moving out at 18

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I am not a tory!
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duh - 12 dager siden
not a London queen
FILTHY DOC - 13 dager siden
Can u please do a full apartment tour when your house is all done n decorated would love to see it
izzy c
izzy c - Måned siden
there’s literally a homesense in Belfast 😭😂
Hro - Måned siden
lmao that was a loud fart
Hollie J
Hollie J - Måned siden
Homesense in Derry leaves the chat!
YouTube Account
YouTube Account - Måned siden
Lily Grace
Lily Grace - Måned siden
I’ve literally watched lewys’ Hollywood fix scene like 1000 times & been in fits every time bahaahsshhs
mia cardwell
mia cardwell - Måned siden
omg i want wagamama now
Amy Harg & Co
Amy Harg & Co - Måned siden
This is the goal for my life. Laughs 24/7. Adopt mEE
Sydney Atakliyan
Sydney Atakliyan - Måned siden
where did she get the vest !!!
melodyofsoul - 2 måneder siden
Giving a like for the cutie lewys
Live Love Lena
Live Love Lena - 2 måneder siden
Is TK-maxx, and Homesense, the English versions of TJ-maxx and Homegoods?
Tumisang Mokhale
Tumisang Mokhale - 2 måneder siden
You speak incredibly fast😩 a natural rap god wow
ritchie edgar
ritchie edgar - 2 måneder siden
Mint new place thear go you sexy girl
Harz77 - 2 måneder siden
She’s fucking class 😂
cherry - 2 måneder siden
i feel like that should be me but you know the simulation players are kinda mean to me
Loz & Ez
Loz & Ez - 2 måneder siden
The vibes in this video are immaculate 👼🏼
I love all your videos !!!🤍
I also have a channel 🥺 ( I acc hate myself for saying this but we have to shoot our shot ❤️)
Hustlenhrt - 2 måneder siden
10:07 🤣🤣🤣🤣
princess life
princess life - 2 måneder siden
How can you move out knowing u leaving ur aging parents behind seems so selfish to me
ur moms a hoe
ur moms a hoe - Måned siden
girl hush
Yasmin Quirke
Yasmin Quirke - 2 måneder siden
wait olivia can acc sing if she proper tried ahha
Jo Sanchez
Jo Sanchez - 2 måneder siden
Girl can't sing... Enjoy things won't last for ever.
Rosie Sliwinski
Rosie Sliwinski - 2 måneder siden
Where does all the clothes from her outfit with thr black vest come from?
Summer Yallop
Summer Yallop - 2 måneder siden
Nice to have you in England luv xxx
Natasha Jackson
Natasha Jackson - 2 måneder siden
Obsessed with your vlogs 🖤🖤
Bill Zidis Films
Bill Zidis Films - 2 måneder siden
Now again in English 😂
Throw Back
Throw Back - 2 måneder siden
10:04 12:55
Kat Wilson
Kat Wilson - 2 måneder siden
her mother ahaha "yOu WanT tO bE iNdEpEnDeNt..."
Meghan Muppala
Meghan Muppala - 3 måneder siden
OMG I'm meghan with an H :')
Carl Jackson
Carl Jackson - 3 måneder siden
Hi baby you r so hot and very very very sexy I am in love with you baby xxxxxx 🌹💋🌹💋🌹💋🌹💋🌹💯💯💯💯💯💯👫👫👫👫👅👅👅👅😘😘😘😘😘😘😘👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
emma joanne
emma joanne - 3 måneder siden
olivia saying it’s hot in london like no luv we’re still cold here
Mya Green
Mya Green - 3 måneder siden
‘Because I’m a Tory’ nearly had a panic attack , LOVE U GIRLSSSSSSSS
Amira - 3 måneder siden
not my london she called a ✨tropical✨ climate
Lauren Rowe
Lauren Rowe - 3 måneder siden
Her dog isnt ugly. Thats an ugly attitude 🙄
aykut pelvan
aykut pelvan - 3 måneder siden
Am i bothered.!!!!Does this face look bothered!!!!.Am i bothered though?lol
Melissa Stone
Melissa Stone - 3 måneder siden
Im so excited to move now hahaha obsessed with watching moving videos 😁😁
Layla Ashcroft
Layla Ashcroft - 3 måneder siden
10:06 want that as my text tone
Washer Dryer
Washer Dryer - 3 måneder siden
Get rid of the nose ring.
