say it or shot it with my ex...

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well x lol x anyways x DOG IS DEAD
insta: @olivianeill
Runtime: 10:19


Fish God691
Fish God691 - 14 minutter siden
Stop talking
BashHD - 3 dager siden
John is upset
Doireann Ní Shúilleabháin
You can't play with my emotions like this olivia
Johanna Karlsson
Johanna Karlsson - 5 dager siden
He's the lucky one, who wants to live with a parrot that never shuts up.
XD Karma
XD Karma - 6 dager siden
Absolute stain on the Belfast people. Bt9rrr
Moving Silent
Moving Silent - 6 dager siden
She’s a babe her
Alexandre Hofmann
Alexandre Hofmann - 7 dager siden
this was in my recommended and shes fuckin beautiful
Alexandre Hofmann
Alexandre Hofmann - 7 dager siden
like damm
Norris Birds
Norris Birds - 8 dager siden
She’s horrible
Abir - 13 dager siden
Ur eyes sre blue af
Aditya - 13 dager siden
She has the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen
Chloe Gavan
Chloe Gavan - 14 dager siden
John seems so uncomfortable 😂
Bartwon - 14 dager siden
If I was the guy he should fight fir her as she is acting not keen but is
He should rekindle move to London as he will regret it
I think she is still keen
Michelle Declan
Michelle Declan - 16 dager siden
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A A - 17 dager siden
Ok this is my first time seeing this couple, and I just have to say I am so sorry for this dude. He lost literally the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen and she’s going to be huge and in the public eye, so he won’t even be able to forget her. No hate, it’s just genuinely really sad :( I hate breakups
Atif Rahman
Atif Rahman - 18 dager siden
If she didn’t finish the song lyrics it wouldn’t have been an Olivia Neil video
Monique LL
Monique LL - 20 dager siden
I wish i could understand you, everything I could understand was so funny. My untrained Australian ears are failing me 🥴
indiana kenyon
indiana kenyon - 20 dager siden
my name is indi and when olivia mentioned the cat i got a little too excited haha. rip though :(
GoudaJeans - 22 dager siden
I just uploaded my first video. Check it out if you like Olivia ☺️
Ethan Heslip
Ethan Heslip - 24 dager siden
I also had a black cat called Maddie and it left us for are neighbours after 12 years and is probs dead now as well ahahahahahahahahab
Erika Hunter
Erika Hunter - 24 dager siden
Danish Aftab
Danish Aftab - 24 dager siden
You’ve just come on my recommended and wow you are so beautiful, my god 😍
Luna S
Luna S - 25 dager siden
her mum is me with all my friends
Lauren Charlotte
Lauren Charlotte - 26 dager siden
You can tell how hard this was for the two of them, not even the filming but just been together again. AWFUL seeing a raw ex for the first time especially whilst drinking jeeeeez xxx
Laureen Tyler
Laureen Tyler - 26 dager siden
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Rachel sweeney
Rachel sweeney - 28 dager siden
Paula straight up carried that
Martha Jones
Martha Jones - 29 dager siden
YA YEET - 29 dager siden
bitch the chemistry between them is unreal
Gonzalo Muller
Gonzalo Muller - Måned siden
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JohnDailly - Måned siden
john looks like he could be Rob Lipsets brother lol
TJ - Måned siden
"Why can't he think of something better than 'trying new things'?"
Also: "You're tall."
Karl Finnegan
Karl Finnegan - Måned siden
I love your videos
Dc Uk
Dc Uk - Måned siden
3:29 u literally said u like the fact hes tall.
Baylen Miller
Baylen Miller - Måned siden
what city did she move to, London?
Baylen Miller
Baylen Miller - Måned siden
it's him drinking a beer from the jump for me
Sam Brooks
Sam Brooks - Måned siden
idc they are meant for each other!
