grace Hart - 4 måneder siden
anyone else have to watch her videos in 0.5 speed lmao
jessmurff - 4 måneder siden
Chaos from start to finish. Loved it. Subbed
Sophie Jane
Sophie Jane - 4 måneder siden
Girl the figure on you and your personality, *exquisite*
Meadow Shores
Meadow Shores - 4 måneder siden
This is the first video I've watched and I was like she talking real fast lmao loves her channel all ready 😋😘
Tia Southwell
Tia Southwell - 4 måneder siden
do you have to pay tax for verge girl and the kript? xx
Cate Grace
Cate Grace - 4 måneder siden
Omg that place at the protest is my town I’m embarrassed🤦🏻‍♀️
clem w
clem w - 4 måneder siden
must be nice having 1k spare 😭
Diana Stage
Diana Stage - 4 måneder siden
u r so pretty omggg
izzy drakard
izzy drakard - 4 måneder siden
What is the grey zip up hoodie on asos called?xx
Inez - 4 måneder siden
where did you get the necklaces you're wearing from?
Lavender Raiyn
Lavender Raiyn - 4 måneder siden
I’ve only watched one of her videos and now I’m obsessed with her personality help
Sam Marie
Sam Marie - 4 måneder siden
i laughed out loud so many times especially when you walked in the corner omg
Erin Heywood
Erin Heywood - 4 måneder siden
Pls consider who made your clothes and how much they are NOT getting paid xxxxx
Cassidy Douglas
Cassidy Douglas - 4 måneder siden
we also have the same accent as Jamie Dornan !!🤍
Rugile Alexis
Rugile Alexis - 4 måneder siden
okay but her ABS!
abbee wright
abbee wright - 4 måneder siden
okay the fact she looks absolutely amazing in everything is like killing me i’m a 4 in boob tubes and those bandanas don’t fit me ☹️ sad
nice - 4 måneder siden
just to let you know since you support the blm movement, brandy melville is actually racist and they like discriminate against their like employees that are poc x
Molly Orme
Molly Orme - 4 måneder siden
Where is the white cardigan Fromm
kelseys world_xx
kelseys world_xx - 4 måneder siden
When you saw your neighbour I was like: I thought I was the only one looool
May H
May H - 4 måneder siden
Where did they come from where did u go where did u Come from cotton eyed joe I DIED a hahahahahah 👏👏👏
Catarina VD
Catarina VD - 4 måneder siden
Customs are borders for packages basically and when something comes from out of the EU or your country the package can be randomly selected to stay in customs and u need to pay. It’s a random selection (the reason I know this is bc I’m the luckiest person ever and EVERYTHING I order gets stuck there 😭)
Phoebe Brookes
Phoebe Brookes - 4 måneder siden
Where are all of ur cropped cardigans from they are so gorgeous xxxxx lysm
Harper Honey
Harper Honey - 4 måneder siden
Anyone know where the grey hoodie was from??
Lucy M
Lucy M - 4 måneder siden
What size did you get the honey chilli hoodie in?
Rhiannon Sitton
Rhiannon Sitton - 4 måneder siden
more respect for you when you spoke about those nasty racists ❤️
Querencia.tv - 4 måneder siden
thanks for sharing. Got some inspiration 👏
hungry giraffe
hungry giraffe - 4 måneder siden
when you walked to the corner I lost it
Esme Vaughan
Esme Vaughan - 4 måneder siden
i want all of this 😍😍😍😍
Isabelle Thomson
Isabelle Thomson - 4 måneder siden
Anyone else find themselves talking acting like her? Just me oh well, so like Olivia can we be friends
Meghan Shivers
Meghan Shivers - 4 måneder siden
As your are from North Belfast and haven’t already put anything up about the disappearance and heartbreaking news of the finding of Noah Donohoe, you should feel obligated and responsible to post out of respect for him and his family. you need to use your following and platform to spread awareness and stand up for Noah and his family’s rights. The right to life. There is a go fund me page which helps cover funeral cost and i think you and your followers would really make a difference x
Kayla Young
Kayla Young - 4 måneder siden
does anyone know what size she got the grey jumper in xx
Wiki K
Wiki K - 4 måneder siden
My favourite kind of nights are binge watching all of Olivia's videos! 😍
박은혜 - 5 måneder siden
She literally looks like a model
Newtube - 5 måneder siden
Yeah you're all egalitarian and all that until they move into your neighborhood and start wreaking havoc. Let's see how your stance changes then.
