trying to be emma chamberlain for a day

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highkey she WILL be filing a restraint order against me after this but it’s ok💖✨😴
watch kate elisabeths video too i feel bad for doing the same vid as her lol
insta: @_olivianeill
Runtime: 18:05


olivia neill
olivia neill - 6 måneder siden
guys i obviously do not say avocado like that ffs
Leia West
Leia West - 6 måneder siden
where do u get ur hoodies from
cat rowlands
cat rowlands - 6 måneder siden
was literally about to comment
Lauren Whyte
Lauren Whyte - 6 måneder siden
olivia neill i beg you link these sunglasses
Becca Cleaver
Becca Cleaver - 6 måneder siden
@Emma Armson crest strips
Megan O’ Connor
Megan O’ Connor - 6 måneder siden
olivia neill Please watch my first NOburn video❤️ I hope this message isn’t annoying and if it is I’m so sorry🥺💜
Molly Sanderson
Molly Sanderson - 27 dager siden
'Im not going to let people see me from the back' she says standing in front of a mirror.
Jessamy Manches
Jessamy Manches - 2 måneder siden
Whose ELSE is watching their fav u tuber dress like their fa u tuber lols
Laoise Birch
Laoise Birch - 3 måneder siden
i only just started watching you recently and when i was going into youtube and didnt know whether i wanted to watch you or emma but this cme up and its perfect
nak b
nak b - 3 måneder siden
where did you get your blue sweater and trackies from ? xx
Prerana Gurung
Prerana Gurung - 3 måneder siden
I can't stop laughing at the wedgie part
Jazzy DB
Jazzy DB - 4 måneder siden
Emma was my favorite then it was James and now it is you. you are my favorite YouTuber. The accent I love it. How fast you talk. yes girl. Some of the things you say are too hilarious and I also don't have to speed up your videos which I appreciate.
Bethan Louise Godfrey
Bethan Louise Godfrey - 4 måneder siden
John saying you go girl 🥺🥺🥺
Ciara Carpenter
Ciara Carpenter - 5 måneder siden
OH MY GOD OLIVIA YOU SHOULD BE KATE FOR 24 hours and vice versaaaa
Jim Kelley
Jim Kelley - 5 måneder siden
Jim Kelley
Jim Kelley - 5 måneder siden
Aliyah Snape
Aliyah Snape - 5 måneder siden
To fill that space in your room- LADDER SHELF 😍🌵🌷
Genny Britton
Genny Britton - 5 måneder siden
when she was working out i thought she was listening to the streets but turns out it was just the man in the spin video
Rohanna - 5 måneder siden
omg she talks so fastttt i had to put it on 0.75 speed!
Rohanna - 4 måneder siden
@Abi Grace we must hear 2 different people then lol
Abi Grace
Abi Grace - 4 måneder siden
really i think she talks normal speed
MMM 2019
MMM 2019 - 5 måneder siden
she is so fast
Lucas Borges
Lucas Borges - 5 måneder siden
I come here to improve my listening skills a little, she speaking really fast lmao
Eila McKEE
Eila McKEE - 5 måneder siden
I go to the same school as uuuu
Helena King
Helena King - 5 måneder siden
You could get a projector for your room and watch movies on the blank wall
Love, Laura
Love, Laura - 5 måneder siden
Emma was my Queen and nobody could ever top her. Then I found your channel... you're the best! x
Ella Boueri
Ella Boueri - 5 måneder siden
You talk way too fastttt😂😂 I feel like I need to catch up on what your saying, I'm lost hahahahahha
shiraz ali
shiraz ali - 5 måneder siden
funny because I BECAME OLIVIA FOR A DAY on my channel 🤣🤣 i hope the tiktok queen sees this 😔✋🏼
Mara May
Mara May - 6 måneder siden
Olivia: adovdaco
Madeha Khan
Madeha Khan - 6 måneder siden
Lily Twelftree
Lily Twelftree - 6 måneder siden
the fact john didnt know she was filming cas she does that all the time ahaha
swindle - 6 måneder siden
the before photo of her is literally my end goal
Lucyy.esmee - 6 måneder siden
YOUR IRISH 😲 my draw dropped
Kelsi Lowe
Kelsi Lowe - 6 måneder siden
literally the most naturally beautiful girl I've ever seen what the hell
Fleur Dixon
Fleur Dixon - 6 måneder siden
