what a day in my life is really like

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Антон Гордонов
Антон Гордонов - 20 timer siden
Sophie Rix
Sophie Rix - 6 dager siden
You have all these famous alumni, I have Phil lester
Giovanni Battista Borrelli
Giovanni Battista Borrelli - 6 dager siden
Don't worry about farts, I love farting girls cause I'm "a very flatulent" young man and my farts aren't stinky but they're loud (very much sometimes)! 😅 I could never be with someone who wouldn't let me fart freely in front of her and also my female friends are all ok on farts and this couldn't be different then! 😅 The last fart was so funny cause you also leaned to one side and you said to your friend: "I wish I fart!" 😂 I lean to one side too when I'm seated and I've to do a loud fart as well as there's more quantity of gas in a loud fart I think, so you need to help the gas to come out! 😄 And if I'm in public I lean just a bit but if I'm with people I know that they're ok on farts I lean much of course! 😅 And your fart was big! 😂 You're even a beautiful blonde with blue eyes, so you're perfect for me! 😍 And I've subscribed to your channel of course! 😉
Sierra and Georgia
Sierra and Georgia - 7 dager siden
where did olivia get her clothes from. they’re all so cute
julia ivanka
julia ivanka - 11 dager siden
♠【foto video】♠

Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop
pres l'un de l'autre.??
Ivan - 16 dager siden
Literally no idea what she said during the whole blog but still loved it
alice gardner
alice gardner - 18 dager siden
what foundation do u use x
Freya Bano
Freya Bano - 18 dager siden
olivia and flossie are pretty much nocturnal at the moment abdjkas
Josh Chops
Josh Chops - 23 dager siden
Why the hell did YouTube leave a comment on this blonde chick’s vlog?? 🤨
Neha Vagjiani
Neha Vagjiani - 27 dager siden
19:00 like water and so many different things ok luv 😂
Caitlyn G
Caitlyn G - 27 dager siden
we need more hauls. so good
Olivia Yee
Olivia Yee - 28 dager siden
watched all your videos from bottom to top and broo your funny as shit lmao im ADHD too n i wanna be friends HAHAH
K Buckland
K Buckland - Måned siden
don't stop farting- It's your band.
Ax1177 X
Ax1177 X - Måned siden
"should i fart?" lmaoooo
Laura34 M
Laura34 M - Måned siden
everyone commenting about you talking really fast but I think I’m the only one that can actually understand you because I speak veryyy fast haha
Potato Chips
Potato Chips - Måned siden
where are the jeans from that you wore with the green top
Art with Emily
Art with Emily - Måned siden
She talks so much like me hehehehehe
Douaae - Måned siden
Short hair > long hair on u
Sara Yalcin
Sara Yalcin - Måned siden
Where are the pants from minute 8
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - Måned siden
8:35 why does she sound like Merida from Brave😂🏹
Matthew Janes
Matthew Janes - Måned siden
hey olivia, matt here from south devon - huge fan of yours absolutely love the vlogs hun. i love the farts really make me rofl everytime xx
Paul Merchant
Paul Merchant - Måned siden
I laughed all the way through that video... you're amazing 😘
Sarah Galvin
Sarah Galvin - Måned siden
It’s like she’s on coke
Emily An
Emily An - Måned siden
Everyone says molly mae is living the dream life but really it’s Olivia
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - Måned siden
17:21 19:11
Videotape - Måned siden
pink nostrills + orange face
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu - Måned siden
Everyone says molly mae is living the dream life but really it’s Olivia
Jemma Kershaw
Jemma Kershaw - Måned siden
Tropic skincare !! The best xxx
oasdfe - Måned siden
Hey Olivia, Just want to say please make sure you cover your windows when filming. You live in London so its very easy to pinpoint your location based on landmarks. This has happened to many famous youtubers, the sidemen/ksi for example always keep their windows covered so theres no way of figuring out where they live. Stay safe online.
