my catfish makeup routine + Q&A

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hey guys its just ur human ashtray here x
insta - @_olivianeill
Runtime: 15:05


Ellen Drew
Ellen Drew - 3 måneder siden
im really late but sis your irish. And yes your right, everyone likes us irish better teehee
Willow Mchugh
Willow Mchugh - 4 måneder siden
If someone said I will kill 2 chickens or you have you eat 1 would you eat 1 ?
kemi howe
kemi howe - 4 måneder siden
congrats on 500k!!!!!!
Lydia - 5 måneder siden
i can’t believe how much she has grown in just 9 months, i mean she looks so much younger in this video looking back? and she’s lost weight in her face even though she’s always been skinny
Fresh Towels
Fresh Towels - 5 måneder siden
you don't need any makeup
Emma Mistrate Haarhuis
Emma Mistrate Haarhuis - 6 måneder siden
Elmo Films 🥺🤤
Aiesha Begum
Aiesha Begum - 6 måneder siden
Wait you want to be a pilot?
Lili Trigg
Lili Trigg - 6 måneder siden
as if you need to wear catfish makeup! prettiest girl cani have your face pls x
Kia Rosina
Kia Rosina - 6 måneder siden
I am actually crying with laughter rn 😂 I love her so much 😂😂😂
Marnie Scatchard
Marnie Scatchard - 7 måneder siden
Emma chamberlain did that dance before you.... who’s gonna tell her ahahahahaha
amy walsh
amy walsh - 7 måneder siden
is anyone else watching these again in quarantine? cos same, ily olivia
Sarah Griffith
Sarah Griffith - 7 måneder siden
Lois Hutt
Lois Hutt - 7 måneder siden
anyone know where that phone case is from?? ty
Alex Saunders
Alex Saunders - 7 måneder siden
Better without makeup I rekonnn
Rebecca Moan
Rebecca Moan - 7 måneder siden
If you don’t aspire to be this girl your living your life wrong
Sophia Neumann
Sophia Neumann - 7 måneder siden
Imagine how fast she’d talk after drinking a cup of coffee
나즈 - 7 måneder siden
you're literally the girl from You season 2 we need a transformation vid
Ellie O'Flaherty
Ellie O'Flaherty - 7 måneder siden
everyone do yourselves a favour and put the subtitles on for this video I'm dying lmmmaaaooo
Nat Demarchuk
Nat Demarchuk - 7 måneder siden
I don't put on makeup to look the same... MOOD phaha laughing to myself is fun
Mubanga Chisanga
Mubanga Chisanga - 8 måneder siden
I have never heard or seen anyone talk so fast in my life.
Mia Dennis
Mia Dennis - 8 måneder siden
Her: “I changed my Instagram bio to professional indie singer”
Me: *goes straight to her instagram*
She wasn’t lying
Sophie Grima
Sophie Grima - 8 måneder siden
what’s ur sc
official rebekahkah
official rebekahkah - 8 måneder siden
omg wtf you funny i cannot
Emma Buchanan
Emma Buchanan - 8 måneder siden
i rewatched the bit about ur dad using u as an ashtray a million times n a can’t stop laughing man hahahahahaha
annabelle jennings
annabelle jennings - 8 måneder siden
Pola - 8 måneder siden
Her: primer doesn't work anyway so fuck it
Every make-up artist: left the chat
Janis Canales
Janis Canales - 9 måneder siden
But you r pretty
Megan Gourlay
Megan Gourlay - 9 måneder siden
HAHAHAHA you are so funny 💕x
grace denver
grace denver - 9 måneder siden
concluded this girl is actually my inner consciousness that just says what comes to her head
Bynx - 9 måneder siden
Fuck off catfish she's literally stunning with out her make up on.
