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garrigproductions - 3 måneder siden
Have just searched back for your oldest videos and watched this along with the two previous two to this. It seems to me Olivia from these three videos alone that you have a really wonderful talent for 'visual vocabulary'. Please keep that more precious to you than your sunbed and your make-up bag......
Sophie Teje
Sophie Teje - 3 måneder siden
Tb to when Olivia was a travel vlogger
Josie T.
Josie T. - 5 måneder siden
making me high key miss Paris :(
Hannah Kehoe
Hannah Kehoe - 6 måneder siden
These travel blogs are so satisfying
sarah mclaren
sarah mclaren - 7 måneder siden
Her fake tan is literally blackface in this vid
Jem123 - 7 måneder siden
Cool vlog! Were your feet tired after walking all day in those birkenstocks?
Eloise Mace
Eloise Mace - 7 måneder siden
little did she know she would become unhealthly addicted to sunbeds and end up getting an average of three a week and truly damaging her skin while sunbeds and being shy became her brand but you know live life breath air
sarah rosebuds
sarah rosebuds - 4 måneder siden
lolol chill on her, your jealousy is showing
Elin Alkefjäll
Elin Alkefjäll - 10 måneder siden
You are living my dream
Sophie Evans
Sophie Evans - År siden
ok but this video is so aesthetically pleasing like wow i love it
Kaci Roberts
Kaci Roberts - År siden
Love your videos💕think you should do more videos🥰 maybe like clothing hauls? or something because your so likeable and funny x
Nina - År siden
Now I’m home sick
Maddi Tate
Maddi Tate - År siden
this is such an amazing video, given me heaps of inspo for Bali end of this year :)
Samantha Lion
Samantha Lion - År siden
Name of the song ???? 😭😭😭💖
One Feature
One Feature - År siden
Ana Denise Thanks! ❤️
killjoy ana
killjoy ana - År siden
One Feature that was really sweet of you to say that at the end!
One Feature
One Feature - År siden
Samantha Lion it’s 5:32 PM by The Deli. Hope you’re doing fine and have a good day!❤️
KK - År siden
ughh so pretty😍
Charlotte Doyle
Charlotte Doyle - År siden
Where abouts did you stay because it looks gorgeous!!
akstrr - År siden
Marco Manso
Marco Manso - 2 år siden