Emily An
Emily An - Måned siden
Cassie - Måned siden
Everyone says molly mae is living the dream life but really it’s Olivia
Kirsty Prowse
Kirsty Prowse - Måned siden
Please someone tell me how Olivia can afford such expensive things if she doesn’t work/go to events or anything. Surely it can’t just be from posting on social media?!
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu - Måned siden
she speaks so freekan fast😂 wtf
Fiona C
Fiona C - Måned siden
ok but john looks like hero
Charlotte - Måned siden
Does anyone know where to find the black urban top with the drawstring
Maha 199
Maha 199 - Måned siden
I opened your chanel, i trying to learn english but you tallk very quickley😂🤣 and i would say you veery beauty
Cassie - Måned siden
hero if u see this please close ur eyes she doesnt mean it x
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy - Måned siden
sleeping through my alarm but really i was turning it off in my sleep and going back to bed
aimee lloyd
aimee lloyd - Måned siden
New subscriber 💖
Nazia Rose
Nazia Rose - Måned siden
Oh my god I love Lewis he’s so funny 😂
Lauren Grace
Lauren Grace - Måned siden
the farts literally make me die and make my day at the same time
Kareem Ahmed
Kareem Ahmed - Måned siden
17:21 19:11
YouTube Account
YouTube Account - 20 dager siden
@zijuiy wttuy Damn what are you so mad about?
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy - Måned siden
Wow you’d be screwed if you had to live life
Meghan Wertz
Meghan Wertz - Måned siden
where did she get the clothes from? I want the black trousers sooo bad
lola mackie
lola mackie - Måned siden
they r from motel rocks x
Anonymousname - Måned siden
Use me as a “Please don’t stop farting” upvote button
Isabelle X
Isabelle X - Måned siden
i am too obsessed with you. i want to be you. help.
Terrance Howells
Terrance Howells - Måned siden
Jade Woolgar
Jade Woolgar - Måned siden
sum 41 is the bestttttttt omg
Chrizel Breytenbach
Chrizel Breytenbach - Måned siden
she speaks so freekan fast😂
Rudi Bakker
Rudi Bakker - Måned siden
Rajadhiraj Maharaj
Rajadhiraj Maharaj - Måned siden
একবিংশ শতাব্দির বেশ্যাবৃত্তি
_hx_lima_ - Måned siden
hero if u see this please close ur eyes she doesnt mean it x
Vinx Henry
Vinx Henry - Måned siden
Why is this damn channel on trending everyday.
Aysha Batool
Aysha Batool - Måned siden
i feel like we are on ft
Danny Mack
Danny Mack - Måned siden
Who could actually live with that constant talking it would do your head in, aaaaaaggggghh shut up, go make the dinner or something, is this modern day woman , no thank you.
Cayla Court
Cayla Court - Måned siden
them talking about how they are experiencing what emma does of a morning is reminding me of some high conversations i've had lol
Bear - Måned siden
Wow you’d be screwed if you had to live life
chen chen
chen chen - Måned siden
I thought I had the video on speed.... where is she from? what's the accent
Reincarnated again
Reincarnated again - Måned siden
Who really cares? 😂
Adrian Walter
Adrian Walter - Måned siden
Fastest speaker in the world EVER. Slow down a bit love!
Moonchild 71
Moonchild 71 - Måned siden
you are not pretty and you are not cute .
CAND 111
CAND 111 - Måned siden
Get a life xxx
1One2Two - Måned siden
alanna connolly
alanna connolly - Måned siden
environ skin care is the best thing ever!!! like they cater to acne and everything definitively give it a go xx
Harriet Bowring
Harriet Bowring - Måned siden
anyone know where that green sets from??
PixelStacker - Måned siden
use this as a " I love Olivia" button aye
Caoimhe - Måned siden
“okay tbf 4 avocados, pretty pricey”
“oh ok... FOUR?!”
“I GOT FOUR !!!”
Ben - Måned siden
Who cares?