Julie lovesBreadsticks
Julie lovesBreadsticks - 5 måneder siden
in which size did she get all of that?
elisha macy
elisha macy - 5 måneder siden
That business outfit with some chunky white shoes would b a look
Has - 5 måneder siden
if you wash the hoodie in salt water it'll stay soft girl
Ashlee Lungenyi
Ashlee Lungenyi - 5 måneder siden
👇🏾 this is how many times she said wee
Madzlois 3
Madzlois 3 - 5 måneder siden
it’s quite silly how badly i want a friend like Olivia
Madzlois 3
Madzlois 3 - 5 måneder siden
does anyone know where her necklaces are from? xx
Erin Leathers
Erin Leathers - 5 måneder siden
ok but you have better energy than emma chamberlain
Emillie Pringle
Emillie Pringle - 5 måneder siden
anyone know what these sunglasses are called off plt? xx
Sian Kerry
Sian Kerry - 5 måneder siden
That's it, diet starts today. Would KILL to look this good in all these clothes omg
Grace O'Malley
Grace O'Malley - 5 måneder siden
Walks into the corner 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ece Kalemoglu
Ece Kalemoglu - 5 måneder siden
I love your accent
Cerys and Kacey
Cerys and Kacey - 5 måneder siden
lets be honest. I would have better style if I wasn't so big and felt confident in my body
sabasayswhat - 5 måneder siden
Waiit where is the irredescent blue dress from at the start??
m r
m r - 5 måneder siden
i can't find the hoodie :(
m kb
m kb - 5 måneder siden
im blue daboodee had me cracking up at 12:17
torihartin - 5 måneder siden
How did you get the money for your flat deposit 😅
florence marshall
florence marshall - 5 måneder siden
I literally love you
lokicho - 5 måneder siden
the way she just wonders to the fucking corner has me rolling
R R - 5 måneder siden
that protest was in hertfordshire, we are literally the most racist county its disgusting
Queen 101
Queen 101 - 5 måneder siden
What’s your accent?
fiona - 5 måneder siden
nina delaq
nina delaq - 5 måneder siden
i love your vids but please try and talk slower
Alice Munson
Alice Munson - 5 måneder siden
Where’s your mirror from I’m obsessed xx
Meg x
Meg x - 5 måneder siden
The pinstripe co ord is my fav thing you bought!!!!
annie m
annie m - 5 måneder siden
Karington - 5 måneder siden
just posted a shein haul where my friends rate the clothes 🤣 go check it out if u tryna watch sum 😩💞
Maddy Rathbone
Maddy Rathbone - 5 måneder siden
this is extremely unethical, please consider the quality and ethical side of purchasing large quantities of 'trendy' clothes. Supporting fast fashion is supporting slave labor. Not only are you being part of the problem but knowing you have an influence is encouraging it. Request that you educate yourself and use your influence for good and for the better of the planet. Good to see that some items are from depop
Bonnie Delahunt
Bonnie Delahunt - 5 måneder siden
How did you start a yt channel make a vid
Ocean dolores
Ocean dolores - 5 måneder siden
Are you from Northern Ireland by any chance, just because you sound like your from the north,
mortenmoicmoi gladys123
mortenmoicmoi gladys123 - 5 måneder siden
shut the fuck up please!!!!!
Iona Scott
Iona Scott - 5 måneder siden
Obviously it’s difficult to not but from these places. But most of these brands industries are built on exploitation, as well as relying on discrimination,racial oppression, cultural appropriation to succeed. I find it difficult to find the correlation between promoting blm and anti-racism and reviewing clothes which have been made purely by exploitation of minorities and poc.
Kate Ogle
Kate Ogle - 5 måneder siden
am i the only one who absolutley died after she walked into the corner from making eye contact with her neighbour then ended up laughing about it for the rest of the video
Kinsley C
Kinsley C - 5 måneder siden
I don't think the red and white dress is too long but it could be shorter, it looks good as it is tho!!
marblecracker -
marblecracker - - 5 måneder siden
my cheeks are hurting so much for smiling so much in this video i love it
Renad Amara
Renad Amara - 5 måneder siden
bruh... i love you
Oliver McCusker
Oliver McCusker - 5 måneder siden
i need to stop answering olivia's rhetorical questions. it's becoming a problem.
Millie Sauka
Millie Sauka - 5 måneder siden
The men were from Hertfordshire as someone from there we don’t claim them
lara - 5 måneder siden
olivia calling her grey jacket the honey chili jacket i-
lara - 5 måneder siden
olivia ur ABS‼️👑
Aya Manana
Aya Manana - 5 måneder siden
Kinda giving me emma chamberlain vibes
Emily Ostrowski
Emily Ostrowski - 5 måneder siden
i think she’s on drugs but i’m here for the energy
Connie Sue
Connie Sue - 5 måneder siden
Obsessed with your videos!! Actually highlight of the week when you post! Feel we’d be such good friends. Very similar personalities. You definitely inspired me to start my own channel! 💛