stepping up my instagram game

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now my instagrams good you're really missing out if u don't follow me ha x
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Emily Watson
Emily Watson - 5 måneder siden
Her profile is just fleek 💯 am I right girls???
Keira Devlin
Keira Devlin - 7 måneder siden
Olivia your not ugly at all and your the prettiest girl on the planet ,your such an inspiration to me xx
atrisa - 8 måneder siden
lmao i have the same pots that u put your makeup brushes in
i cant even
erin the egg
erin the egg - 8 måneder siden
olivias that girl you see on explore that’s way too pretty
Chandni Patel
Chandni Patel - 9 måneder siden
but it’s always raining in England how do u get good lighting
Chandni Patel
Chandni Patel - 9 måneder siden
Sarah Baynes
Sarah Baynes - 9 måneder siden
Where is your top from xx
Cynthia - 9 måneder siden
i would kill for her eyes😍😍
Lewis Ayre
Lewis Ayre - 9 måneder siden
What is the point of this
Lewis Ayre
Lewis Ayre - 9 måneder siden
What is she on about
K D - 9 måneder siden
Does anyone know where the top is from at 3:40
Grace Morrow
Grace Morrow - 10 måneder siden
I actually think your the funniest person I have ever seen 😂 love you and ur videos!!
Caitlin Hird
Caitlin Hird - 10 måneder siden
wow you are stunning!!!
M A - 10 måneder siden
Right this is gonna sound so random but like you should go in love Island cause I was just thinking there that love island has been so boring lately cause they have no personalities and then thought ‘shit Olivia is funny and super pretty’ so like yeah
Jessica Lehner
Jessica Lehner - 10 måneder siden
When her bun said 🍦☁️💩 I felt that
emma - 10 måneder siden
4:19 Whats she saying? I'm English and I cant understand that word lol 😂💓
emma - 10 måneder siden
Muireann Lynch Haha oh yh thx
M Lynch
M Lynch - 10 måneder siden
emma she’s talking about her sula (sweaty upper lip alert) 😂
Sienna P
Sienna P - 10 måneder siden
emma omg ye what is it 😂😂
Abbey Johnston
Abbey Johnston - 11 måneder siden
Your gorgeous Olivia!!! Also I think you look even more gorgeous without makeup ❤️
Ruth Flegmann
Ruth Flegmann - 11 måneder siden
so we're gonna act like the last 3 seconds of the vid weren't the best part?
Taylor McCarthy
Taylor McCarthy - 11 måneder siden
New subscriber
Monique Alicia
Monique Alicia - 11 måneder siden
Your room is so nice xx
Rana Kablan
Rana Kablan - År siden
I love ur accent. What kind of accent is that
emma - 10 måneder siden
Rana Kablan Northen irish I think
Jinan Echouaibi
Jinan Echouaibi - År siden
Ur room is so nice 😍
Raísa - År siden
Luke Mcdowell
Luke Mcdowell - År siden
3:52 yes you do
DipmatikMusic Channel
DipmatikMusic Channel - År siden
Here’s an album for you… Stepping Up Dipmatik
Maria Shansonga
Maria Shansonga - År siden
I love your accent xx
Lucy Martin
Lucy Martin - År siden
Like whaaaa
Lucy Martin
Lucy Martin - År siden
Bruhhh you're literally the most beautiful girl I've ever seen without makeup
Darkolic - År siden
She reminds me of Alissa violet
Luciâ Rouse
Luciâ Rouse - År siden
Olivia u are literally stunning!!! I mean have u looked in the mirror i would die to look like you and you have a perfect figure 😭
Jessica Diana
Jessica Diana - År siden
you need to be on derry girls. im dead. youre amazing
jack jack
jack jack - År siden
Pinkflamytangopenguin - År siden
on my phOne
Claire Kennedy
Claire Kennedy - År siden
please do a self tanner routine
Rosie Hamilton-Grundy
Rosie Hamilton-Grundy - År siden
Props to Elise for being an awesome friend/photographer 😂 💜💖 my friends would be like fck off this is embarrassing!! ✌🏼✌🏼
Three sugars? SEVEN sugars?
Kadie Maccaronio
Kadie Maccaronio - År siden
You HAVE to know ur my favourite literal person that exists
scarlett w
scarlett w - År siden
U rlly need to post more ur fucking amazing
Orlaith Donaldson
Orlaith Donaldson - År siden
we need more videossssss luv u
tierney mae
tierney mae - År siden
Your acc so stunning omg
Zazzysylvester - År siden
«Stepping up» does that mean buying followers 🤪🤪🤪
Mariusz Paziewicz
Mariusz Paziewicz - År siden
Hello Olivia Beautiful💖😉
JayCarter - År siden
Oh my god she’s Irish, keeps getting better
Tiegan Clarke
Tiegan Clarke - År siden
i need to know who dyes her hair omg!!
