pink transformation *EXTREME GLOW UP*

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Celeste McDermott
Celeste McDermott - Måned siden
Lizzie Cook
Lizzie Cook - 3 måneder siden
Imagine knowing 70 people
Kobie Kearns
Kobie Kearns - 3 måneder siden
She said that she didn’t want to show us the pink hair we could see it in the thumbnail😳😹
Kobie Kearns
Kobie Kearns - 3 måneder siden
Is nobody gonna talk about how the Luna mini 3 is €159 😳
Alicia Thraves
Alicia Thraves - 4 måneder siden
You are better at singing than madison beer 😭xxx
Saniyah - 5 måneder siden
12:39 Debby Ryan who?
Katie Nicholls
Katie Nicholls - 5 måneder siden
Be my friend pls
Fatima Isa
Fatima Isa - 5 måneder siden
Me rewatching olivia's video in quarantine
Wendy Garnett
Wendy Garnett - 6 måneder siden
Lowkey addicted to this channel
Grace Bennett
Grace Bennett - 6 måneder siden
I can’t stop watching you! Your amazing and so entertaining💕
Carlie Bank
Carlie Bank - 7 måneder siden
Everyone get you a friend like Elise who will tell you when your hair look bad 😂
Charlotte Harding
Charlotte Harding - 8 måneder siden
You remind me of Billie ellish
Caoimhe Doody
Caoimhe Doody - 8 måneder siden
whats the pink dye called sis xo
Ella L.
Ella L. - 8 måneder siden
The beginning of ‘girlipops’ ❤️😌
Jackie Myburgh
Jackie Myburgh - 8 måneder siden
What’s your tic tok
Karate Kiera7
Karate Kiera7 - 8 måneder siden
I’m from Galway 😊
Eabha Mac manus
Eabha Mac manus - 8 måneder siden
Yessss absolute legend! Digging it❤️❤️❤️
official rebekahkah
official rebekahkah - 8 måneder siden
im scared if i keep watching your video am i gonna get an accent lmao but i cannot stop lol
Saibh Breen
Saibh Breen - 9 måneder siden
Can you please start saying where your clothes are from in the description x x x
Ellie Symss
Ellie Symss - 9 måneder siden
You’re my favourite person ever
Lewis Ayre
Lewis Ayre - 10 måneder siden
I'm 52 and what is the point of this?
Kat Virk
Kat Virk - 10 måneder siden
Kimberley Tuffour
Kimberley Tuffour - 10 måneder siden
The amount of times her accent changes i can’t tell where she’s from
Natalia Choroś
Natalia Choroś - 10 måneder siden
What hair dye did you use?
Hannah Brochocki
Hannah Brochocki - 10 måneder siden
What pink dye did she use? Anyone know it's looks sooo hot 😍👌
Charlotte Chant
Charlotte Chant - 10 måneder siden
i am literally inlove with you and your videos, you deserve the world
Tasha Jones
Tasha Jones - 10 måneder siden
what pink dye did you use?? I have been wanting to get my hair this pink colour for ages, but can't find a dye
shelley wood
shelley wood - 10 måneder siden
what camera do you film with and how do you edit ?
Zoe1223 - 11 måneder siden
this is pRiMe crackhead energy
grace madeline
grace madeline - 11 måneder siden
of COURSE she’s a libra
grace madeline
grace madeline - 11 måneder siden
what is her zodiac sign
Praksy - 11 måneder siden
I feel like she’s speaking a whole different language and so it takes three additional seconds for anything she says to translate in my head
jesnia rao
jesnia rao - 11 måneder siden
erica kate.
erica kate. - 11 måneder siden
OMGGGGG dragon soop😍whyyyy is it not in rep of Ireland
Molly Seddon
Molly Seddon - 11 måneder siden
what hair dye did you use??????
Anna Marsh
Anna Marsh - 11 måneder siden
Omg it suits you 🤦🏼‍♀️
Fowisa Canter 12
Fowisa Canter 12 - 11 måneder siden
dead !!! at pop each other’s assholes
Ro Langley
Ro Langley - År siden
Dreams Xo
Dreams Xo - År siden
Have the pink hairrrrr
Katherine Valentine
Katherine Valentine - År siden
U just gave me such a spoiler in euphoria fuck u
Nicole Mejia
Nicole Mejia - År siden
Omg you talk so fast 😂
April Taylor
April Taylor - År siden
What’re you diagnosed with?
