i went on holiday twice in one week

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make sure u watch the videos me flossie and Kate did on their channels to find out teaaaa
insta - @_olivianeill
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afsana begum
afsana begum - Dag siden
why did lewys actually look like a baby last year
emma willy
emma willy - 2 måneder siden
thought she watched of mice and men on the projector😂
Cayla Court
Cayla Court - 2 måneder siden
"we ordered two craps!"
Charlotte Williams
Charlotte Williams - 3 måneder siden
2020 could never.
Shmem Potatoes
Shmem Potatoes - 3 måneder siden
I literally go to the school where Summer Heights High was filmed
Hannah Laverty
Hannah Laverty - 3 måneder siden
are curry super noodles vegan ?
Honey Buns Xx
Honey Buns Xx - 5 måneder siden
Donuts 😂 tbf that’s something I do not donuts but shit like that
Wilta Gabriel
Wilta Gabriel - 5 måneder siden
What hapnd ?
Wilta Gabriel
Wilta Gabriel - 5 måneder siden
Maja Meysen
Maja Meysen - 5 måneder siden
you can get iron pills
Georgia Olusi
Georgia Olusi - 5 måneder siden
how can someone have soooo much energy??? I love it
Celeste McDermott
Celeste McDermott - 5 måneder siden
olivia how r ur teeth so white telllllll
Mia Bramble
Mia Bramble - 6 måneder siden
Omg at school for lunch we go to Sainsbury’s and I get hash browns, it’s a problemm
Emily Bauer
Emily Bauer - 6 måneder siden
she’s inspired me to learn a northern irish
K8 - 6 måneder siden
Binge watching her the whole way through quarantine
Robert - 6 måneder siden
Put the meth pipe down!! Step away from the baggie
Poppy Riley
Poppy Riley - 7 måneder siden
room tour
Sophie MacGibbon
Sophie MacGibbon - 7 måneder siden
post more!!
Aamnah Kamran
Aamnah Kamran - 7 måneder siden
"what do english people wear" literally dyingggg
Abigail Smith
Abigail Smith - 7 måneder siden
yesterday I watched one, today i have watch 5 of her videos
Filippa Ulrikka Schytz
Filippa Ulrikka Schytz - 7 måneder siden
i literally have a crush on her personality
Ririlarov - 7 måneder siden
is it bad that i can tell that's a meltdown toastie
mayumi - 8 måneder siden
people with the coronavirus be like
Shannon Gall
Shannon Gall - 8 måneder siden
Where is that black fluffy jumper from😍
Alex Toes
Alex Toes - 8 måneder siden
You might have post viral fatigue, I have it and it’s really hard to diagnose it took doctors 4 years to diagnose me
Michaela Griffin
Michaela Griffin - 8 måneder siden
I love u
Kate Vernall
Kate Vernall - 8 måneder siden
I ditched maths cos it’s maths then my maths teacher saw me at lunch and was like you are a disappointment so I’m really living my best life how I love maths
Sophos Nugget
Sophos Nugget - 9 måneder siden
Listening to you talking about Birmingham and Prism as someone from there is brilliant
bonnie chadwick
bonnie chadwick - 9 måneder siden
fully am vibing for olivia neil
Zoner1nz - 9 måneder siden
4:20 tumors suck out iron as it feeds them.
Natalya Mai
Natalya Mai - 9 måneder siden
The funniest youtuber ive seen for a while, literally binge watched your videos
Ami Roberts
Ami Roberts - 10 måneder siden
You’ve not uploaded in 2 weeks IM DYING😭
Julia - 10 måneder siden
No way, Summer Heights High is the best show ever invented.