CAND 111
CAND 111 - Måned siden
Lilly Q
Lilly Q - Måned siden
I’m saying this is a friend and as a friend I think u should stop farting ✋💨 kisses xoxo
YouTube - Måned siden
garlic sticks in the middle of the night 😏 why not
Dr BEN - Måned siden
I was about to ask how you were verified as NOburn, then I realised you are literally NOburn.... Hey is there any chance you could put one of my videos on the trending page? No harm in asking... Cheers, big fan.
Arefeh Moh
Arefeh Moh - Måned siden
Iman H probs cuz it’s trending
FreeFighter - Måned siden
Bruh that ending had me in tears. "Oh wait, should I fart?" How are you single?
cliff thomas
cliff thomas - Måned siden
People who are not of the faint hearted and are not of a nervous disposition get over to brand new tube and watch the doctors speaking out against the Corona virus hoax and search Dr Vernon Coleman.com and research agenda 21 😉👍
The Miz
The Miz - Måned siden
She cute
Lauren - Måned siden
just FYI girl, it’s pronounced ‘fynnes’ 😂
Lauren - 15 dager siden
wiktoria Gadek I stan u
wiktoria Gadek
wiktoria Gadek - 15 dager siden
Scott Clarke
Scott Clarke - Måned siden
Never seen someone so fit speak so quick
darren oleary
darren oleary - Måned siden
Was this in English?
bergssprangare - Måned siden
WTF is this..Ppl are watching this ?
CAND 111
CAND 111 - Måned siden
Yeah so are you
Toutai Palu
Toutai Palu - Måned siden
It's wild💥💥💥https://youtu.be/T90BnUwYt7Y
help me to reach 200 subscribers with videos
I pray that whoever reads this becomes successful
Jack Smith
Jack Smith - Måned siden
So you pretty much do nothing all day, look back on your life in twenty years and realise you wasted the life God gave you.
Rivera Pascual DIego
Rivera Pascual DIego - Måned siden
Mucho texto
Ruby Gebka
Ruby Gebka - Måned siden
I love Olivia.. I did have to put her in 0.75x play mood just so I could understand every word 😅 we stan
Chloe M
Chloe M - Måned siden
where is UR BATHROBE FROM??????
L. H
L. H - Måned siden
U talk bare fast but I love it lol
Darlynton O
Darlynton O - Måned siden
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sariah x
sariah x - Måned siden
okayyy so since when is Olivia an absolute fashion icon , tbh I don’t care bc I’m love it!
Nishat Anjum
Nishat Anjum - Måned siden
Dave Bruce
Dave Bruce - Måned siden
Where are you from
james joyce
james joyce - Måned siden
lolol don't stop farting, it's hilarious! if he can't take a fart, he doesn't deserve your heart
Helena - Måned siden
I always thought Hero Fiennes looks just ike John
stayhalal dontwatchporn
stayhalal dontwatchporn - Måned siden
_stop simping. not healthy for you mind bro_
urmum - Måned siden
im still in my poppunk phase
lucy adams
lucy adams - Måned siden
how on earth was she pronouncing fiennes tiffin?????
Mia Hepburn
Mia Hepburn - Måned siden
thats what you get for shaving your arms luvs
tilly davies
tilly davies - Måned siden
girl get your trousers altered rather than buying a new pair! that way you will have clothes that fit you perfectly.
Yue Fei
Yue Fei - Måned siden
Okay who tf are you?
I love politicians
I love politicians - Måned siden
Looks pretty BORING

UR really not that interesting
Lucy Currie
Lucy Currie - Måned siden
pleaseeeeee try avocado on garlic bread, 10/10 would recommend
Kahlee Jade
Kahlee Jade - Måned siden
Girl what lipstick are you wearing
Lily Soilleux
Lily Soilleux - Måned siden
You actually speak so fast
CryptoHec E
CryptoHec E - Måned siden
Can someone translate... the whole thing please
Aya Manana
Aya Manana - Måned siden
I can't belive you just betrayed Rob 😭
Carlota Dias
Carlota Dias - Måned siden
Straighten the bangs and right after put them behind your ears and keep them there for 3 minutes . They will look perfect ✨🎀