Jack Morley
Jack Morley - Måned siden
This video makes me miss my ex p.s. commenting off his YouTube account if u see this jack text me please I need you
Jasmine Brunton
Jasmine Brunton - Måned siden
He is low-key cute I can’t lie 💜
Talia Austin
Talia Austin - Måned siden
Love how sound your mum is. Xx
Youra Donkey
Youra Donkey - Måned siden
Honestly didn’t know what language they were speaking for a while
charlotte hewick-crawford
charlotte hewick-crawford - Måned siden
Them two are like meant for each other they couldn’t stop smiling and just 🥰
L A - Måned siden
John is the 🐐
Lauren Wallace
Lauren Wallace - Måned siden
Get back together
Cara Jenkins
Cara Jenkins - Måned siden
Indie: 🖕🏻🐱🖕🏻
Emily K
Emily K - Måned siden
the description killed me 😭
Emily K
Emily K - Måned siden
just get back together
Ellie O'Flaherty
Ellie O'Flaherty - Måned siden
I love this channel x
Laragh Davis
Laragh Davis - Måned siden
Get back together use are so so cute !🥰
yasmin anderson xo
yasmin anderson xo - Måned siden
did he cheat 👁👄👁
Rebecca Sa
Rebecca Sa - Måned siden
I love your mum, she’s just like you
Rebecca Sa
Rebecca Sa - Måned siden
So much tension
Ellie Jones
Ellie Jones - Måned siden
What do u use to Whiten your teeth
Caz Milligan
Caz Milligan - Måned siden
emma skye
emma skye - Måned siden
He's drinking from the second the video started playing
Janelle Butler
Janelle Butler - Måned siden
7.45 that physically hurt me
katy ford
katy ford - Måned siden
It's not over
grAce D
grAce D - Måned siden
What we sayin about hrvy on strictly 🤣🤣🤣
Em Milia
Em Milia - Måned siden
that cat story had me
Flozy - Måned siden
Heart been broke so many times... the painnnnn
macy thompson
macy thompson - Måned siden
I want to cry rn🥺
Natalia - Måned siden
he’s unreal 😍
Natalia - Måned siden
Am gonna cry for him
Alexis Pringle
Alexis Pringle - Måned siden
I’m sorry right but being each other must mess with your head ?? If you got no intentions then why be around each other
Mozorella stick
Mozorella stick - Måned siden
From what I've seen they've known eachother way longer than they've been dating, so wanting to somehow save the relationship and have some what of a friendship would be a normal thing to do. Especially considering that John used to go on holidays w her family as well so it's like a whole family thing as well
Chloe Smyth
Chloe Smyth - Måned siden
She goes I went out with him for 7 months could he have not said something then u try new things even though she said ur tall HAHHAHAHA love you though 💞💞
Tom Cowdy
Tom Cowdy - Måned siden
Feel for the guy feel like he still cares a lot and hasn’t moved on but doesn’t want to say because he knows liv has ☹️
Douaae - Måned siden
Short hair > long hair on u
Sofia Costello
Sofia Costello - Måned siden
I love ur mum
Amy Lauder
Amy Lauder - Måned siden
So sad poor John
Rebecca F
Rebecca F - Måned siden
You two talking to each other is so hard to understand hahaha clearly you guys have the same accent so you can understand each other and you just mumble :P it’s hilariously cute thoughhhh
Ellen Jurgenson
Ellen Jurgenson - Måned siden
can y'all get back together
charlotte cairns
charlotte cairns - Måned siden
loving the brown vibes :)
Maisi Owen
Maisi Owen - Måned siden
I don't know what to✨say ✨😂😂😂😂
Emma Duffy
Emma Duffy - Måned siden
This makes me feel like when my divorced parents are forced to speak at my birthday parties as a child
Heather Cunningham
Heather Cunningham - Måned siden
poor john ...
Evie Evie
Evie Evie - Måned siden
I'm in shock
Aimee Pottinger
Aimee Pottinger - Måned siden
Part 2
Sandra Schaffner
Sandra Schaffner - Måned siden
Hahaha her mum there,! Everything’s so random 😂🤣🤗
Holly Simpson
Holly Simpson - Måned siden
He reminds me so much of Connell off Normal People
Isis Marrero
Isis Marrero - Måned siden
ask me how many times I've rewatched this video
Frankie Emery
Frankie Emery - Måned siden
the end i’m DEAD💀💀
Hannah Barnett
Hannah Barnett - Måned siden
he reminds me so much of connel from normal people
Hannah De Siunta
Hannah De Siunta - Måned siden
She is my mood
Jessica Slater
Jessica Slater - Måned siden
I think we all know what happened after this video🤣...
Clementine Roeber
Clementine Roeber - Måned siden
this gives me sad energy
Nathan Davey
Nathan Davey - Måned siden
The way he’s on tinder
x x
x x - Måned siden
Why is it so hard to understand this boy
Lottie Holton
Lottie Holton - Måned siden
I admire how they are still kind to each other even though they’ve broken up. Shows real maturity
ScarletIncarnate - Måned siden
It feels like everyone is breaking up
SuperChiko 2.3
SuperChiko 2.3 - Måned siden
This is a beautiful video 💯💯💯💯
Azzi Solstice
Azzi Solstice - Måned siden
Chloe Owen
Chloe Owen - Måned siden
I love the accent but I need subtitles
i paint influencers
i paint influencers - Måned siden
who reckons paul mescal used john for his inspiration as connell in normal people? also how is this normal people vibes they’re northern Irish ☘️ not Irish republicans
Chloe Rose Armstrong
Chloe Rose Armstrong - Måned siden
Love this idea but wow was so shocked when I saw the video haha!!xx
Jade Berry
Jade Berry - Måned siden
i’m howling Paula is so funny
EquestrianLife - Måned siden
Defo still like each other. The way you look at each other 😩😩
Jade Nicole
Jade Nicole - Måned siden
I wish this video was longer I can just feel the tension (obviously most of it is uncomfortable) I just know ya’ll will get back together tho the chemistry is there you can see the love 🥺Right person wrong time
Lucy Gittins
Lucy Gittins - Måned siden
My respect for John went📈📈
Katie Curtis
Katie Curtis - Måned siden
Aw I low key hope they come back together in the future
Annies Apothecary
Annies Apothecary - Måned siden
Paula is everything I want to be as a mum 😂
Sam Nixon
Sam Nixon - Måned siden
Yo there was a lot of beef between these two Olivia rly is in love wh Harvey
Erica Galea
Erica Galea - Måned siden
Mate I cant understand anything that hes saying