week in my life: uni sesh edition

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I did not thrive this week.
insta: @_olivianeill
if u like the plt clothes I was wearing these are them hehe
black coat: bit.ly/pltblackcoat *
red dress: bit.ly/pltreddress *
cropped cardigan: bit.ly/pltcroppedcardigan *
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thank you pretty little thing for gifting me these clothes !!
All links marked with * are affiliate links which means I earn a small commission when people buy through my link
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MakeupByLorie - 6 dager siden
big up newcastle my home!!!
Harz77 - Måned siden
I spend loads on clothes but I’d never go for that over Stone island or cp 🤣
Olivia Yeomans
Olivia Yeomans - Måned siden
maybe you had corona
Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz - Måned siden
she talks so normal when shes not blonde
Matilde Schwencke Larrain
Matilde Schwencke Larrain - 2 måneder siden
omg ur haiiiirrr
Down Town
Down Town - 3 måneder siden
"snores like there's no tomorrow" that's completely the wrong use of that saying.
Victoria Symes
Victoria Symes - 3 måneder siden
You are bloody hilarious and remind me of my best friend i genuinely love you hahaha
Risa Takei
Risa Takei - 3 måneder siden
Olivia: I'm never coming back to England again
Ten months later: *Moves to London*
jillian ogorman
jillian ogorman - 4 måneder siden
November 2019 'I'm never coming back here'
August 2020 'Moves to England'
Enya Shy
Enya Shy - 4 måneder siden
I live in Newcastle
Anna Connolly
Anna Connolly - 4 måneder siden
Whose watching this in 2020 when she said she’s not coming back to England and now she’s moving to London 😂😭
Chloe McCurrie
Chloe McCurrie - 4 måneder siden
Olivia: I'm never coming back to England again
Also Olivia: I'm moving to an apartment in London 🤣🤣🤣
Ryan Lamont
Ryan Lamont - 4 måneder siden
*"They're gonna like look in my bag and just be like BoLoGNesé"* 😂😂
Ellie Pitt
Ellie Pitt - 4 måneder siden
someone tell me how I can get hair like hers
Nutter - 4 måneder siden
Indeed smuggling bolognese
Siobhan McDonagh
Siobhan McDonagh - 5 måneder siden
Jenna Maya xo
Jenna Maya xo - 5 måneder siden
she acctually does look like madison beer with brown hair though
Sarah Unan
Sarah Unan - 5 måneder siden
OLIVIA ur brown hair slaps
rae mccord
rae mccord - 5 måneder siden
i’m literally foaming i could’ve saw her
Leila Davison
Leila Davison - 5 måneder siden
Anyone know where the burgundy adidas hoodie she was wearing is from?
Louise Hamar
Louise Hamar - 5 måneder siden
Where’s your cross necklace from?x
Celeste McDermott
Celeste McDermott - 5 måneder siden
do you have diabetes
imogen - 6 måneder siden
never noticed how blue her eyes were
Animated Amanda
Animated Amanda - 6 måneder siden
pov: ur watching during quarantine and u see john in the background of her video
Anna Henry
Anna Henry - 4 måneder siden
Bonnie Byrom yes😭😭
Bonnie Byrom
Bonnie Byrom - 4 måneder siden
Did they break up :((((????
sophieniamhburns - 6 måneder siden
sorry what Newcastle feel like crying!!!!!
MACABRE L.A. - 6 måneder siden
yer accent is quite unique. 50% ulster 50% american valley girl.
Elicia Baldwin
Elicia Baldwin - 6 måneder siden
I live in newcastle... WHERE was she getting double vodka redbulls for £2 ?????
Hej Hej
Hej Hej - 6 måneder siden
You do not get diabetes by eating sweet food!
elsflynn - 6 måneder siden
Peep John at the party ahahaha
cara christie
cara christie - 6 måneder siden
she is literally the most bougee person in Northern Ireland
eat ma coochie itchin and burnin
JOHN is in this omg i feel like a spy is this how she met john?
Abi Keepin
Abi Keepin - 6 måneder siden
big up Newcastle
Emily Webb
Emily Webb - 6 måneder siden
But like be my best friend
zzz x
zzz x - 6 måneder siden
john at 11:25 👀
Emma Bartrum
Emma Bartrum - 6 måneder siden
I’ve uploaded a ‘trying to be Olivia Neil for a day’ video over on my channel!! Go check it out :) ps. Olivia we love u 🥵
itz demi
itz demi - 7 måneder siden
Wow u started that tik toc trend without even knowing it where u do the makeup brush thing 😂😂
Megan Gibbs
Megan Gibbs - 7 måneder siden
I love how someone held her hair back for her to throw up it was a true friend moment 😂
SHAUNA O'DONNELL - 7 måneder siden
isnt that her future boyfriend in the back 11;26
Rachel Collins xoxo
Rachel Collins xoxo - 7 måneder siden
I miss your brown hair😍
Mary-Ann - 7 måneder siden
her bf is in this vid lol
Jasmine Burrows
Jasmine Burrows - 7 måneder siden
Anyone else thinks she looks like Renee Herbert with the hat on?
