pre holiday glow up

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hi shishtars
insta: @olivianeill
Runtime: 17:03


Élodie Chyzak
Élodie Chyzak - 3 dager siden
she mentions Hyram and shows tanning oil in the same clip 😂 he would be so mad
lilclown19 - 4 dager siden
i am NOT KIDDING i need to know where her leather coat is from does ANYONE know it's an emergency🥺😫😫
Abbie Brennan
Abbie Brennan - 21 dag siden
where did she get her name necklace it’s so fab 🤩🤩
olivia Logan
olivia Logan - Måned siden
john really popped off in this video
Harz77 - 2 måneder siden
6:10 she’s fucking class hahaha
amalia vila-coro
amalia vila-coro - 2 måneder siden
0:59 jhon did the sexy driving thing
Charlie Medhurst
Charlie Medhurst - 2 måneder siden
is it just more or is anyone else in love with liv’s accent xxx
ritchie edgar
ritchie edgar - 2 måneder siden
Your perfect in every way but you do go on a bit take a breath girl man sexy as fuxk thoe
Liv Barker
Liv Barker - 2 måneder siden
What car does she have just Cos I’m nebby
Sophie Howe
Sophie Howe - 3 måneder siden
omg PLEAse do a warning before you show the lip injections i love u olivia but i just cant handle that i am aware im weak
C - 3 måneder siden
where is this leather jacket from!!! so cute
MXRS.1 - 3 måneder siden
Where are you from ? Btw you are sooo pretty 🥰🥰💕
Chloe Wilson
Chloe Wilson - 3 måneder siden
Does anyone know where her name necklace is from??
Beth Morgan
Beth Morgan - 3 måneder siden
Where is her green zip up jumper from??
emma - 3 måneder siden
always used to prefer superdrug, but recently preferred boots by farrr. They have a lot more range eg, all Simple lines. Also feel like stuff like Cera Ve is cheaper in boots.
Average Commenter
Average Commenter - 3 måneder siden
Bethany C
Bethany C - 3 måneder siden
I love this video , your singing is good !!!
Henrietta Eriksson
Henrietta Eriksson - 3 måneder siden
I'm here 2 weeks late and you're at 530k😱 Youtube really said The algorithms favourite 😵
Katie louise
Katie louise - 3 måneder siden
does anyone know what olivia gets done? like does she get blonde highlights? anyone answer me even if it’s a guess x
Chloé Bell
Chloé Bell - 3 måneder siden
is it weird how she talks so quickly but I can still understand her with her accent even though I’m not from here?
yasmin dandy
yasmin dandy - 3 måneder siden
me here watching this after the breakup👁👄👁
Laura Jensen
Laura Jensen - 3 måneder siden
Where is the leather jacket from?
Ciara Carpenter
Ciara Carpenter - 3 måneder siden
olivia can actually sing 🤣🤣
Ciara Carpenter
Ciara Carpenter - 3 måneder siden
anyone else 1 week late ??
Taliah Sibley
Taliah Sibley - 3 måneder siden
I’m subscribed on five different accounts
Olivia Marshall
Olivia Marshall - 3 måneder siden
John really came out of his shell in this vid and I’m
here for it😌
Olivia Marshall
Olivia Marshall - 3 måneder siden
John really came out of his shell in this vid and I’m
here for it😌
Isabella Rose
Isabella Rose - 3 måneder siden
You and John are goals man
Nêst Wynne-Pugh
Nêst Wynne-Pugh - 3 måneder siden
“Did I just have a stroke?” Me:absolutely dying 😂😂😂
!Tj's here!
!Tj's here! - 4 måneder siden
15:18 - 15:26 killed me. 😂😅 I love it.
Maria Ismail
Maria Ismail - 4 måneder siden
You talk so fast that my family thought i was on the phone with my friend whos in a rush to come over
Hanna Bodemeijer
Hanna Bodemeijer - 4 måneder siden
omg I thought I was the only one who quite likes picking up dog poop lmaaooo
garrigproductions - 4 måneder siden
Please slow down baby!, my Word Count App is struggling to keep up with you!!......