£10 a week? Try £5 then we’ll talk poor (got a job as soon as possible don’t worry x)
00000 000000
00000 000000 - 6 måneder siden
i love watching olivia because she’s so entertaining but at the same time i hate it because she’s so perfect and i feel so vile afterwards ugh
Jordan Michaels
Jordan Michaels - 6 måneder siden
The Irish accent is so cute omg
Finlay Mackenzie
Finlay Mackenzie - 6 måneder siden
Anybody know the song playing when she is working out please?? At 12.30
That Ugly Fat Bear
That Ugly Fat Bear - 6 måneder siden
Buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck and a half
That Ugly Fat Bear
That Ugly Fat Bear - 6 måneder siden
Awww can we be friends cuz your so pretty and I’d give u a buck anyday
Ciara Maloney
Ciara Maloney - 6 måneder siden
can we be friends please🥺
Zelle Duncan
Zelle Duncan - 6 måneder siden
1. You boyf kinda looks like Hardin Scott
2. Why are you the most gorgeous and amazing person in the whole wide world
Emily Josephine
Emily Josephine - 6 måneder siden
I've just discovered your chanel, I actually love you 😂
meghan sadler
meghan sadler - 6 måneder siden
Millie Lowe
Millie Lowe - 6 måneder siden
i have spent the last 2 weeks religiously trying to find that white cardie lmao and i’m now having an argument with some guy in singapore who’s selling one lmao
Ella Weber-Brown
Ella Weber-Brown - 6 måneder siden
your accent is everything
Iona Langley
Iona Langley - 6 måneder siden
For the Decor idea u can make a photo wall
Harriet Lowe
Harriet Lowe - 6 måneder siden
“Like Edward when he goes in the sun” I LOVE THIS #twihardforever
regina phalange
regina phalange - 6 måneder siden
girl emma chamberlain probably stalks you
Charlie Powell
Charlie Powell - 6 måneder siden
* I feel like I know Emma pretty well by now* makes a HOT coffee
Tess Wheller
Tess Wheller - 6 måneder siden
This video is just 12 minutes of Olivia exposing herself as a stalker
Pug Lover
Pug Lover - 6 måneder siden
Anna - 6 måneder siden
Omg where is her chain necklace from??
Pluto And Unicorn
Pluto And Unicorn - 6 måneder siden
why did your first outfit remind me of dominika from red sparrow
lily - 6 måneder siden
is it really an olivia video if she doesn’t do a “so this part has no context” psa
A l y s s a
A l y s s a - 6 måneder siden
Olivia: so I’m just gonna put the concealer like under my eyes and on my nose
Puts it on her chin
Vanessa Whitaker
Vanessa Whitaker - 6 måneder siden
imma start youtube bc of u!!! So everyone subscribe to see crack head energy content here hehehhe 🥺🥵
Anna Harvey
Anna Harvey - 6 måneder siden
Literally OBSESSED with your videos!!!! Been watching since day one!!! 😉💕
Ruby Burns
Ruby Burns - 6 måneder siden
I’m sorry but your mum looks exactly like one of my mums friends and we live in Belfast I haven’t been watching for long but I love your videos x
Declan O'Cuidighthigh
Declan O'Cuidighthigh - 6 måneder siden
Why would you wanna be Emma Chamberlain, she’s busted and you’re not. But you’re both useless and have no discernible talent, you have that in common
kt Victoire
kt Victoire - 6 måneder siden
any french struggling to understand bc she speaks wayyy to fast ??
Emma Worth
Emma Worth - 6 måneder siden
Olivias the only thing getting me through lockdown I need more videos 😭I’ve watched every video literally like 20 times lol
izajade ___
izajade ___ - 6 måneder siden
put like picture on your wall with friends aha
roxanne - 6 måneder siden
What camera do u use? :))
Emily Bacon
Emily Bacon - 6 måneder siden
I’m scared of ppl who wear jeans in lockdown
Tia Heaton
Tia Heaton - 6 måneder siden
Please tell me what contour that is?!?!
Santy Hepworth
Santy Hepworth - 6 måneder siden
for the blank wall you should make a video of you painting something on it.
Melissa Baxter
Melissa Baxter - 6 måneder siden
do a boyfriend tag!!! love you
irem ilgin
irem ilgin - 6 måneder siden
I did the speed 0,75... and still trying to catch up wow ahjsja
Adrian Bit.