Tamara Jovanic
Tamara Jovanic - 3 måneder siden
Don't get used to the weather lol
KeepingUpWithSaoirse - 3 måneder siden
New sub 🥰 this is the first video I’ve seen of yours and I’m in loveeeee I’m also an Irish YouTuber
lexi jerin
lexi jerin - 3 måneder siden
steer clear of chavs luv!!!
Michaela Breslin
Michaela Breslin - 3 måneder siden
I love the vlogs!! They have a homesense in derry xx
Aleandra V
Aleandra V - 3 måneder siden
LMAOOOO the beginning had me dying she was talking so fast
Tan Ali
Tan Ali - 3 måneder siden
Is it me or she speaks really fast?
MrSilverPants68 - 3 måneder siden
Humankind is doomed
Lou Ripp
Lou Ripp - 3 måneder siden
Have you ever driven to drive
mulac baer
mulac baer - 3 måneder siden
bet her dad runs with the kinahans... bare money.. n can't sing for shit.
K C - 3 måneder siden
you need to learn how to do each other's accents ☺
Maddie Broadbridge
Maddie Broadbridge - 3 måneder siden
does anyone know where her black zip up hoodie is from or where I can find an oversized zip up hoodie???? xx
regina phalange
regina phalange - 3 måneder siden
Flossie looks like the Benadetto girl from ‘The Fall’
Dani P
Dani P - 3 måneder siden
did you know Flossie's middle name is Bitchess xxx
Jo Sanchez
Jo Sanchez - 3 måneder siden
Okay I'm going to be honest, my friends and I are not digging your last few videos to be honest we love them so much more when you didn't have a boyfriend and you were totally spontaneous. Now it seems everything is planned and scripted. Anyway were not trying to be mean just that's the way we see it. We have decided to unsubscribe to channel for a while and check back in at the end of year.
Molly Kidd
Molly Kidd - 3 måneder siden
excuse me what why
Aisling Carroll
Aisling Carroll - 3 måneder siden
Anyone else love Olivia , flossie and lewys friendship on tiktok
Nancy Galloway
Nancy Galloway - 3 måneder siden
come visit me PLEASE
Hannah England
Hannah England - 3 måneder siden
Hope London is treating you well😙
Hannah England
Hannah England - 3 måneder siden
Love you queen keep thriving xo
Hannah England
Hannah England - 3 måneder siden
You give me energy and I’m here for it
Taya Melia-Smith
Taya Melia-Smith - 3 måneder siden
Olivia: "it's 25 degrees here I'm not use to this tropical climate"
Me: Laughs in Australian
Emily Ritchie
Emily Ritchie - 3 måneder siden
Everyone sub to makemeupmissa she's amazing at makeup
Emily Ritchie
Emily Ritchie - 3 måneder siden
Everyone sub to makemeupmissa she's amazing at makeup 💄
Loïe Matthews
Loïe Matthews - 3 måneder siden
900 th comment xxxx
Darkolic - 3 måneder siden
dssembler - 3 måneder siden
Did you idiots quarantine?
Adrian Walker
Adrian Walker - 3 måneder siden
No idea who the hell you are. I started watching your video because you looked hot but then I got bored. Bye
John Lukas
John Lukas - 3 måneder siden
I mean not much worry if all goes wrong she can just make an onlyfans
hmm - 3 måneder siden
Tiktok money is no joke
Mia McDonogh
Mia McDonogh - 3 måneder siden
Olivia there’s a home sense in cork u silly goose 😹
Margaux ETIENNE - 3 måneder siden
ohhh trust me London is not 36 degrees and sunny the winter is HARSH😭😭😭😭
Chloe Moore
Chloe Moore - 3 måneder siden
wanna be friends with you both so badly omg
Mimi Cook
Mimi Cook - 3 måneder siden
I wish I was Olivia!
lololo lolol
lololo lolol - 3 måneder siden
Are you like scottish?