Myah Jamie
Myah Jamie - 4 måneder siden
what camera do you use? It’s such high quality I loveee
kacie M
kacie M - 4 måneder siden
Is your eyelash person by any chance Brooke Andrews?😙
Chloe Dewbury
Chloe Dewbury - 4 måneder siden
dying to know where her black jacket is from the beginning!??? does anyone know?
Meghan O'Donovan
Meghan O'Donovan - 4 måneder siden
Wait no ur natural eyelashes are so pretty
epic soda 77
epic soda 77 - 4 måneder siden
Yes John
Liana Mascaro
Liana Mascaro - 4 måneder siden
Where are your earrings from?? They are fire!! xx
Ely Salcedo
Ely Salcedo - 4 måneder siden
Am I the only one who thought John had brown eyes?
Yol - ee
Yol - ee - 4 måneder siden
maybe the police saw ur necklace which says ur name :')
Issy Slater
Issy Slater - 4 måneder siden
She speaks so fast sometimes I love it
Liv X
Liv X - 4 måneder siden
Where is that Olivia necklace from!
Merv Silis
Merv Silis - 4 måneder siden
Where do these idiots come from?
Lara B
Lara B - 4 måneder siden
You honestly are that funny I can’t 😂 “why are there two taxi drivers”
Lara B
Lara B - 4 måneder siden
“E for education”
Amy Wilson
Amy Wilson - 4 måneder siden
i aspire to be in this type of relationship no harm
Dearbhla Byrne
Dearbhla Byrne - 4 måneder siden
John carried this tbh
SSE Youtube
SSE Youtube - 4 måneder siden
Sophie Bagnall
Sophie Bagnall - 4 måneder siden
olivia: freacking out because she doesn't understand why the police know her name
olivia's necklace: O L I V I A
Olivia Reid
Olivia Reid - 4 måneder siden
She’s starting to sound really Englishhhhhhh
Karina Guglielmi
Karina Guglielmi - 4 måneder siden
k wait why does she kinda look like lottie tomlinson after getting her lip & lashes done
Alexis Swain
Alexis Swain - 4 måneder siden
zEbRa girrrl got me
Chanel&Paolo - 4 måneder siden
Hey hun, I really love your channel and you make me laugh so much! I would love to collab either in London or we could do a swap box or something? Let me know if you’d be interested at all! No problem if not! Stay safe xx - Chanel
Annie Lynn Marie
Annie Lynn Marie - 4 måneder siden
I’m literally so invested in her videos now ✌️
Jaelyn Brand
Jaelyn Brand - 4 måneder siden
Me replaying john’s “well of course you didn’t ” 10x times
Kirralee Thompson
Kirralee Thompson - 4 måneder siden
why was olivias singing actually good at the end
Jasmine Louise
Jasmine Louise - 4 måneder siden
queen of talking super fast
SUPERIOR VLOGS - 4 måneder siden
anyone kno where her green zip jumper is from!!? x
Veronique Adair
Veronique Adair - 4 måneder siden
Poppie Sandiford
Poppie Sandiford - 4 måneder siden
Olivia I love how u speak so fucking quick,no one can understand me when I speak so feel great ✨✨✨✨
Emma Wilson
Emma Wilson - 4 måneder siden
Honestly you’re so fucking funny 😂😂😂
tootrashcleo - 4 måneder siden
When Olivia talks i literally need to check if my video playback speed is at X2
Jemima - 4 måneder siden
the ending was way too cute of u and john
Rhiannon Sweeney
Rhiannon Sweeney - 4 måneder siden
What would you recommend for white teething other than going to the dentist? Only commenting because I saw you whiten your teeth
Isabel Jatto
Isabel Jatto - 4 måneder siden
Olivia and John are literally meant for each other this vid is proof
atrisa - 4 måneder siden
u two dancing wearing teeth whiteners is the HIGHLIGHT of my day lmaooo
Juliette Herrera
Juliette Herrera - 4 måneder siden
I lose it whenever ur going off about something and john is just in the background with such a straight face
Louise B
Louise B - 4 måneder siden
omg i love picking up dog poo aswell lol
Julia Grutters
Julia Grutters - 4 måneder siden
Your videos make me howl 😂😂 you’re so relatable never change
Jagoda Kacala
Jagoda Kacala - 4 måneder siden
I literally thought emma Chamberlain was just casually chilling in you're room and I was shook
Beth_HCR - 4 måneder siden
My boyfriend broke up with me and now this is the type of relationship i aspire for
Stella Marie
Stella Marie - 4 måneder siden
John is acting up for the camera and I am HERE for it
He either ignores Olivia completely when she's having an episode or gets involved pahaha love him
ceo of changing my username
ceo of changing my username - 4 måneder siden
Olivia at home: beans and avo toast
Olivia out for breakfast: ✨beans and avo toast✨
Fay Yassin
Fay Yassin - 4 måneder siden
I love Olivia personality
Colby and Brennen
Colby and Brennen - 4 måneder siden
10:11 Literally happens to me all the time thank god I'm not the only one with a body shutting down
Fay Yassin
Fay Yassin - 4 måneder siden
That lash girl tan is almost blackfishinf right there
maya rengaswamy
maya rengaswamy - 4 måneder siden
i love how john isn't being as shy and is showing his real personality.