octobertwos - 10 måneder siden
how did they find out about the growth? lowkey think i have one bc im looking at the symptoms, or im just being a hypochondriaAaAaAc
Justus3 Dear
Justus3 Dear - 10 måneder siden
Your absolutely hillerious 😂
Geraldine Kimm
Geraldine Kimm - 10 måneder siden
olivia reminds me of a movie star planet character and im living for it
Milskittle -
Milskittle - - 10 måneder siden
The music in brum pryzm is THE worst 😔😔😔 you should've went to snobs they do inDie muSiC 🤩🤪
Yari Luz
Yari Luz - 10 måneder siden
9:46 “you don’t have an option”😭🤦🏻‍♀️
Amy Jones
Amy Jones - 11 måneder siden
lol ‘I got it from PrEmaRk’
JHolland - 11 måneder siden
For real what’s ur friend who was at the airports @ lol
Lozzie - 11 måneder siden
I’ve been grounded for the past 2 months and I come back to all these videos arghhhh 💕😂💕
Grace Damaceno
Grace Damaceno - 11 måneder siden
omggg I loveee herrrrr😭💞
Sn1p3rrr sn1p3rrr
Sn1p3rrr sn1p3rrr - 11 måneder siden
I swear your basically me but female 😂
Laceyhennock - 11 måneder siden
If it’s not Andrew your going with, I’m going to #fuckingdie
it’s Ween
it’s Ween - 11 måneder siden
Omg Olivia I’m so sorry to ask but what camera and editing software do you have I’ve literally been trying to start my channel since 2013 and my idiot self just keeps buying softwares that don’t do what I want :( I know you’ve got a lot to read through but I hope to hear back from you thank you ilysm XX
444 han
444 han - 11 måneder siden
can you post more i’ve literally just watched All your videos
Sophie H
Sophie H - 11 måneder siden
WHY ARE WE THE SAME PERSO AGHHH i literally always used to say ‘live life, breath air, somehow i know im gonna get there’ randomly and i literally always get wedges and a naked smoothie after school lmaoo rjenrnrnrnr
sofia gomez
sofia gomez - 11 måneder siden
Nina - 11 måneder siden
When she said she looked like Lenny I nearly died
Lisa Townley
Lisa Townley - 11 måneder siden
Where’s that fluffy black sweatshirt from 😍
Emina Ragipović
Emina Ragipović - 11 måneder siden
"She hates animals" as a vegan I felt this girl it be like that
Meg x
Meg x - 11 måneder siden
How old is she? By “school” does she mean sixth form?
ItzAlex - 11 måneder siden
Meg x 18
Mollie Luisa
Mollie Luisa - 11 måneder siden
The doughnut part really put me over the edge lmao
Emily F-S
Emily F-S - 11 måneder siden
Does anyone know where her womper stompers are? X
annie martha
annie martha - 11 måneder siden
just wanted to let you know that i was searching for a studytuber and i accidentally typed in "olivia neill study with me" and ive never laughed so hard hehe love u
Niamh Antinisia
Niamh Antinisia - 11 måneder siden
Lorna mossman
Lorna mossman - 11 måneder siden
“ I have a growth in my brain “ ..... “ oh well “
Charlotte Southon
Charlotte Southon - 11 måneder siden
I absolutely adore you omg best person ever
Charlotte Southon
Charlotte Southon - 11 måneder siden
"What do English people wear?" hahahahaha stop
Imogen Swan
Imogen Swan - 11 måneder siden
she sounds like Erin from Derry Girls
Lady074 - 11 måneder siden
Please someone tell me what the pink drink she's always drinking is!!!
