making myself look naturally pretty

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also thank u @tanyakhanaesthetics for making my skin thrive we have to stan 😌💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼
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Scarlett Coburn
Scarlett Coburn - 4 dager siden
violently ill... maybe because you’ve eaten greek yogurt and soup and that’s it 😂
Scarlett Coburn
Scarlett Coburn - 4 dager siden
you don’t need validation from the comments don’t worry about how you look you are so beautiful xx
Hayley Evans
Hayley Evans - 20 dager siden
I love your channel ❤️
Cool Person
Cool Person - 27 dager siden
Ur sooo pretty don’t shame yourself also my cousin knows u!
Angharaddd :3
Angharaddd :3 - Måned siden
Why was this in my recommendation
Abbie Rose
Abbie Rose - Måned siden
You are literally a naturally pretty girllll😭😭 I would literally give ANYTHING to look like you :(
amber livings
amber livings - 2 måneder siden
You kill me 😂
Hollywood Girl Ecommerce
Hollywood Girl Ecommerce - 2 måneder siden
...Hot Italy
B HXR1 - 2 måneder siden
I literally fancy you so much
Hannah P
Hannah P - 3 måneder siden
She’s already gorgeous though lol. I’d look like a trash bag next to her
Trixi - 3 måneder siden
I live for this accent
ifyouknowme youdont
ifyouknowme youdont - 3 måneder siden
There is not one video of hers that isn’t hilarious😂😂😂😂😂
garrigproductions - 3 måneder siden
Oh dear glad you put the hood back up quick. May I just ask, did you ever consider just shaving off all of your hair and going with no make up whatsoever???, I think you could do it and still be beautiful actually, just my opinion......
Grace Yates
Grace Yates - 3 måneder siden
she’s irish emma chamberlain
alice chaplin
alice chaplin - 3 måneder siden
you’re gorgeous 🥺
Emily Banner
Emily Banner - 4 måneder siden
You are the most naturally beautiful person I have ever seen! Perfection!!😭🤩😍
Julia Kahombo
Julia Kahombo - 4 måneder siden
4:23 omg im literally crying is it just me who found that so funny 😂😂
Agnese - 4 måneder siden
You’re soo prettyyyy 😍😍😍
tomandstuff - 4 måneder siden
Why would u do that u already r pretty
Ruby George
Ruby George - 4 måneder siden
the amount of memes u know makes me love u so much more than i already do, genuinely love it and also i look different irl too dw but i’m sure ur amaze x
Bronté Kelleghan
Bronté Kelleghan - 4 måneder siden
You are naturally pretttyyyyy T,,,T
Idontkno_o - 4 måneder siden
Is it just me or did she still look like a queen before she got everything done 👑
Cassandra-Dimitra Pantelidis
Cassandra-Dimitra Pantelidis - 4 måneder siden
Ive been binge watching your videos and you are prettier than Madison Beer and i wanna look like you okay that is all xoxo
A. Eve
A. Eve - 4 måneder siden
You know what I think? Depression.
emmie - 5 måneder siden
Your already naturally pretty !! ❤️🥺
María Francisca Reyes Gajardo
María Francisca Reyes Gajardo - 5 måneder siden
Emma vibes
Carly Davenport
Carly Davenport - 5 måneder siden
Stop da black coffee only drank it for years it’ll ruin your beautiful teeth❤️❤️❤️
Grace Devlin
Grace Devlin - 5 måneder siden
Seen her a few months ago in the town and she's just as stunning in person

Didn't have the balls to go up to her tho hate myself for it sm
N K - 5 måneder siden
You would look sooo good with a long bob.If you go through an e-stage I highly recommend!!!
sirius_raider - 5 måneder siden
If u have to MAKE urself look naturly pretty..... Its not natural
Violet • 52 years ago
Violet • 52 years ago - 5 måneder siden
It’s make yourself LOOK naturally pretty....not make yourself naturally pretty
Annie Mcgurren
Annie Mcgurren - 5 måneder siden
So pretty
martha mason
martha mason - 5 måneder siden
the practise sprints are killing me
Steve Briggs
Steve Briggs - 5 måneder siden
Nose ring, lose it!
rosie x
rosie x - 5 måneder siden
where’s your hoodie from?? i literally love it 🤩
cerys williams
cerys williams - 5 måneder siden
but you are naturally pretty 👁👄👁
Marykate Doherty
Marykate Doherty - 6 måneder siden
I had an ingrown toenail too🥵🤬🤯🥶🤐🥱😴🤤😵
Bob Plex
Bob Plex - 6 måneder siden
Hatake Kurama
Hatake Kurama - 6 måneder siden
You kinda remind me of Sophia Lillis !