Loulixious MSP
Loulixious MSP - 3 måneder siden
35 degrees and sunny, what London are you going to?😂
Lowri’s Life
Lowri’s Life - 3 måneder siden
No like legitimately it’s been absolutely boiling
rach - 3 måneder siden
Olivia sis homesense is in Ireland lol
CYBERQUEEN - 3 måneder siden
strange little girl who talks way too fast with super shaky camera...
India J
India J - 3 måneder siden
I’m so unbelievably jealous i dont move until October
holly whitehall
holly whitehall - 3 måneder siden
Contagious Crafts
Contagious Crafts - 3 måneder siden
AHAHHAH I thought I was the only done who does the thing at 11.50 AHAHhaH
🤍 - 3 måneder siden
yesss lewysss is here woooo
RunnyDoor - 3 måneder siden
How spoilt can someone be
Freya Williams
Freya Williams - 3 måneder siden
olivia pls meet me in central at about 3 on sunday yh see you there xxxx
Clara Martí Fortea
Clara Martí Fortea - 3 måneder siden
why does her wardrobe look like a lift? like the doors idk
Liv VanWyck
Liv VanWyck - 3 måneder siden
this vlog was so fun omg my fav
Pizza Hut Delivery During Lockdown
wtf is she waffling on about? Boring person so why has this waffling girl got so many views?
Jaime Crook
Jaime Crook - 3 måneder siden
“Not used to this tropical weather” (in London) Everyone in Australia laughing lol love you tho babe xx
Maisie Crossley
Maisie Crossley - 3 måneder siden
But still depends on mummy and daddy too bye her things
Leah Prendergast
Leah Prendergast - 3 måneder siden
Olivaaaaa theres a home sense in dublin
Cole Evans
Cole Evans - 3 måneder siden
Let’s be honest, Olivia is living the life we all wanna be living
Veronica Goetz
Veronica Goetz - 3 måneder siden
So jealous oh my goodness😭😭
John Smith
John Smith - 3 måneder siden
Not sure how I got here or who you are, but you're very beautiful, and you have a very positive aura about you! I wish you success!
Becca Katerina
Becca Katerina - 3 måneder siden
if i dont see olivia on the 2 days i go to college in central london i will be well bloody upset😪😪
Rosie - 3 måneder siden
please start a podcast i know it would be so good xx
partyslothpuppy - 3 måneder siden
HOW CAN YOU BLAME YOUR MOM FOR NOT CHECKING INTO YOUR FLIGHT!?!! At 18?! Not cool. Girl - you're your own parent now. Time to check in for yourself. You're so smart, you can do it!
Mark Langford
Mark Langford - 3 måneder siden
How did YT decide I might want to watch this drivel? Are the algorithms switched off tonight
Esther .O
Esther .O - 3 måneder siden
Wait you're British? I thought you were American by the thumbnail
ella jardine
ella jardine - 3 måneder siden
no she is irish
Freddie - 3 måneder siden
Did they break up?
Sofia Rasmussen
Sofia Rasmussen - 3 måneder siden
Such a beautiful apartment!
Freya Bano
Freya Bano - 3 måneder siden
why is no one talking about the ‘i am not a tory im not a tory !’
Molly Elert
Molly Elert - 3 måneder siden
someone pls tell me where her jeans are from
Sukapuka - 3 måneder siden
where can I get the same necklace from?? the one with your own namexxx
Mark O Reilly
Mark O Reilly - 3 måneder siden
My friend aisling really likes your videos, can you please reply saying hi to her!!😃🙏🥺
Irene's ShowTube
Irene's ShowTube - 3 måneder siden
hi olivia ilysm aaaaaa you are so cute