Lucy Vallely
Lucy Vallely - 11 måneder siden
we're literally the same person down to the tan Longchamp bag with the equally as filthy bottom
Brittney Speechley
Brittney Speechley - 11 måneder siden
It’s pigmentation I use to have it on my back from the sun and I just let it go away on its own
Sienna Harper
Sienna Harper - 11 måneder siden
Joseph W
Joseph W - 11 måneder siden
Can we have accurate subtitles plz
Leagh Whelan
Leagh Whelan - 11 måneder siden
such an underrated youtuber!OBSESSED
Tara Russell
Tara Russell - 11 måneder siden
do a school vlog xxx
Ellie Hesford
Ellie Hesford - 11 måneder siden
Is she vegetarian because I thought she was vegan
Emily Ford
Emily Ford - 11 måneder siden
Literally my favourite YouTuber! My boyfriend always wants to join in watching you too, ur so funni xx
ayala - 11 måneder siden
I’m so annoyed you went out in Birmingham on the Friday and I went out on the Saturday ahhhhh
Marykate Doherty
Marykate Doherty - 11 måneder siden
I literally love yoy
Marykate Doherty
Marykate Doherty - 11 måneder siden
I meant to say yoy instead of you
Lily Holley
Lily Holley - 11 måneder siden
I’m officially obsessed
Eve Rose
Eve Rose - 11 måneder siden
13:26 why did that "hey" not look like it came from the blonde girls mouth even though it did, lmao
Georgina Curley
Georgina Curley - 11 måneder siden
Love pryzm club 🙌😂
Noémie Clerc
Noémie Clerc - 11 måneder siden
who thinks she looks a so much better naturalll?!? NO MAKEUP girl
Jazz Paviour
Jazz Paviour - 11 måneder siden
She talked so fast my computer glitched lmao
love ur vids v much!
Amy Beth
Amy Beth - 11 måneder siden
Where did you get your black jumper from at 3:10 its gorgeousness
Jennifer Dunn
Jennifer Dunn - 11 måneder siden
"I may be iron deficient but I'm still a bad bitch 😙✌️"
Katy Gibbs
Katy Gibbs - 11 måneder siden
she speaks to fast how to do i understand her
Gary Baxter
Gary Baxter - 11 måneder siden
like indie is my fluent accent
alice cockrell
alice cockrell - 11 måneder siden
Olivia those spots on your chest look like precancerous spots. Stop using tanning beds they are unhealthy.
Colton Whitehouse!
Colton Whitehouse! - 11 måneder siden
20 mins from Birmingham 🤣
Sarah Marie
Sarah Marie - 11 måneder siden
Literally had to play this on 0.75 speed
Zubaidah - 11 måneder siden
“What do English people wear?” 😭😭😭😭
lucy mcguire
lucy mcguire - 11 måneder siden
as if you went to pryzm out of all the places you can go in brum town ffs olivia :D love you but bad choice
Nevaeh x
Nevaeh x - 11 måneder siden
Oh I live in Birmingham omg
Kalesha - 11 måneder siden
how old is she
Strongbow Dark fruits
Strongbow Dark fruits - 11 måneder siden
Yeah don’t go to Birmingham
razan alr
razan alr - 11 måneder siden
i actually checked if i had the video on fast mode because she talks so fast lmaoo
buzz b
buzz b - 11 måneder siden
lmao psoriasis?
Renad Amara
Renad Amara - 11 måneder siden
Oh my goodness I’ve been trying to find the song at 2:08 for so long what’s it’s name
Rose May
Rose May - 11 måneder siden
Renad Amara chamber of reflection - Mac DeMarco xx
Aaliyah xo
Aaliyah xo - 11 måneder siden
Low Iron Squad 🤚🏽
Eleanor Rhodes
Eleanor Rhodes - 11 måneder siden
I tries to put my hair in a bun and put some small hoop earrings in like Olivia and I actually looked like a chavvv😂
Panda Pad
Panda Pad - 11 måneder siden
I had low iron then went vegan and my levels are good now! Eat spinach !
Ashley Carolan
Ashley Carolan - 11 måneder siden
I live in Birmingham and yes... there's a lot of knife crime😂
Maya Ddraig
Maya Ddraig - 11 måneder siden
OK but she is THRIVINGGG
NCAFC Caitlin
NCAFC Caitlin - 11 måneder siden
No ketchup in the fridge.... good girl 🤝🤝❤️❤️
Martina Tymora
Martina Tymora - 11 måneder siden
omg you’re vegan?
Boringexoticlife - 11 måneder siden
Was watching this on my side and a booger just fell outta my nose ew
Yeah - 11 måneder siden
Jack was there (Roadtrip)
Ashleigh X
Ashleigh X - 11 måneder siden
Nahhhh just have molasses with cacao powder in porridge and your iron will fly