AshyMK - 6 måneder siden
do you wear contacts because those eyes though
almond milk is bae
almond milk is bae - 6 måneder siden
r u a VSCO girl ?🤭🤭
Florence B
Florence B - 6 måneder siden
I’ve watched this same video 3 times in the last week
Florence B
Florence B - 6 måneder siden
You’re the only YouTube’s I’m subscribed to. That’s saying something
Emily Lillehagen
Emily Lillehagen - 6 måneder siden
You should try “Olaplex” for your hair it’s fantastic for dyed hair and breakage ect. , look it up xx
Kia Rosina
Kia Rosina - 6 måneder siden
0:38- 'Today we are going to naturally enhance our appearance' Olivia already standing there looking like a goddess 😭😂
Aidan Ryan
Aidan Ryan - 6 måneder siden
Ur funny AF lmao
olivia phillips
olivia phillips - 7 måneder siden
Olivia, I will give you my toe to replace yours to look like you hun so wanna trade :) xxx
P1CK1E - 7 måneder siden
14:08 did she say the n-word?
MiderWr - 7 måneder siden
I've had enough. Did I just see an instagram model sitting in a nice car crying about going to the gym? Do we need a war THAT bad? How did I even get here?
RD Hofstee
RD Hofstee - 7 måneder siden
just had to re visit this video as i now have an ingrown toe nail and can officially like OFFICALLY consider myself apart of the toeneill and i feel this is the appropriate way to express, thank you 🤪
Lydia Gibbie
Lydia Gibbie - 7 måneder siden
Omg u are beautiful ❤️😍
Emily Anne
Emily Anne - 7 måneder siden
Haaa don't worry i did the same with Lucifer! I got through half the first episode and was confused, have i missed something? can't believe they only have s4 on netflix and not the other pervious ones lol
seryn booker
seryn booker - 7 måneder siden
If she thinks she's ugly, what does she think us mediocre people look like?
Turquoise Baddie
Turquoise Baddie - 5 måneder siden
The sad thing is she would most likely think they are beautiful, but self criticise herself the most
Heena Khan
Heena Khan - 7 måneder siden
Ur are naturally pretty
CLAUDIA ESPINO SANCHEZ - 7 måneder siden
Sun beds can give you cancer😢! Be carefuk
Sophie Howe
Sophie Howe - 8 måneder siden
olivia is saving me during quarantine she is the light at hte end of the tunnel
Restari_x - 8 måneder siden
you kinda look like Perrie Edwards with the makeup on
I think it's the contour
R8 Drvr
R8 Drvr - 8 måneder siden
Losing the nose metal, would help!
eve theobold
eve theobold - 7 måneder siden
L. Adams and you felt the need to comment this because ??? loool
christabel opoku
christabel opoku - 8 måneder siden
you were and are already pretty
Eve Boyle
Eve Boyle - 8 måneder siden
what a pretty gem
Kieran lee
Kieran lee - 8 måneder siden
Hi, Pls could u check out my first youtube video. we could all do with a little help lol. its called Making/consuming VEGAN iced coffee & burritos (Bored while SELF ISOLATING). might entertain you for a little bit in this very boring time ;) ;) link : .

thanks xxxxx
Erna Solberg
Erna Solberg - 8 måneder siden
its really sad that young girls think they have to change themselves to become pretty. You are already gorgeous!
Blanca Martin
Blanca Martin - 8 måneder siden
Thas a frase in Spanish, and it mines good morning girls
Lola-Pearl Shaylor
Lola-Pearl Shaylor - 8 måneder siden
Legit she is more pretty without makeup no joke!!