yerenny espinoza
yerenny espinoza - År siden
Where’s your braclet from
yerenny espinoza
yerenny espinoza - År siden
Okay but you’re the funniest person
Lisa Becker
Lisa Becker - År siden
You speek way too fAst
Lolly Vlogs
Lolly Vlogs - År siden
I like it
Lolly Vlogs
Lolly Vlogs - År siden
I like I
Baby girl 01
Baby girl 01 - År siden
u talk so much and i love it
Alana Giles
Alana Giles - År siden
How did you watch euphoria
Donught Cake
Donught Cake - År siden
wait let me get one with a dragon soop
Heather Wright
Heather Wright - År siden
‘My finger slipped and i accidentally invited 70’ 😂
noa - År siden
8:08 ‘eh this bitch’s mental breakdown lasted two yers’ THAT SENTTT MEEEE
Ade Ekhator
Ade Ekhator - År siden
is elyse her sister?? 😂
Olive Endacott
Olive Endacott - År siden
I actually love you, make my day
Lucy Clarke
Lucy Clarke - År siden
Plsss can you tell me where that red Adidas jumper is from ? Been Tryna look for it everywhere xx
Laura Hudson
Laura Hudson - År siden
please talk about getting a nose ring in a video :)
Larissa Louback
Larissa Louback - År siden
I have the biggest crush on you oh no
Kirsty - År siden
You sound like you have a Belfast accent but are trying to put on a posh accent???? If I was you I’d just embrace the Belfast accent lol
Zoe Latimer
Zoe Latimer - År siden
is it just me or is she the the first person you've ever seen who can pull of pink hair
niamh - År siden
i did not expect that accent haha
maddi a
maddi a - År siden
Elena Carr
Elena Carr - År siden
I love it you n word
Sadie Price
Sadie Price - År siden
what lashes do you use? X
Enisa Qela
Enisa Qela - År siden
Why are you acting like Emma chamberlain
Isabellejdnsnmw Pringdnejs
Literally my favourite YouTuber ngl
Krysta Renae
Krysta Renae - År siden
You’re on a different level of pretty 🥺
Hayden - År siden
Xx - År siden
Allikaye - År siden
What in the fuck is dragon soop is that like a four loko in america someone help
Kenzie - År siden
use coconut oil in your hair like use it as a hair mask, leave it in for as long as possible and then wash your hair it will save your hair. but also maybe cut a bit cut off so the ends aren’t strangely.
Kenzie - År siden
you need to 100% get a wet brush that will help your hair a a lot. when i saw you pick up that paddle brush and start brushing your hair and it was wet i was like 😖😖
Katharine Stephens
Katharine Stephens - År siden
You remind me of Lucy Boynton so much and I’m here for it
Ellie Walker
Ellie Walker - År siden
U trying to hide the fact that video isn’t sponsored by the clensing pink thing has made my day 😩
Georgia Yarham
Georgia Yarham - År siden
where did you get your hoodie??🤤🤤🤤
Nora Ray
Nora Ray - År siden
Also why do you have to dye it brown? Why can’t you just use a hair mask? Khiels olive oil hair mask is amazing
Krista Fisher
Krista Fisher - År siden
wait do u have tik tok
Nora Ray
Nora Ray - År siden
Did your double cartilage piercing hurt/take a long time to heal? How did you take care of it? Can you talk about it and if you plan on getting any more piercings in the future?
Katrina Wallach
Katrina Wallach - År siden
ella may
ella may - År siden
Would anyone subscribe to me cause I have no friends 🤣🥺
robyn - År siden
Claudia Webster
Claudia Webster - År siden
shes literally the prettiest person ever omg. if i could look like anyone it would be here i love herrr
Summer ///
Summer /// - År siden
Do u have adhd or something lol
Eleanor - År siden
What dye did you use please?x
Mya xoxo
Mya xoxo - År siden
what hair dye did you use????
Charlotte Bibby
Charlotte Bibby - År siden
Looks rose gold
Ava Sohr
Ava Sohr - År siden
wow. she really just spoiled euphoria for me
Nicole Slav
Nicole Slav - År siden
Hi! I’m trying to become a YouTuber and I would love and appreciate if you can watch and subscribe!!!
Minnie Mackay
Minnie Mackay - År siden
you are literally so gorgeous its completely not fair
Christopher breaux -
Christopher breaux - - År siden
Orkar sor wor orht of the shoahr
Alora Garrett
Alora Garrett - År siden
First video of yours, and I'm already subscribed!
Lili Nagy
Lili Nagy - År siden
I’m sorry but she speaks SOO MUCH i fhe only one who noticed?😅
robyn - År siden
it’s,,, a youtube video do u expect her to sit silently
Imogen Grace
Imogen Grace - År siden
I love her 😂😂
danielle - År siden
LOVE your accent
Sahar Malik
Sahar Malik - År siden
Do euphoria based looks!!!
Erin Cornell
Erin Cornell - År siden
what pink dye did you use? need to have my hair looking like yours
Ge - År siden
Which eyelashes did you use
jess herbert
jess herbert - År siden
been with you since 100k ilysfm
odeta tamasauskaite
odeta tamasauskaite - År siden
What box dye did you used?
Charlie meg
Charlie meg - År siden
Jodie Loves Life
Jodie Loves Life - År siden
Love the hair 💖