Lucas Brown
Lucas Brown - 4 måneder siden
10:43 with headpphones
Emily Woolnough
Emily Woolnough - 4 måneder siden
Olivia is really emitting main character vibes and I want to know how I can too
Rosie Hamilton-Grundy
Rosie Hamilton-Grundy - 4 måneder siden
Haven’t laughed this much from one of your videos in ages, also love how much John has come out of his shell in this! Cetaphil is such a good skincare brand for anyone reading this their UVA/UVB defence spf 50 facial moisturiser is the best everyday moisturiser and primer😂❤️
Chapoula Aj
Chapoula Aj - 4 måneder siden
if my man doesn't have a best friend relationship with me like John and Olivia i don't want it
Matilde Schwencke Larrain
Matilde Schwencke Larrain - 4 måneder siden
ur energy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Leah Christie
Leah Christie - 4 måneder siden
WHere r the zebra flares from??
Idk 123
Idk 123 - 4 måneder siden
5:00 to 6:20 who else struggled to keep up with that little story time sesh😅 (because she was talking so fast) no hate tho😂
Ariana A
Ariana A - 4 måneder siden
dont be shy give us book recommendation
Ariana A
Ariana A - 4 måneder siden
my mum said ur really pretty
Katie Mae
Katie Mae - 4 måneder siden
When Olivia calls herself ugly it makes me feel like I’m the ugliest person to ever exist
Ciaran Gold
Ciaran Gold - 4 måneder siden
✨ John carried this video ✨
Jennifer Ohare
Jennifer Ohare - 4 måneder siden
tilly d-l
tilly d-l - 4 måneder siden
how has she gained 17k since she filmed this, we love to see it!
Eve Raff
Eve Raff - 4 måneder siden
I love picking up dog poo 😺
Ella Godfrey
Ella Godfrey - 4 måneder siden
omg olivia i've literally had those platform sandles for like 2 years and i wear them all the bloody time and they are kind of broken but offcie don't sell them anymore - do u know anywhere i can still buy them?
Esther martin
Esther martin - 4 måneder siden
petition for john to start a vlog
Megan// Nicholls
Megan// Nicholls - 4 måneder siden
Absolutely no one:
John: “I’m ready👁👄👁”
joyce gabriel
joyce gabriel - 4 måneder siden
khiara xo
khiara xo - 4 måneder siden
there was so much going on this video🤣🤣🤣
Jess and Hatz
Jess and Hatz - 4 måneder siden
We loveee your videos so much and have been BIG fans ever since you started youtube! & you've inspired us to start our own channel! THANKYOU
Ayesha Gaffoor
Ayesha Gaffoor - 4 måneder siden
Such a great singer, lol. ♥ loved the vlog. You're so gorgeous♡
rorodixon - 4 måneder siden
The fact that she hits 500k and then continues talking about a big red dog hahahaha
Immy Wood
Immy Wood - 4 måneder siden
an absolute queeeeen
Gabriella Pettigrew
Gabriella Pettigrew - 4 måneder siden
john giving me personality, serving me star power
Hannah England
Hannah England - 4 måneder siden
Such quality content I’m all for it, any video she puts out there is the highlight of my week😌💅🏼