Mia Kane
Mia Kane - 9 måneder siden
i thought i was the only one who's terrified to fall asleep in school because i think i'll fart HAAHAHAHAHHAA
Emily Blake
Emily Blake - 9 måneder siden
Elmo films 😍😍😍
Maryanne Wyles
Maryanne Wyles - 9 måneder siden
🤣🤣🤣 You should go into comedy ❤️
Safa Khan
Safa Khan - 9 måneder siden
No one:
Olivia: “ImAgInE fArTiNg In YoUr SLeEp?!!!???” 🤯😳
“I hAvE f*CkInG nIgHtMaReS aBoUt ThAt”

P.S. small YouTuber 🥺💗
Ella Kay
Ella Kay - 10 måneder siden
i thought this speed of the video was on 1.5 but she just talks that fast lol
_be.there.for.you_ - 10 måneder siden
rose - 10 måneder siden
Olivia does actually have ADHD right? Or is it just high energy lol
Shelby Vlogs
Shelby Vlogs - 10 måneder siden
She talks so fricken fast 😂
Eloise Clarke
Eloise Clarke - 10 måneder siden
Is she joking about the private school thing?
Amy Ann
Amy Ann - 10 måneder siden
Eloise Clarke no, here in Northern Ireland we don’t really have private schools but we have grammar schools which you can donate to
Sebastian Lopacinski
Sebastian Lopacinski - 11 måneder siden
she looks so much better without make up
Gianna Namo
Gianna Namo - 11 måneder siden
she’s so hyper LMAOO
Amy Hutchison Lauder
Amy Hutchison Lauder - 11 måneder siden
Amy Hutchison Lauder
Amy Hutchison Lauder - 11 måneder siden
To the first years I would have been like ‘fuck off you look about 5 and even if I am a Vsco girl Which I’m not your a basic bitch sooo’
tranquility base hotel & casino
tranquility base hotel & casino - 11 måneder siden
i keep doing that dance i think emma chamberlain? little bit
BKM - 11 måneder siden
i never say i’m british i always just say i’m scottish. easier cause people hate english folk
Amy Hutchison Lauder
Amy Hutchison Lauder - 11 måneder siden
BKM sameeee
Lauren Grace
Lauren Grace - 11 måneder siden
I think she’s so stunning naturally, literally beautiful without makeup!
Hannah Luxton
Hannah Luxton - 11 måneder siden
Lauren Grace so true !!!
Fozi Naeem
Fozi Naeem - 11 måneder siden
You talk really fast
Lucy K
Lucy K - 11 måneder siden
Only person who can pull off a middle part tbh
Yara El Hachem
Yara El Hachem - 11 måneder siden
Breath between phrases
It’s Jada
It’s Jada - 11 måneder siden
Can we just talk about how fast this girl talks? 😅
Ana Gutierrez
Ana Gutierrez - 10 måneder siden
That’s Jeida litterally thought the speed on the video was the problem
Carolina Lozano
Carolina Lozano - 11 måneder siden
8:21 the funniest yet most traumatizing story i've ever heard god bless
Puck Alkema
Puck Alkema - 11 måneder siden
how can someone be so funny
lara davidson
lara davidson - 11 måneder siden
Where is your phone case from x
Kylie Lynch
Kylie Lynch - 11 måneder siden
You talk so fast 😂😂😂
Tom Jeffery
Tom Jeffery - 11 måneder siden
This girl is actually the only 10/10 I've ever seen
Abi Newport
Abi Newport - 11 måneder siden
Tamzin Hutton
Tamzin Hutton - 11 måneder siden
Damnnnn u talk well fast lol
IL LCK - 11 måneder siden
Girl you are NOT a catfish you're hot af with our without makeup
Galataya Faith
Galataya Faith - År siden
"I think I'd have to throw it away"
Emma Hill
Emma Hill - År siden
I’m not hating I like your videos and u as a person but please could you speak a bit slower because I’m finding it hard to understand
Rozella S
Rozella S - År siden
Is she talking or rapping through out the video??