Ruby May
Ruby May - År siden
Omg if she done randomly dyeing my hair pink that would be so good !
georgia nancy
georgia nancy - År siden
ily Olivia but i need to watch this with 0.5 speed to have a clue what you're saying
Jenny Davidson
Jenny Davidson - År siden
You needddddd to make a 21 buttons because your outfits are unreal
April Fouls
April Fouls - År siden
Please can you do like a wardrobe tour because I actually love all your stuff. Don’t even say you can’t because you don’t have many :)
Maria Eduarda Cardoso de Lima
its uncomfortable seeing you uncomfortable
Amy Victoria Page
Amy Victoria Page - År siden
Why have I never seen your gorgeous room decor!! This videos absolutely hilarious
Soph - År siden
Olivia why tf do you speak so fast I literally feel OUT OF BREATH WATCHING U THIS IS NOT OKAY I HAVE ASTHMA
Suzy Jones
Suzy Jones - År siden
What eyelashes are you wearing in the intro? They look so nice!
amy williams
amy williams - År siden
7:44 is my fav. so gorgeous
Beth Brown
Beth Brown - År siden
omg acc adore you why am i only finding you in my reccomendations now
poppy ☆ ★ ✰
poppy ☆ ★ ✰ - År siden
Where’s the black dress from?? X
Freya - År siden
please do a video on teaching us your beautiful accent !!! like if u agree xx
Lia Morris
Lia Morris - År siden
take a shot every time Olivia says Elise
Becca Wallace
Becca Wallace - År siden
U r so gorgeous!!!!!!
lauren wh
lauren wh - År siden
if Olivia is ugly then the rest of us have NO hope
Caitlin Stewart
Caitlin Stewart - År siden
I could listen to you speak for days
ella beauty nz
ella beauty nz - År siden
i cant watch ur videos very often because it lowers my self esteem so incredibly much but at the same time ur so funny so i’m in a dilemma
Anna Calhoun
Anna Calhoun - År siden
how do u talk so fast
Sarathesaraa - År siden
Olivia u made my jaw drop you’re so conventionally pretty like how could you possible not like how you look not only me but SOCIETY thinks your ducking perfect, you’re skinty and so heckin pretty
Abby - År siden
“LiteRAlY dO hATe mYsElF” shut tf up Olivia 🙄 you are so pretty
Laurel. Sinclair
Laurel. Sinclair - År siden
Why do u say ur ugly this genuinely gives me ptsd ur the most stunning person I’ve ever seen 😘
Baby Pink
Baby Pink - År siden
Olivia do you know that your voice is annoying?.
Elizabete Lubraks
Elizabete Lubraks - År siden
Take a shot every time Olivia says “Elise”
Muimina Abdella
Muimina Abdella - År siden
Rachel Mcshane
Rachel Mcshane - År siden
Ya know that picture you took beside the brick wall my sister lives er ahha x
stan emily blunt
stan emily blunt - År siden
ur so prettty wth i love U
Saoirse O Brien
Saoirse O Brien - År siden
Chosing this over Shane’s new documentary rlly shows how much I love u
Superstar Cupcake
Superstar Cupcake - År siden
Where’s the top at 3:43 from ??!!😍😍
marina gilks
marina gilks - 4 måneder siden
Leah Wilkinson
Leah Wilkinson - År siden
I hate when she complains about herself like, I look like a fucking hippo compared to you but still love you xx
Cassidy Thompson
Cassidy Thompson - År siden
can you please show us how you whiten your teeth !!!
ginger k
ginger k - År siden
jesus christ and i thought i had social anxiety
Zara Keech
Zara Keech - År siden
pleeeease share how you whiten your teeth!! they're insane x
Briar Melanie
Briar Melanie - År siden
This video made me have a dream about taking Instagram photos with you and then we made multiple iconic tiktoks. At the start of the dream when we met the first thing you said was “good evening”
Regina Seattle
Regina Seattle - År siden
No one:
Literally no one:
Olivia: “ELISE!!!!”
simab - 7 måneder siden
Katy Breen that’s what she did ??
Katy Breen
Katy Breen - 10 måneder siden
Regina Seattle *elise
Carys x
Carys x - År siden
Ur so funny I love u😂😩
Rachael Xxx
Rachael Xxx - År siden
Hi just wanted to say i love u.
Belb Cat
Belb Cat - År siden
You literally don’t know how beaut you are :((( xxxx
Dermot Murphy Photography
no one:
nobody ever:
Daisy May
Daisy May - År siden
you’re my spirit animal
MEG STUCH - År siden
Girl you are far from ugly, your stunning!!! And your personality is gold!! xxxx
kayah kay
kayah kay - År siden
ur honestly so pretty
Eve Coffey
Eve Coffey - År siden
Imagine a non-English speaker trying to understand Olivia’s rants
Iida - 7 måneder siden
im actually from finland but i do understand her completely, you see the words she uses are pretty simple
Irene - År siden
where are the black womper stompers from???
amin - År siden
so jel of her side profile
Caitlin Turner
Caitlin Turner - År siden
Tyler Funke commented on your post 🤧
connie mason
connie mason - År siden
Take a shot every time Olivia says Elise
Emma Turley
Emma Turley - År siden
Actually pissing myself at the end when she just goes “omg guys I hit 100k on tick tock 😂😂😂😂
Lord Dehydratedness
Lord Dehydratedness - År siden
Where is that black dress from 😍😍 also all ur photos look amazingggg❤️❤️❤️
nabila.h - År siden
physically hurts me when she says she’s ugly like- WHAT
Tamara May
Tamara May - År siden
What are the black shoes she always wears called plz help me out ? Xx
Lottie Hart
Lottie Hart - År siden
I love you 😩
Anne Sofie Merkistein
Anne Sofie Merkistein - År siden
Olivia talking is literally how my mind speaks to itself
v Taetae
v Taetae - År siden
Olivias accent ALWAYS remind me of derry girls
laiba 69
laiba 69 - År siden
2:47 'im dead inside' she says as shes just screamed, jumped around and spoke at 70mph
Greta Thornton
Greta Thornton - År siden
Marniisuggitt X
Marniisuggitt X - År siden
Did anyone see my what? X 4:19 X