anna bb
anna bb - 7 måneder siden
me binge watching all olivias vids in quarantine be like
Ella Gerrard-Jones
Ella Gerrard-Jones - 7 måneder siden
Who spotted John
Emma Walker
Emma Walker - 7 måneder siden
Who else can see John 11:25
Niamh Corlass
Niamh Corlass - 4 måneder siden
They have broke up now 😭😭
Della - 7 måneder siden
the fact she doesn't consider herself English just makes her even better lol
Carlie Bank
Carlie Bank - 7 måneder siden
I swear probs all olivia’s brother’s friends all fancy her haha
Ro Thompson
Ro Thompson - 8 måneder siden
You can see john in a clip in this video, who knew
Megan C
Megan C - 8 måneder siden
Is that John at 11:25
CLAUDIA ESPINO SANCHEZ - 8 måneder siden
Your mum is an angel 😍😍😍
p h o e b e
p h o e b e - 8 måneder siden
potentially the corona virus...
erin the egg
erin the egg - 8 måneder siden
how do i get a northern irish accent
Mils - 8 måneder siden
for a second I thought she said 'don't look at my rim' excuse me
Mr Autism
Mr Autism - 8 måneder siden
Somone buy me the coat she’s wearing in her intro😍
Soumaya Juma
Soumaya Juma - 8 måneder siden
You look really nice with the hat😍
Patrick Starr
Patrick Starr - 8 måneder siden
house tour pls :)
Lili Boulogne
Lili Boulogne - 9 måneder siden
most beautiful person.
Eve Somerville
Eve Somerville - 9 måneder siden
i spy john 11:24
erin the egg
erin the egg - 9 måneder siden
i’ve started saying good evening any time i see someone even if i’m mid conversation with them and i didn’t know where it was from it’s from youuu
Georgie Roberts
Georgie Roberts - 9 måneder siden
I live in Newcastle lmaooo not surprised you hated it
ashley - 10 måneder siden
Im binge watch
ashley - 10 måneder siden
Ella Mia
Ella Mia - 10 måneder siden
where’s your coat from ??
IvyRose - 7 måneder siden
Ella Mia the links in the description
Katia Fuller
Katia Fuller - 10 måneder siden
Mikalyn Hay
Mikalyn Hay - 10 måneder siden
She looks amazing with dark hair too
Mel Intham
Mel Intham - 10 måneder siden
When she said she had the link in the description I clicked on it and impulsively bought stuff I don’t need
Jamie-Lee Newman
Jamie-Lee Newman - 10 måneder siden
does anyone know where her black shoes are from?
Kat Virk
Kat Virk - 10 måneder siden
No one:
Olivia: Teehee
Kat Virk
Kat Virk - 10 måneder siden
Love it when she says whomper stompers 😂👌
Alicia Brannick
Alicia Brannick - 10 måneder siden
Omg u kweeeeeeeen
Sam Maughan
Sam Maughan - 10 måneder siden
ur fit
Kayla Spellar
Kayla Spellar - 10 måneder siden
whoever held your hair is a TRUE FUCKING FRIEND
Sofea Levan
Sofea Levan - 10 måneder siden
ur content is actually the best shi ever
mia - 10 måneder siden
i love this girl so much
Nice content 👏 Keep posting and make sure to check out my music! Thanks :-) see you later in London. #MajorInc 📺🧸🇬🇧👑 We should travel together haha 🤣
Izzy Inglis
Izzy Inglis - 11 måneder siden
Why do u just not look hungover so unfair
ellie hazel
ellie hazel - 11 måneder siden
11:11 that’s a true friend
Shelby Vlogs
Shelby Vlogs - 11 måneder siden
She changes accent and is the most annoying person more than Morgz
Maisy Stewart
Maisy Stewart - 11 måneder siden
okay but like your brother can get it
ZANNA - 11 måneder siden
Is it bad that I had to actively listen to the words in this video because I don’t understand what’s being said 😭😭
Lozzie - 11 måneder siden
I’ve been grounded for the past 2 months and I come back to all these videos arghhhh 💕😂💕
Emily Bacon
Emily Bacon - 11 måneder siden
That sofa bed thing looks soooo comfy like acctally jelous
Shop with Lucy
Shop with Lucy - 11 måneder siden
Rut. - 11 måneder siden
I need subtitles
Tom Dean
Tom Dean - 11 måneder siden
sophie dixon
sophie dixon - 11 måneder siden
honestly would do anythig to have her energy ♡
Ana Bentley
Ana Bentley - År siden
Where is her coat from ??
ConnieP - År siden
this was a rollercoaster from beginning to end
Maria Romanova
Maria Romanova - År siden
Aren't you 17?? Why do you drink so much??
LaLaLand - 10 måneder siden
She’s 18, and its legal to drink in the U.K at that age.
bella michaels
bella michaels - 11 måneder siden
bc its fun mate who cares
Andrea Vintage
Andrea Vintage - År siden
Also you make me laugh so much!
Andrea Vintage
Andrea Vintage - År siden
The hat suits you! You can pull anything off! Love you
Skye Pow
Skye Pow - År siden
I'm not a native English speaker... Yet, this was fantastic as a goal towards how I aim to sound and talk. I'm staying due to that. I couldn't even get half of the video; next goal, to understand or get a translator. I'm sure this is English, but not the type out teacher make us hear. This is one is better and sounds so cute and even with a music. It's so precious.
Holly Hogan
Holly Hogan - År siden
This girl is fucking hilarious. I love her
ri - År siden
Abi Newport
Abi Newport - År siden
be my best friend ur energy is insane
Tayyibah A
Tayyibah A - År siden
What size did you get the coat in?? Xx
kristen - År siden
anyone ever who visits england: “i wanna go home”
don’t blame u tbh
nicole hurley
nicole hurley - År siden
I’m so confused by your accent
Molly-may gough
Molly-may gough - År siden
What size did you get your black jacket in?xx
M C - År siden
I need to know what size that coat is in pleaseee is so nice
ellan394 - År siden
Jesus wept this makes me miss home