Rozella S
Rozella S - År siden
"I don't put on makeup to look the same." -Olivia 2019
ELjohn Films
ELjohn Films - År siden
you are so relatable and really funny. starting to be a fan
Harriet Lowe
Harriet Lowe - År siden
You’re so pretty without makeup honestly
Emma van Dijk
Emma van Dijk - År siden
'My hydroflask if I may' hahahah
Isaa Aaa
Isaa Aaa - År siden
Her and maura from love island are hilarious are all Irish people this funny???😭😭😭😭
Isaa Aaa
Isaa Aaa - År siden
She is hilarious 😭😭😭😭😭
Isaa Aaa
Isaa Aaa - År siden
She is hilarious 😭😭😭😭😭
Thad On PC
Thad On PC - År siden
How old are u
Amy - År siden
What shade is your lipstickkkkkk, it’s soooooooo pretty 😍😍😍
khyla - År siden
idk if any of you have ever seen skins, but she reminds me of effy's friend the night they were sneaking out lol! super cute tho
Karlee Graham
Karlee Graham - År siden
y tf u be talking so fast tho. its not a race I can't even understand what u are saying.
Alisha 1
Alisha 1 - År siden
What foundation is that?
Nienke Jansz
Nienke Jansz - År siden
dont take lipfillers, your lips suit your face! youre gonna look like every insta girl otherwise. Be yourself!
kelsey ann
kelsey ann - År siden
1:00-1:22 never related to anything more in my life
Charlene .W.
Charlene .W. - År siden
Ur literally the definition of natural beauty. Ur just unbelievable stunning.
Rebecca Conway
Rebecca Conway - År siden
I am weak, like wheezing
Sabine Grootegoed
Sabine Grootegoed - År siden
Okay this gal is crack up
Karlijn B.
Karlijn B. - År siden
Holyshit you talk so fast, cant relate haha
tiana Jovanovic
tiana Jovanovic - År siden
i'm trying to keep up
Emma Darling
Emma Darling - År siden
You are so pretty 🥰🥰
Sara García Cañada
Sara García Cañada - År siden
omg she's got such a crackhead energy.. I love it
Astrid Dubus
Astrid Dubus - År siden
how old are u ?
Samar draws
Samar draws - År siden
Anyone check the speed of the video? and surprised that it's normal. OMG I love her!
Me Me
Me Me - År siden
How can you be so beautiful even without make up (actually I think you look better without, but you look stunning in both ways)
Ava Edwardson
Ava Edwardson - År siden
I just really like your personality you know
Claudia Aifuwa
Claudia Aifuwa - År siden
I thought she lived in Australia
cool gurl
cool gurl - År siden
how old is she? xx
Kiki Kitsinis
Kiki Kitsinis - År siden
i just watched the last video where she cried outside the gym and the ad before this video was for a gym is it a sign? who knows
Eirinn O Donovan
Eirinn O Donovan - År siden
I’ve binge watched every single one of you videos can you please upload more
Ciara Slattery
Ciara Slattery - År siden
where's your dress from xo
Lea Aarrestad
Lea Aarrestad - År siden
I'm convinced that you were the inspiration of Derry Girls and I love it
lola mumford
lola mumford - År siden
Omg tommy is in love island uk
im_ mia
im_ mia - År siden
This proves that James Charles is annoying cuz she speaks faster than him and I’m pretty sure I wanna marry her so
Tiffany Dietz
Tiffany Dietz - År siden
this is the first video I watched of you and I already love you
Amelia G
Amelia G - År siden
You speak faster than James Charles
Camelia Huszar
Camelia Huszar - År siden
She talks soo fast😭😂
cynth - År siden
8:22 I have abs from laughing at that
Amy Leigh
Amy Leigh - År siden
youre gorgeous ! weird question but where is your phone case from?? xoxoxo
Grace Matilda
Grace Matilda - År siden
just get them fillers girl. I got them first at 18 and now im 22 and still get them x