Ilana Fallas
Ilana Fallas - 8 måneder siden
Estelle Boo
Estelle Boo - 8 måneder siden
I drink black coffee but I make the calories up by eating a lot
Caitlin Rae
Caitlin Rae - 8 måneder siden
This video is cool and all but did you know that 15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance
Laura VanderKlippe
Laura VanderKlippe - 8 måneder siden
I’ve never been to a gym once in my life but that gym part was still so freaking relatable goodness me
Avari Kendrick
Avari Kendrick - 8 måneder siden
I’m a toeneill
Pola - 8 måneder siden
She is soo pretty...naturally wtf is she talking about 😂
Rene Clover
Rene Clover - 9 måneder siden
It's called jealousy. Any negative word about your looks that doesnt come from your momma is just jealousy. [ sometimes peoples mamas]
Lily Tyson
Lily Tyson - 9 måneder siden
can we take a minute to just listen to her gag on the greek yogurt? I was on the floor x
Lili Harvey
Lili Harvey - 9 måneder siden
i'm in love with your accent and your gorg!! love ur videos xxx
j ryan
j ryan - 9 måneder siden
1:19 LOL
Aoife mcatamney
Aoife mcatamney - 9 måneder siden
r u from belfast
cassandra difabio
cassandra difabio - 9 måneder siden
I hate when pretty girls call themselves ugly , like girl if you looked like me in the morning, you’d wish you wouldn’t be saying that shiiiii, ily tho your my fav🤍🤍
Sofea Levan
Sofea Levan - 9 måneder siden
100k till 1m views🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Abi Spencer
Abi Spencer - 9 måneder siden
I think she would be perfect on love island!!!!
Mochiichu - 9 måneder siden
This is clickbait because she was already so gorgeous from the beginning💕
Wendy Marie
Wendy Marie - 10 måneder siden
Just randomly came across this video. You’re so funny!😂❤️
Zuzia - 10 måneder siden
nah she’s literally gorgeous didn’t need owt
Bethany Henry
Bethany Henry - 10 måneder siden
You are already naturally beautiful!!
stfu - 10 måneder siden
I wish I was as iconic as u lol
some cool girl on the L train
some cool girl on the L train - 10 måneder siden
Scottish girl gossip
rhiannon perry
rhiannon perry - 10 måneder siden
at 8:33 i got a snapchat notification the same time as u
ainsleyvant - 10 måneder siden
I love her but half the time I cant’t understand what she is saying with her accent 😂
Aoife Carty
Aoife Carty - 10 måneder siden
Your not just pretty you like could be a model pretty don’t let jealous person get you love you Queen 🤗😍😘😇😇💋🐠
Taylor Paulino
Taylor Paulino - 10 måneder siden
the amount of vine references you know is honestly impressive
Bo Ottawayy
Bo Ottawayy - 10 måneder siden
I can’t be the only person wondering how you got a subbed under the age of 18?! I want one!
Amy Bennett
Amy Bennett - 10 måneder siden
anyone else think her foundation really doesnt match her skin tone??
SHAMSA SS - 10 måneder siden
Your foundation is yellow 👩
Katy Breen
Katy Breen - 10 måneder siden
SHAMSA SS it’s the lighting
amy davidson
amy davidson - 10 måneder siden
shout out to ethans mum who done ur lip fillers months later x
Łé.łítt - 10 måneder siden
Help me I’ve got school tomorrow 🙄x
Annabelle h
Annabelle h - 10 måneder siden
Lucifer season 1-4 free amazon
Isla Ruby
Isla Ruby - 11 måneder siden
You don’t need this, I would die to be as pretty as youuuuuu 💖
Mari Foster
Mari Foster - 11 måneder siden
fuckin slag
riley parks
riley parks - 11 måneder siden
why can’t u have eyelash extensions or your nails done? 💀
Kimberly Sferle
Kimberly Sferle - 11 måneder siden
Omg..... you are literally a mixture of Emma Chamberlain and Summer McKeen, wow I'm-

Btw I'm not comparing her to any of them, but fr their personality tho
Lyla Lee
Lyla Lee - 11 måneder siden
The ending thoooo... we don’t get to see the bar hopping anymore? No more gravy train??? I need answers
F4T4LFUS1ON - 11 måneder siden
You are so naturally beautiful, you are just generally a perf angel but your eyes are just omg PERFECTION *imagine you indie sang the word perfection, that's how I wanted it to sound haha* and you are soooo funny like I just wanna be your friend, I think meeting you irl would be like the highlight of my year
Wiktoria Carbone
Wiktoria Carbone - 11 måneder siden
You’re the prettiest Youtuber out there!