say it or shot it with my boyfriend and parents

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help I'm so uncomfy luvs x
insta: @olivianeill
Runtime: 12:10


Emma Jakobsen
Emma Jakobsen - 17 dager siden
I love this so much😂😂😂😂
ks677 - 19 dager siden
your shot glasses say i love cyprus!!!! hello from cyprus
Maya O'Connor
Maya O'Connor - 20 dager siden
This is my comfort video... the world is falling apart and I just want to watch Olivia's Mom and Dad
Harz77 - 26 dager siden
6:20 ahahhaha
Molly O' Sullivan
Molly O' Sullivan - 27 dager siden
What camera do you use?
Martha P
Martha P - 27 dager siden
10:44 if this ain’t the truth
Finnja me
Finnja me - 29 dager siden
Where do you got your eye colour from ? Cause both of your parents seem to be having darker eyes.
ella xo
ella xo - Måned siden
the ungodly howl i let out a graham at the end saying bye kill me i cant stop laughing
Raina - Måned siden
For a moment there I thought the was Scotty T 🤣 but a baby version
Murph05 Xxx
Murph05 Xxx - Måned siden
Your mums rosary beads shot glass is iconic
Ella Mahony
Ella Mahony - Måned siden
missing you and john🥺
DancerR3 - Måned siden
bacardi tastes like watered down vodka ahahhahaa
Lily Spiers
Lily Spiers - Måned siden
Can we just appreciate how Olivia never stops talking 🤣
ella scott
ella scott - 2 måneder siden
I swear all Irish mums have the same laugh 😂💜
Rachel - 2 måneder siden
My dad is 56 and still scared of his Irish Catholic mum
Olivia Mitchell
Olivia Mitchell - 2 måneder siden
‘ my mum is broken’ i’m dead
Hollywood Girl Ecommerce
Hollywood Girl Ecommerce - 2 måneder siden
Hot Italy
Lacey Roby
Lacey Roby - 2 måneder siden
“I’m proud of my wee baby”🥺 pls adopt me
Em - 2 måneder siden
Omg your relationship with you parents is so nice. So wholesome
Tori - 2 måneder siden
Olivia - “Can you see me and John lasting” Dad “no” homeboy called it
ella jane
ella jane - 2 måneder siden
i love your dad so much
Mollie And Brad
Mollie And Brad - 3 måneder siden
This was so funny! Check out our say it or shot it here: 💜
liapritchx - 3 måneder siden
being 18 with 5 figures in my account would be my goal lol
Sonia Cervantes
Sonia Cervantes - 3 måneder siden
1000 com
Lizzie Hawkes
Lizzie Hawkes - 3 måneder siden
“I’m proud of my baby” 🥰🥰
Lizzie Hawkes
Lizzie Hawkes - 3 måneder siden
What are those beads?
rebecca x
rebecca x - 3 måneder siden
my biggest flex is living so close to her 😘
Mila Hartenberg
Mila Hartenberg - 3 måneder siden
“Have you smoked weed? Yes i’ve been to Amsterdam” HAHAHHA as an Amsterdammer its so funny to hear
Comix 2020
Comix 2020 - 3 måneder siden
Ha ha ha cat hehn
Ella Walsh
Ella Walsh - 3 måneder siden
S.W.W. - 3 måneder siden
This is brilliant! So much fun and we all (well almost all) relate to this!
Joe Humphrey
Joe Humphrey - 3 måneder siden
Anyone else get really annoyed when they ask a yes or no question? I mean there pointless
alice jones
alice jones - 3 måneder siden
Why is her dad the funniest person ever 😂🥺❤️
Grace Moore
Grace Moore - 3 måneder siden
Average Commenter
Average Commenter - 3 måneder siden
This is a month ago and it's her first video? How does she have half a mil???
Average Commenter
Average Commenter - 3 måneder siden
@Maggie Harding Oh wow they all appear now. Lol wtf. She's like 15 and chats absolute shit
Average Commenter
Average Commenter - 3 måneder siden
@Maggie Harding She doesn't though they aren't on her channel
Maggie Harding
Maggie Harding - 3 måneder siden
she’s got like 40 videos before that lol
Matt Dunne
Matt Dunne - 3 måneder siden
Are you irish?
lucy Dickson
lucy Dickson - 3 måneder siden
Emily Rebecca
Emily Rebecca - 3 måneder siden
Hey guys I’m new to YouTube, it would mean a lot if you guys gave my channel a look ☺️☺️ x
brodi higgins
brodi higgins - 3 måneder siden
Your dads Mardi Gras shot glass tho
Logan Matthew
Logan Matthew - 3 måneder siden
your lucky that your mom barely gets mad at you when you swear. Im 17 and still have to leave my phone downstairs before bed.
Candyapple🍬🍎 - 3 måneder siden
This didn’t age well😔
Candyapple🍬🍎 - 3 måneder siden
LeeGee John and Olivia broke up, but they are still friends❤️
LeeGee - 3 måneder siden
why😟😟😟 fill me in
Addison Mynsberge
Addison Mynsberge - 4 måneder siden
can you stop burping over there.