Adrian Bit. - 6 måneder siden
Can you help us !!!
ellie johnson
ellie johnson - 6 måneder siden
Can u please upload more than once a week when u upload it’s the only thing I’m excited for in quarantine🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
jeyda ramis
jeyda ramis - 6 måneder siden
does anyone know the name of the plt coat xxx
aneesah iqbal
aneesah iqbal - 6 måneder siden
I love how she doesn’t do it for clout or fame or anything she’s doing it for fun the ways she just end the video short and sweet but everyone else is like ✨like and subscribe and don’t forget to slam the notifications button love you all my fans✨
lucy broadbent
lucy broadbent - 6 måneder siden
omg watch cheer on netflix, i reckon u would rate it girlypop x
Maddie Vidal
Maddie Vidal - 6 måneder siden
you should paint a bob ross mural on ure wall
Rose Shanks
Rose Shanks - 6 måneder siden
john genuinely looks like james from the next step
Mia Mulcahy
Mia Mulcahy - 6 måneder siden
When she called John bootiful🥺
Jess xo
Jess xo - 6 måneder siden
i aspire to be this girl
Ang Elana
Ang Elana - 6 måneder siden
Olivia has a sister?!?
Isabella Pablo
Isabella Pablo - 6 måneder siden
i simp for emma
Isabella Pablo
Isabella Pablo - 6 måneder siden
omg my queen trying to be my KING
Niamh Atkins
Niamh Atkins - 6 måneder siden
Please do a quick fire assumptions video
lara - 6 måneder siden
so when’s emma gonna comment???
Style My Serenity
Style My Serenity - 6 måneder siden
shaped like a fridge from the back, im HOWLING
Loveyourhair ByJade
Loveyourhair ByJade - 6 måneder siden
How do you still look sooooog good😱 if anyone fancies watching a new youtuber I’ve recently uploaded 💓💓
The Nicole Saga
The Nicole Saga - 6 måneder siden
This is such a mood ngl...I would try it but I hate coffe😭
Charlotte O'Sullivan
Charlotte O'Sullivan - 6 måneder siden
Legit binging your videos in lockdown 😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓
Claudia - 6 måneder siden
Ok why do I love your hair like this though??
IAE IAE - 6 måneder siden
Did she actually say her cat "needs to go her own way,"? lol. Start sticking pass-agg post-it's to the litter tray. That'll solve the problem.
Megan O’ Connor
Megan O’ Connor - 6 måneder siden
Please watch my first YouTube video❤️ I hope this message isn’t annoying and if it is I’m so sorry🥺💜
Isobel Culf
Isobel Culf - 6 måneder siden
John is literally the male version of Olivia. I love it
Isobel Culf
Isobel Culf - 6 måneder siden
Kacey Abbott male version oopsies
Kacey Abbott
Kacey Abbott - 6 måneder siden
Isobel Culf the female version
Chloe Richardson
Chloe Richardson - 6 måneder siden
What are you planning next year instead of uni?
Meg Hall
Meg Hall - 6 måneder siden
can she please slow down
aneesah iqbal
aneesah iqbal - 6 måneder siden
My figure could never
Simona - 6 måneder siden
Stop buying nipple balm, it's made of just lanolin which you can buy much cheaper without the brand name
Katherine Chapman
Katherine Chapman - 6 måneder siden
had a good chuckle when you said about your butt crack
piezoelectric1 - 6 måneder siden
I'm mortified that you still own a hula hoop. Some people have no class. LOL
Amber Finlay
Amber Finlay - 6 måneder siden
P.s. you’ve created my iced coffee addiction
Amber Finlay
Amber Finlay - 6 måneder siden
Thriving 👸🏼
Natasha Casey
Natasha Casey - 6 måneder siden
Love the fact how you say bright and early at 12:30 and my dogs come in every morning at 8 o’clock to lick my face until I get up
Kayla Cairney
Kayla Cairney - 6 måneder siden
You acc amuse me so much I’d deffo get along great with you on a night out you seem like such a free spirit who wouldn’t change for anyone keep being you
Clover - 6 måneder siden
me: is from limerick
me: hears olivia's very northern irish accent
me: N I C E
Ruthanne Whitney
Ruthanne Whitney - 6 måneder siden
"..I was compromised" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Zara Cleland
Zara Cleland - 6 måneder siden
10.06 LOVE HER , i needed that clip in my life
Zara Cleland
Zara Cleland - 6 måneder siden
10.06 LOVE HER , i needed that clip in my life
Jacinta Candiloro
Jacinta Candiloro - 6 måneder siden
Ellie Moseley
Ellie Moseley - 6 måneder siden
11:01 the background i-