oh ya sorrry
Ailbhe Barry
Ailbhe Barry - 4 måneder siden
Who’s here after the breakup 😭😭
Ella MacDonald
Ella MacDonald - 4 måneder siden
Women lift weights too not just boys :)
Ellie M
Ellie M - 4 måneder siden
Does your mum play the role of carol in walking dead ?
Meagan Rendell
Meagan Rendell - 4 måneder siden
i reckon she would start rapping like she can talk so fast aye
Ime - 4 måneder siden
Olivias dad really doesn’t like John lol
Ch94 - 4 måneder siden
5 figures at 18?! 🧐🙃
M B - 4 måneder siden
You can tell Olivia’s dad hates Her boyfriend 😂
whwhdksjhfkafeui gsdhffdjkhewh
whwhdksjhfkafeui gsdhffdjkhewh - 4 måneder siden
that was definitely not what i thought her voice was gonna sound like
Livandlotscakepops x
Livandlotscakepops x - 4 måneder siden
Your moms laugh is everything 😭🤣
N B - 4 måneder siden
this video is so funny!!!
Eryk Longley
Eryk Longley - 4 måneder siden
Just watched this for 10 minutes and couldn’t understand a word all way through
Sophia Dennis
Sophia Dennis - 4 måneder siden
I’m sorry but your mum looks exactly aunt purtunia from Harry Potter
Louise Foran
Louise Foran - 4 måneder siden
my great grandma was born in belfast lol ive got a lot of family over there
Max Vlogs
Max Vlogs - 4 måneder siden
Nice content 🔥
Niamh brookes
Niamh brookes - 4 måneder siden
I was crying the whole way through😂😂
Caterina - 4 måneder siden
girl im 20 and i cant say "butt"
Alyssa Musgrove
Alyssa Musgrove - 4 måneder siden
Kristy Howard
Kristy Howard - 4 måneder siden
What age did you loose your - CHANEL. 😬
Good ad placement
feli - 4 måneder siden
where is your shirt from? its soooo cute🥺🥺💗
maddie jones
maddie jones - 4 måneder siden
omg i love your dad
Meagan Maloney
Meagan Maloney - 4 måneder siden
West coast, omg I have them in Aus
Charleigh Straney
Charleigh Straney - 4 måneder siden
Aw your mum is a geg 💗💗
Tara Bond
Tara Bond - 4 måneder siden
Mum is hilarious
Georgia Pugh
Georgia Pugh - 4 måneder siden
why have i only just found you I LOVE YOU
it’s me dream
it’s me dream - 4 måneder siden
Haha I really felt that Catholic Irish mum thing 😂🥺😭
Youtube Person
Youtube Person - 4 måneder siden
Her accent is like an Aussie trying to mock an British girl
Solongo Zadek
Solongo Zadek - 4 måneder siden
her parents are actually the funniest ppl ever. actual moods
Caitlin - 4 måneder siden
Your dad wasn’t impressed you swore 🤣 I’m 18 too and my parents don’t like it
Caitlin - 4 måneder siden
I wanted the answers but they took shots 😂
Daisy Foster
Daisy Foster - 4 måneder siden
It’s Lauren
It’s Lauren - 4 måneder siden
Olivias videos always have the best vibes !! Honestly am never leaving this fam! Like if you agree!! ⤵️
(👁from a small youtuber💓)
Lyndsay Jones
Lyndsay Jones - 4 måneder siden
her mum laughing is everything
Chloe Burgess
Chloe Burgess - 4 måneder siden
Is she from New Zealand
PRO CAPSICUM - 4 måneder siden
The accent makes it so difficult to understand
PRO CAPSICUM - 4 måneder siden
Alright then
emmi alverio
emmi alverio - 4 måneder siden
I love her accent it’s like English and then it’s like British
emmi alverio
emmi alverio - 4 måneder siden
Me: oh my god
Olivia: orhhror moyyy gooiddd
- -
- - - 4 måneder siden
Is no one going to talk ab them both drinking for cheating
Tahnee Coyle
Tahnee Coyle - 4 måneder siden
sorry but paulas laugh is everythinggggggg!!!!!
Millie Taylor
Millie Taylor - 4 måneder siden
I'm actually jealous of your family dynamic
Eilidh Louise
Eilidh Louise - 4 måneder siden
Go watch my YouTube video for a hug 🥺
Lily May Webb
Lily May Webb - 4 måneder siden
Corey HADDEN - 4 måneder siden
I live in Australia but I from county Antrim
blenda - 4 måneder siden
olivias dad: 👁👄👁
Amelia Cox
Amelia Cox - 4 måneder siden
Olivia: “I had a septum and black hair I was really going through it”
Me *sat here with a septum and black hair*: 👁👄👁
Tazmin - 4 måneder siden
When they all shot over the question about cheating lmao
Peyton P.
Peyton P. - 4 måneder siden
I’m 27 and can’t swear in front of my mom! 😂
Marwa Bicher
Marwa Bicher - 4 måneder siden
I live for her accent
cola fhfv
cola fhfv - 4 måneder siden
you should react to derry girls on netflix xx
Ich Immernochich
Ich Immernochich - 4 måneder siden
when he said he's proud of you MY HEART
Arixten - 4 måneder siden
*have you smoked weed* “Yes but i’ve been to Amsterdam”
*me here living in the netherlands and every province having coffee shops* “EXCUSES FOR ME TO DO IT hM”
Your mum gae
Your mum gae - 4 måneder siden
Well I think that’s a family of cheatersssss
Ella Rose
Ella Rose - 4 måneder siden
you’re hilarious haha just subscribed
iopk hyhu
iopk hyhu - 4 måneder siden
I think if they made trophy for speaking fast they will give it to you Olivia
Liv crossley xx Xx
Liv crossley xx Xx - 4 måneder siden
Omg the way her dad mouthed ‘ hello’ In the beginning I love him
mazal levy
mazal levy - 4 måneder siden
mmmm no✨❤️. This accents fake.
Catherine Whyte
Catherine Whyte - 4 måneder siden
i would just like to say im 27, my parents are from dublin and my mom still gives me shit for swearing in front of her LMAO
and PREACH on the being scared of your catholic irish moms girl haha
Darcy Reeves
Darcy Reeves - 4 måneder siden
laffin at the fact we’re the same person when it comes to harry